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Cincinnati Take Two: Day Two

I don’t even know where to start with Thursday. These days watching tennis are just so completely overwhelming. My friend brought up a good point today, whenever you watch any other sport you go to the game, it lasts for a few hours, and then you go home. When you go to watch tennis you go in the morning and, if you don’t want to leave early, you stay until late into the night.

It’s freaking amazing, but it’s also freaking exhausting. Which is why I can’t write words. So pictures it is!

We started the day off with a Fernando Verdasco practice session.


It was kind of mundane until Maria Sharapova came out. Turns out Maria had the court booked for the same time. You know what that means? FIGHT!




Guess who won?


Then it was over to the ESPN booth to see Chris Fowler in person. What? I love him.


These are Chris’s pants.


Unfortunately his bottom half was covered.


(Just kidding.)

Then it was time for Rafael Nadal vs. Fernando Verdasco.



This was a match I was excited about. Until it started and I remembered that Rafa wasn’t playing well and that all Verdasco does is choke. The hour and fifteen or so minutes that I spent watching this first set were seriously the worst time of my days at tennis. It was complete torture. I still maintain that the best decision I made all week was leaving that game.

I made it over for the end of Sam Stosur and Li Na.



I know this isn’t a very good picture, but for some reason I just love it.


After the women came Mardy Fish vs. Richard Gasquet. I love, love, love Gasquet. I could watch him play tennis all day and the fact that he’s never really excelled makes me sad.




During the Fish/Gasquet match I saw that the Tomas Berdych vs. Nicolas Almagro match was almost over and I knew I wanted to swing by and see Nico so I headed over there.



Sadly Nico was less than stellar and was easily defeated.

On my way back to Fish/Gasquet I grabbed a burrito.


It was terrible. Do not get a black bean veggie burrito from Hot Heads at Cincy Tennis. Also, it was $10. That’s more expensive than a burrito at the US Open. And the one at the US Open is good. And it comes with chips. Just saying.

While I was watching the end of the match I missed two calls from a Cincinnati number. I called them back when I could and it turns out that I won the chance the do the coin toss before the David Ferrer/Giles Simon match. You might remember that my friend won last year. How crazy is that?


If you would have asked me how tall David Ferrer was before we did this I would have said 5’8. If you would have asked me how tall he was after we did this I would have said 5’5. If you ask me now, after seeing this picture and comparing him to me (5’3), I say 5’9. So weird.

After we did the coin toss we got to sit courtside.





I think that last one might be the best tennis photo I’ve ever taken.

It was a great match to sit courtside for. It went three sets, it was really competitive, and we got to see fun people in the stands. Like Gasquet and former world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero.



Once Simon won we headed over to catch the Nadal and Lopez doubles match.



They lost almost right after we got there, but it was nice to finally see Nadal play doubles. Even though I was pretty disgusted with Rafa from earlier.

Then it was time for the night session which featured the skip-able Federer/Blake on Center Court so we checked out Francesca Schiavone and Jelena Jankovic on the Grandstand.



After the first set there I went over to see Gael Monfils and Philip Kohlschrbeiber.



That ended up being a mistake since Monfils won easily fairly soon after I got there and by the time I wanted to go back to Schiavone/Jankovic that match had picked up and was packed so I had to stand along the top of the stadium.

But it was a fun match that Jankovic won, even though I was convinced until she actually won that she was going to lose. Because that’s how she is.

After that match ended we headed over to Graeter’s where I got the blackberry chip.


Which was a-mazing. Then we went to Applebee’s which was vomit-inducing. Can’t win them all.


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Cincinnati Take Two: Day One

We made it to Cincinnati! I really love taking trips with Ashley. And Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Our first stop was Pittsburgh to get some breakfast.



We went to an adorable place called Pamela’s (apparently it’s a Pittsburgh chain) and I had amazing french toast and potatoes.



I can’t even think about the amount of fat/calories/etc. in this stuff. I just ate it and it was a-mazing.

Then it was back on the road.


We briefly drove through West Virginia (it’s wild AND wonderful).


And then got to Ohio.


We stopped at two Flying J’s (I have a small bladder).

We kept up our tradition of getting Skyline chili before heading to the tennis.



And finally it was time for tennis!!


We did some walking around the remodeled grounds before watching the Petrova/Kirilenko vs. Goerges/Kuznetsova doubles match.



At 7pm a bunch more matches started. We watched Petkovic vs. Arvidsson, which wasn’t too interesting so we quickly headed over to the main event.



Novak Djokovic vs. Ryan Harrison. I love Novack and I was excited to see him since he’s on this crazy winning streak (he’s lost ONE match this year) and I think Ryan is an up-and-coming American (who needs to learn to control his emotions) who I really like.

Novak won pretty easily, but it was still a good match to watch. And it was packed.


Fastest serve we saw!

After that there was a woman’s match on the main court but we didn’t really have an interest so we headed over to watch Simon vs. Tipsaravic.



The match was close, but oddly enough not really exciting. So we left after Simon went up a break in the 3rd set to get ice cream.


That’s a buckeye blitz with whipped cream. SO GOOD!!

It’s a full day of tennis today. I can’t wait!!

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Road Trip!

Today I drove from my parents’ house on Long Island to my friend Ashley’s dad’s house in Johnstown, PA.


Long Island


To the Throgs Neck Bridge


To traffic in the Bronx



To the George Washington Bridge


To I-80


To a rest stop


To gorgeous farm land


To beautiful, curvy, hilly roads


To where they play the Little League World Series


To towns where people haven’t taken down old signs


To somewhat sketchy gas stations


To more beautiful mountains


To State College


To one spot of bad weather


To almost my destination


To one final hilly, winding road.

Tennis or bust today 🙂

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Cincinnati: Take Two

Today I am on my way to Johnstown, PA to pick up my friend Ashley (and stay overnight at her dad’s house) before we go to Cincinnati, OH on Wednesday.

You might remember that we went last year. To watch tennis. Of course.

A little trip down memory lane…


Cincinnati Chili!


Andy Roddick.


Line judge Serena berated.


Andy Murray.


Rafa practicing.


I looked crazy happy meeting Brad Gilbert.


Doing the coin toss on Center Court.


My announcer crush (hi Chris Fowler!).


Ashley geeking out at Roddick.

Here’s to another good year!

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On Saturday my friend Laura and I went to Governors Island for the day (my second visit of the summer, check out the first). It was a perfect day, warm, but not too hot, sunny, but still some clouds so it didn’t feel like the sun was beating down on us all day.

Pics and some commentary:






Laura and I love swings.


There was a cool Volkswagon car show.



Cincinnati! Where I’m going Wednesday!



I think this one was my favorite.


My future home (aka the admiral’s house).


Laura in my future library.



Sadly we missed this.






I think this is my favorite shot from the day. Imagine, the people who were stationed in that fort would look across and see…nothing.

Actually, I think my favorite thing about the day was a banner that was a piece of art that goes along with a show at the New Museum. It was in Russian, but translated it said: “I do not complain about anything and I almost like it here, although I have never been here before and know nothing about this place.”

It faced the Statue of Liberty and I thought it was very meaningful.

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Facebook Profile Pics

The other day I was thinking about my Facebook profile pic. I haven’t updated it in a while, but I didn’t really think I had a better pic to change it to. Then I started looking through the album of all my profile pictures over the last years and I thought it might make an interesting post to see what I picked over the years.

You can also note my weight changes. And hair color changes. Otherwise I think I’m exactly the same!

Picture 30

This was taken in my senior year dorm room. I think we were watching the Golden Globes or the Oscars. If it was the Golden Globes it was the night I had too much to drink and couldn’t go to work the next day.

Picture 29

Also my senior year, this was taken one of my friend Natalie’s famous College Democrats date auctions.

Picture 28

Spring of 2008, I went back to Mount Holyoke to visit my friend Maria, who was a senior, and we went to this ice cream shop that’s connected to a farm.

Picture 27

Fall of 2008, my friend Laura and I were coming home from our friend Liz’s housewarming party. We saw a swing set attached to some project buildings and decided to swing in the early hours of the morning.

Picture 26

January 2009, I was at Barack Obama’s inauguration with my friend Becca and there were tons of people to take pictures with there.

Picture 24

May of 2009, back at college for my 2-year reunion and at my favorite burrito place.

Picture 25

Same college reunion, this is after the Laurel Parade.

Picture 23

Made Men Maggie.

Picture 22

Fall of 2009 (the day before I got the swine flu) by my old desk. This (cropped) is actually my LinkedIn photo.

Picture 20

2009 Vendy Awards.

Picture 21

Turkey Trot 5K.

Picture 19

Summer of 2010 watching the US-England soccer game.

Picture 11

November 2010 at the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Anyone else ever examine their Facebook profile photo history?

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There’s a few things that I’ve recently realized. And by realizing these things I’ve been able to let go of some guilt, which, I think, is pretty healthy.

I can’t remember birthdays. I really just can’t. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to remember anyone’s birthday. I know the general timing, but I can’t remember the specific day. I have to look at Facebook around the approximate time to figure it out. But then some people don’t have their birthday listed on Facebook. In which case there is no hope for me. I realize that this is a crappy thing for me to realize, but I do my best. And I don’t expect anyone to remember my birthday so I figure we’re all fair.

I can’t make up my own recipes. I used to go to the farmers’ market or grocery store and buy a bunch of stuff that looked good with a recipe in mind and then I’d try to make something and it would be awful. I used to beat myself up about this, but then I realized it just wasn’t something I’m good at. So now I find recipes that go along with my general idea and I make those. And usually they turn out pretty well.

I can’t keep waiting for “normal.” This has been a major revelation. This was helped in large part by a post by Rachel Wilkerson. I’ve been waiting for my new normal for a long time, since last summer even. But things never calm down or go back to “normal” and by continuing to wait I was continually setting myself up for failure. Lately I’ve taken steps to adjust to my crazy life which actually is my new normal. Working out in the morning, is a big part of it and doing a better job at planning my meals and budgeting my money better.

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