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Hosting #Fitblog and Food

I had a great time hosting Fitblog last night and I am so thankful to everyone who participated in the chat. I was super nervous going into it, my blog doesn’t have a big following and scheduling conflicts have made me miss the last month or so of chats. But it went so well. If you have an idea  and you’re not sure if you should do it, just do it! The only bad thing is that you have a while between submitting your proposal (I think I submitted mine in June), being picked to host (July), and actually hosting (last night). So if you’re like me you have lots of time to feel anxious about it. But it was worth it, I’m already trying to think up another proposal.

Anyway, let’s talk about food. I’ve been adding my planned meals to the week to Monday’s posts, but then I never go back and talk about them. Let’s change that.


This is the buffalo chicken chili. I honestly don’t know if I like it. I used ground turkey instead of chicken (because Trader Joe’s doesn’t have ground chicken) and I cut the recipe in half. There are definitely way too many carrots and overall I think it kind of just tastes and has the texture of mealy tomatoes. But sometimes I like it. The crumbled blue cheese definitely improves it. If I were to make it again I might use boneless chicken breasts, cook them in buffalo sauce, and then shred them. And I would definitely incorporate celery. Maybe I’ll try my hand at it some day.


This is the Mexican stuff pepper. Where’s the pepper you ask? In the garbage. Peppers do not warm up well in the microwave, note to self. I’m annoyed I wasted money on peppers, but the filling is fantastic. It almost tastes like a chipotle burrito. I don’t know why, but it does. The only change I made to the recipe, besides putting the kabash on pepper, was adding pepperjack cheese instead of a combo of cheddar and Monterrey jack. Oh and while I cooked the peppers in enchilada sauce I didn’t top it with the sauce, it turns out I don’t like enchilada sauce.


I didn’t make this, but late night unhealthy bar food definitely deserves a mention. After my roommate Abby’s birthday party on Saturday night we made a 1am stop at Pork Slope for food. I have been dying to go since I heard they had tater tots. My two roommates and I ended up splitting a pulled pork sandwich (I ate a quarter of it), tater tots (definitely ate more than a quarter of those), cornbread, and coleslaw. The pulled pork sandwich was phenomenal. The pork was perfectly cooked, the sauce was very tasty and there wasn’t too much of it, the bread was perfectly toasted and buttery, and even the pickles (which I normally hate) were great. The tater tots were delicious and perfectly crispy. The cornbread was ok, I think I’ve made better cornbread and the butter that came with it tasted weird, too sweet creamy for me (but my roommate liked it). And the coleslaw was fine, I was happy it didn’t have mayo and I love vinegar so all was well.


Finally, when I went to edit those pictures on my phone I opened Line Camera which automatically opened to the camera and zoomed in on my keyboard below. How disgusting is that? What is wrong with me? I’m off to find some canned air.

And happy birthday to my dad! A year away from retirement!


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Thanks For Dropping By

I am extremely excited to be hosting Fitblog this week and, if you’re dropping by because you saw that I am the host and you are curious about what I’m all about, I thought I’d give you a little background.


My name is Maggie and I’ve had this little blog for more than three years now. I’ve taken breaks, I’ve neglected it, but I’ve always come back to it because I like having somewhere to document my life and write about things that interest me.

What are those things you ask? Well, for a long time I was all about running, when I first started the blog I was training for my first 5K and actually ended up training for a half marathon. But then I fell out of love with running and fell in love with kickboxing (with a lot of exercise trial and error between those two things).

I am also a voracious reader and huge TV-lover. I live in Brooklyn, which I love, and work in sales for a book publisher in NYC. It’s a job that has offered me a lot of really cool experiences including being a balloon handler in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2010 and 2011.

I like to call myself a reformed picky eater. I wrote about my pickiness when I first started this blog and did an update earlier this year. I no longer think of myself as truly picky, but I like the blog name so it’s sticking around. I love cooking and baking, but I am completely useless when it comes to making up my own recipes so I depend on other people to be creative and interesting when it comes to making up recipes. You can find some of my favorite recipes here.

What else do you need to know? I am a huge sports fan. I love mindlessly watching ESPN (pretty much the only mindless TV I watch) and for a long time my favorite sport was tennis. I still love tennis, just not quite so much. I also love football, well, the culture around football, especially college football. I not-so-secretly wish I was from the south, so that whole Saturday culture plays perfectly into my southern fantasy life.

I guess I should also mention what I write about here. Basically everything I just mentioned! This is just a blog about my life, mainly for my own sake, but I’ve been lucky enough to find a few people who seem to enjoy what I write and leave me the occasional comment. I try to keep somewhat of an emphasis on healthy living and food and working out, but, just like in real life, the rest of my life creeps in. However, my most popular post ever is my driving tour of Friday Night Lights taping locations in Austin, TX.

So there I am. You can also check out my About page, but I actually like what I’ve written here more than I like my About page and I’ll probably go back and change my About page to this in the next few days. You can also check me out on TwitterPinterstFlickr, and GoodReads. And you can see some of my most important/favorite posts here.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you around again. If you’re reading this and have a blog please leave a comment so I can drop by and visit you, I always love finding new people to follow. And if you don’t have a blog feel free to say hi, too!

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