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What I’m Watching

If you asked me if I watch a lot of TV I would say no. But, if you asked me to name the TV shows that I watch regularly the list ends up being kind of long. I guess because I rarely watch TV live (my roommates and I watch Mad Men together and that’s about it), it doesn’t feel like I watch a lot of it. I tune in to most of my shows via Hulu or the network’s iPad apps and I often don’t watch for a few weeks and then watch a bunch of episodes at once.

Now that the TV season is coming to an end I thought it might be fun to talk about the shows that I watch. This way I can remember what I watch come fall and if anyone’s looking for a show to catch up on this summer they can see my suggestions (because my opinion is so valuable…).



This is, no joke or exaggeration, the BEST show on TV, IMO. If you are not watching it you need to drop everything you’re doing and go watch it right now. I’ll see you in 15 hours. Seriously, so good.
(Image from here)


Good Wife
I liked the first season, I loved the second season, but I found the third season, this past one, pretty disappointing. Here’s hoping they work out the kinks.
(Image from here)


Mad Men
Is there any explanation needed here? I’ve been on the Man Men train almost since the beginning. I actually think I only know one person, IRL, who doesn’t watch the show.
(Image from here)


Walking Dead
This is totally not my kind of thing, but I watched the first season on Netflix and loved it. I wasn’t such a fan of the second season (so slow!), but I came around at the end and I’m excited for what’s next.
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It’s new, but I love it. I hated the first episode, and I still hate how stupid the girls are made out to be. I’m a girl living in Brooklyn in my 20s and I know we can be awful and stupid and annoying, but does it have to be such an extreme? Regardless, after the first episode I’m a big fan of this, even if it hits too close to home sometimes.
(Image from here)

Downton Abbey_1

Downton Abbey
It’s a soap opera I can pretend is intelligent because they have English accents! I’m dying for the third season after the ending of the Christmas special.
(Image from here)



Hart of Dixie
I love the south. I dream of moving to the south. So this New Yorker in Alabama story is perfect for me. Plus it’s just really fun.
(Image from here)


The Voice
I didn’t watch the first season, but I left it on after the Super Bowl and I was hooked. The best part is definitely the blind auditions, the battle rounds kind of suck, but then the live eliminations get good again.
(Image from here)



Covert Affairs
I really love spies. And the girl from Coyote Ugly as a spy is just too good.
(Image from here)


White Collar
I only recently started watching this, via Netflix at first, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a fun show, but it’s actually pretty smart. I love all of the art that they talk about and how it’s shot around NYC.
(Image from here)



I think this show is hilarious. I don’t know anyone who watches it which makes me sad, but I definitely recommend it. The second episode, when Tessa makes out with the dumb jock, still cracks me up when I think about it.
(Image from here)


Modern Family
I think the first season is the best, but it’s still very funny. I want to marry someone like Phil. (Image from here)


Such a guilty pleasure. Plus it takes place where I grew up (and looks nothing like the Hamptons or Montauk). It’s totally ridiculous, but I totally love it.
(Image from here)


Necessary Roughness
I was surprised at how much I liked this last year. It’s an interesting concept and I love how it works sports into a show in a not over-the-top way.
(Image from here)



Parks and Rec
Funniest show on TV, IMO. If you’re not watching it you must start. Skip the first season (I attempted to watch the first season, gave up, and came back in the second after a friend kept telling me how great it was; I never went back and watched the first season), but after that it’s wonderful. I read a review somewhere saying that the writers had created the most developed town and cast of characters that live there since the Simpsons and I totally agree. (Image from here)

Layout 1

Grey’s Anatomy
I loved this show at the beginning, thought it got ridiculous in the middle (Meredith almost drowning, Meredith going back and forth with McDreamy, Izzy and the dead guy, ugh; I was so happy when they killed George and Izzy), but this last season has really kicked ass.
(Image from here)


I haven’t fully gotten behind this show, it just started a few weeks ago, but so far so good. I do think it’s strange they work in the dark and some of the characters are really annoying, but I like the concept. And I love the relationship between the main character and the president.
(Image from here)


Another USA show that I love. The relationship between the two main guys is great and it’s an interesting concept. I’m excited for it to come back this summer.
(Image from here)

So that’s 18 shows. I’m not going to lie, I kind of feel I need to justify this. I probably watch TV for an hour or two a day, at the most. I don’t mindlessly flip through channels and watch TV for hours. I’d like to think the majority of the shows I watch are intelligent and smart and that I get something from watching them. I do plenty of things besides watch TV: I workout most days, I listen to NPR, I’ve read 29 books so far in 2012, and I have a pretty nice social life. It’s not like I’m rushing home or canceling plans to go home and watch TV.

Yet I will still try giving a few new series a try this summer: The Wire, Breaking Bad, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire. We’ll see if I actually do it.


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I experienced one of the worst traumas of my life today. I had today off from work so I could go to the Daily Show this afternoon so I woke up around 9:20. I picked up my phone from my nighstand and I had two Facebook alerts. One was a friend request and one was a message, both from the same person, whose name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place her.

This was the message:

Hi Maggie,
I work with your mom. How is she doing? I can’t stop thinking about her Please message or text me 516-xxx-xxxx. She is very happy you were going with her. 
Sending good thoughts to you two!

I had NO CLUE what she was talking about, but I freaked out. I called my parents’ house, I called their cell phones, I called my brother, I texted my brother, I called their house over and over and over and I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. I talked to a few wonderful friends on gchat as I continued to call. I also messaged the woman and texted her.

Finally, after I called my parents about the 20th time my mom answered. And I just burst into tears. I couldn’t even the words out to tell her what happened. My mother is fine, she thinks her coworker got confused with my mother’s routine physical and my upcoming surgery. My mother was pretty annoyed with her coworker and she stayed on the phone with me for a while to make sure I was ok.

One of the reasons I was so panicked is because my parents are notoriously bad communicators. They tend to leave out information, not tell me certain things, and other things that really frustrate me. So it’s totally plausible that something serious could have been happening with my mother and I wouldn’t know. When I was on the phone with her I asked if she would tell me if something were wrong and she kind of changed the subject, I asked again and she paused and then told me she guessed so. It wasn’t comforting.

Looking back at it what really annoys me is that this woman didn’t respond to me until after 7pm. Not only did she scare the shit out of me, she then left me hanging. She should have responded immediately to my message or text and say what she thought or ask me to clarify or just have the decency to say something. Let’s just say I never want to hear her name again. And I changed my Facebook settings so only my friends can message me.

Anyway, I eventually recovered (but the whole experience completely ruined my morning) and did what I needed to do and then headed over to the Daily Show.


I had reserved tickets online about a month before, but they overbook so even with my reservation I got there around 1:50 for when they start giving out tickets at 2:30. The people around me in line were massively annoying, but I made it through. I got my ticket and reserved my friend’s ticket and then walked around the neighborhood and then waited in a nearby park until my friend showed up.


We had to be back at 4:30 so after she got there around 3:30 we headed over to a local bar for beers and French fries.


When we went back they put us in pens according to our numbers. We then got to use the bathrooms (not nearly enough women’s ones!) and then wait outside again.


They finally let us in and we went through metal detectors and then waited in a few small holding area until they let us in the studio.



There was no photography allowed in the studio (one girl even got kicked out). We had front row seats, a little to the right of the main set. Around 5:45 or 6 a warmup comedian came out, he was funny, although crass, and got us all ready for Jon Stewart. Jon came out maybe 10 or 15 minutes later and talked a little and then answered some questions.

Then they started the show. Jon did the monologue straight through. I was really surprised that they had the videos all cued up and played them in real time. Then Lewis Black came on and did a segment about Dunkin Donuts being “artisan.” He had to re-record one part (the part where yells about Gordon Ramsey) and he said that was the first time in 10 years he had to redo something. Then Jon’s guest, David Barton, came out. Jon had asked the crowd to be respectful of Barton even though he assumed most of the audience had very different opinions than Barton. I thought Barton was a smart, well-spoken guy, even though I don’t agree with him. Jon’s interview with him was really long, probably close to 20 minutes, but only a short part of it actually aired on TV.

When all was said and done we were out of the studio a little before 7pm. It was a really great experience and so much fun. I highly recommend doing it if you get the chance. I got my tickets late on a Friday night so maybe that’s when they release them? I’d suggest keeping an eye out.

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Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend. A weekend filled with pretty much zero healthly eating or fitness so I’m sorry that this recap will do nothing to relate to my blog’s mission statement.

Friday night I had big plans to order delivery from here and watch

But I don’t live in the aforementioned restaurant’s delivery zone (even though I’m only a few blocks away) so I settled for hummus and pita and a lot of wine.


He won. Decisively.

I think my tennis addiction has gotten a bit out of hand.

I recently purchased, from Spain, this tee shirt:

And I bought this hat

Yes, despite the fact that I’m trying to save money.

Saturday I woke up early and watched

(Feliciano Lopez)


(Fernando Verdasco)

win their doubles match.

After that I headed into The City to meet up with a friend.

We went to Holiday Market at Union Square (fun, but overpriced stuff) and then the Greenfinds Eco Holiday Market (totally not worth going to).

Then we went to see

I highly recommend it. It’s not going to win any awards or anything, but it was very funny and the soundtrack is amazing.

After that we headed, in the rain/snow/high winds to my favorite Indian restaurant, Calcutta, for dinner. It did not disappoint. The naan was fantastic as was my Chicken Madras.

And my ghetto Pinot Grigio.

Then I headed home for a relatively early night so I could wake up at 6am and watch

Does anyone know how to say “obsessed” in Spanish???

But the feed from Spain went out around 6:40 and the match wasn’t that good so I just went back to bed.

I woke up around 10 and went to get a bagel and then otherwise I’ve pretty much been parked in bed all day watching TV on my computer: Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Glee, Top Chef.

It’s been a great day of nothingness.

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Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful day in NYC today. Warm and sunny. Totally un-November like. I didn’t get home until almost 1am last night (this morning) so I slept in until 10am. I’m paying for it now, I’m totally exhausted, but it was nice to get the sleep.

I went to see An Education today.

Picture 4

I would highly recommend it. I thought it was great.

After the movie I ran some errands and then came home and did my Bikini Ready Fast DVD.

Bikini Ready Fast

And then I made kidney bean enchiladas for dinner. Yummy.

My parents got their Greyhound today. His name is Zach.


Sorry for the crappy picture. My family is bad at these things and I finally got them to send a picture from my brother’s phone.

Isn’t he cute??? I can’t wait to meet him. Two more weeks!

Apparently the little monster

Picture 5

is being very possessive of my mother (her human), but hopefully she’ll get over it.

I’m just killing time before Mad Men now. Last episode of the season 😦

This will be a crazy week. I’m having dinner tomorrow night with my friend Becca and her mom who are in town visiting. Then I leave for Amarillo, TX (work trip) on Wednesday afternoon and fly back Thursday afternoon. I probably won’t be home until 1am or so Friday morning.

And this has been a weird post. I was kind of at a loss of what to say.

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