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Miike Snow – “Animal”

The Blow – “True Affection”

The Postal Service – “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”


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Easter Eggs


I love British candy so when Easter candy is rolled out every year I am so excited to see the Cadbury Mini Eggs on sale. I love the creme-filled eggs, but these mini eggs, with their hard candy shell and milk chocolate middle, are probably my favorite candy ever. So much so that I’ve had to cut myself off this year which. Which is probably good because sugar kills.

I was so excited by the eggs that I apparently forgot that I need to focus my camera when I take a picture.


In other news, I got my hair cut for the first time since August (bad, I know, don’t judge). Check out how glam I look.

Well, as glam as one can look in gym clothes, in the gym locker room, in a picture taken with an iPhone.

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Wednesday Workouts

Plan: Run + 100 Pushups Challenge
Actual: Ran 3.1 miles (ran 1 miles, walked .25 miles, ran 1.25 miles, walked .25 miles, ran .35 miles) + 100 Pushups Challenge

Plan: Treadmill before class, Body Sculpt class.
Actual: 20 mins. treadmill (10 running, 10 walking), Body Sculpt class.

Plan: Elliptical before class, Step & Sculpt class, Ab class
Actual: Elliptical 17 mins., Step & Sculpt class, Ab class

Plan: Run + 100 Pushups
Actual: 30 min. elliptical speed workout + 100 Pushups

Plan: Ellptical
Actual: Ran 3.1 miles (ran 1.25 miles, walked .25 miles, ran 1.25 miles, walked .25 miles, ran .1 miles)

Plan: 100 Pushups

Plan: Run

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Random iPhone Photos Part I

Ikea Dock

US vs. Argentina men’s soccer game at the NEW Meadowlands Stadium (apparently they need to constantly remind people it’s NEW or people might get confused)

The sad, sad day I broke my apple slicer. And gashed open my finger.

My new nailpolish color (before I wiped off the excess polish)

The chicken and waffle cupcake I had today at work. Weird, but not bad.

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We are having a haiku contest at work today in honor of Poem In Your Pocket Day. I’m not normally a poetry person but for some reason I can’t stop writing in haiku.

About my Saturday night:

Extreme pain left side
Bike delivery man hit me, bam!
Cursed him and walked off.

About my contentious relationship with the toaster at work:

Soft bread yet again
Toaster why can’t we be friends?
I dream of crisp bread

About my contentious relationship with the color printer at work:

Color printer why?
You never work, please just once?
One day you will die.

In response to my officemate who didn’t want to come in today:

Wake Up! It’s sunny
Also, there are jellybeans at work
And champagne later.

Once you start it’s hard to stop.

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