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Another day in Oregon, another day of consuming alcohol. Today’s alcohol of choice? Wine.

Rather than the main drag places we went last year, we decided to try two smaller vineyards this year.

First up was Aramenta. The setting is absolutely gorgeous.



Since it was so small the owner just walked out of her house when she saw us coming and took us into the tasting room.


We got to try 6 wines in all, but overall I liked the 2008, both the reserve and the normal (I’m sure that’s not the technical term). I ended up buying two bottles of the normal 2008, one for me and one for a friend.




The reason I wanted to go to Aramenta was because my friends went there about a year and a half ago and brought me back a delicious bottle of wine. That wine was actually what I drank after my first half marathon.

Seriously how pretty was this place though?


The owner offered me a job and I told her not to tempt me.

After that we were off to Vidon, which is even higher up in the mountains. It involved driving up a very long dirt road.


The scenery at Vidon was even more gorgeous.



I think I actually liked the wines at Vidon a bit better than the Aramenta wines.


And I really, really, really liked the scenery.


After that we headed out to lunch at the Yamhill Grill. I would have liked to visit more wineries but with two older people who tire easily and don’t drink and a 15 year-old and a 10 year-old more vineyards weren’t in the cards.

When we got back to my aunt and uncle’s house I went with my aunt and her friend to see Larry Crowne. It was ok, I didn’t really understand what the point was to the movie and all the characters’ stories seemed underdeveloped and their decisions just strange.

But it was $5 for the ticket and my aunt paid. So no harm.

Then I came back to the condo and ate dinner and did some stuff online. I really wish there was an internet connection in the condo. I’ve spent so many hours staring at my iPhone screen I think I’ve gone blind!

BTW, I really liked the outfit I wore Tuesday.


Black jeggings from J. Crew (on sale after Christmas for $19.99!), tee shirt from Lands End Canvas (just bought on sale for $11.99!), and denim blazer from the Gap from 2004.

And now onto Wednesday. It’s actually good I didn’t get to post yesterday because I wouldn’t have had much to say about yesterday. My mom and my aunt came in on Tuesday night and my aunt wanted a quiet day to acclimate to the other side of the country. I ended up going for a run in the AM, then we went over to the mall, back to the apartment for lunch, over to the mall again, followed by a visit to my grandparents’ new apartment.

Then it was back to the condo where we’re staying for dinner and then out for a three-quarter of a mile or so walk. I was just planning on staying in but then my aunt asked if I wanted to do something and I thought she really wanted to get out so I said I’d grab so dessert.

We ended up also stopping at Ulta so I could buy OPI shatter nail polish.


Ignore my messy job, I always scrap the extra off in the shower 🙂

I also really liked the outfit I wore yesterday.


Romper from Lands End Canvas this year, belt from J. Crew this year, and cardigan from J. Crew 2007.

We’re off to Fort Vancouver today and then I fly back to NY tonight!


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Wine Tasting

My plan today was to write about the beach. And while it was warm and sunny when I woke up around 9am, about an hour or so later it was still warm, but overcast. The sun kept trying to burn through all day, but it never succeeded. I went to Target and grabbed lunch and planned on just hanging out at my parents’ house.

But then I checked Foursquare and saw that my friend Maria had checked into a vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island, about 25 minutes from my parents’ house. So I inquired and was invited to tag along with her and her boyfriend.

I (am ashamed to?) admit I’ve never actually been wine tasting at the LI vineyards even though I’ve lived so close to them my entire life, but when I had a lot of friends here I was under 21 and then everyone moved on and my parents don’t drink and people from the city rarely come out to visit and there we are.

But I was excited to give them a try.

First up was Jamesport Vineyards. There indoor area, where you can do tastings, was packed, so we went outside, paid a $10 admission fee, and got to sit at a table and listen to music with our complimentary glass of wine.


It was very pretty and the jazz band was good, but it probably wasn’t the best deal.

Next we headed to Palmer Vineyards, which I think was my favorite. We each did a tasting flight and the pours were really generous. Plus, they give you all four tastings at once and you can take them outside to sit in the beautiful vineyards while you listen to the live band.

Definitely a pretty good deal. Who doesn’t want to look at this?


The negative part was that our white wines got warm, but when you’re sitting in adirondack chairs with that gorgeous view, really, who cares?

After finishing off our tastings we went to Martha Clara Vineyards. This was definitely the largest of all of the all vineyards we went to. Their tasting room was huge.


And the first things we saw driving up were these enormous animals.



I think Martha Clara tries to cater to the whole family as there were a lot of children and dogs there.

I really liked my “summertime” tasting, but my friends didn’t like their “dry and sweet” tasting. But the guy behind the counter was really funny and friendly and ended giving us our tastings for free after we bought a glass of wine. Plus we got to keep the glasses!

After buying our glasses we took them outside to drink by the fountain.


After finishing our drinks we went to visit the goats.


And the mini goats


And the mini pigs


After visiting all the animals we headed to TGI Friday’s for dinner (pretty much the only place to eat on the way back to the Long Island Expressway).

It was a really nice, unexpected day, but I am so ready for the beach tomorrow.

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