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It’s that time again. New Year’s resolutions time! I am a huge, huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, I’m actually a huge fan of New Years in general. I know it’s arbitrary, but I like to use it as a way to evaluate my life and make goals from there.

Let’s revisit the goals I outlined at the beginning of 2012:

1. Lose the 10lbs I’ve gained since I was at my lowest weight. I will do this by continue going to kickboxing classes, going running, committing to working out while traveling, and by making smarter choices about what I eat.

HOW’D I DO: I didn’t lose 10lbs, but I lost a few pounds and I’ve definitely slimmed out due to kickboxing. I went to about 120 kickboxing classes this year, that’s once every 3 days. Considering I couldn’t go for 4.5 months when I hurt my wrist I think that’s pretty damn good. I pretty much stopped running, but I’m ok with that. I definitely did better about working out when traveling (although that’s fallen off towards the end of this year) and I think my food choices have been satisfactory.

2. Save money. I will reopen a separate savings account, stop using my credit card so much, and cut back on spending money on food and drinks.

HOW’D I DO: I really committed to this goal in the middle of 2012 with my austerity measures. That is still going well.

And repeat and add some smaller goals:

– Continue to regularly donate blood (did ok with this one, could have done better)
– Wear my contacts more often (I really want to do this, but they’re so painful!)
– Become a bone marrow donor (fail)
– Learn to knit a sweater (fail, but I couldn’t knit for so long due to my wrist injury so I’m giving myself an excemption)
– Clean out my purse and wallet each week (I actually forgot I made this a goal, so fail)
– Either take or plan a vacation (I didn’t, but I found a better use for my money)

Let’s move on to 2013!

1. Stop binging on food. Rather than making losing weight my goal I’m going to give myself one goal that’s tangible. I think I did pretty well on this for much of 2012, but in the fall, when I started seriously dropping weight, I started eating peanut butter M&M’s by the giant bagful. No more of that in 2013.

2. Keep up with my austerity measures. They’ve worked really well for me so far and I need to save, save, save in 2013 so why change what’s working?

3. Go to kickboxing 4-5 times per week. This is pretty much what I’ve been doing and I would just like to keep it up. It’s a great work out in addition to being a stress reliever and an outlet for all sorts of energy. When I’m away and can’t go to kickboxing I will bring workout clothes and do something, even if it’s just walking.

4. Get less annoyed at stupid strangers. I had stupid people so, so, so much. Unfortunately living in NYC I come across people I find to be stupid all the time (mostly on the subway). I have these crazy laws of etiquette in my mind and I get so annoyed when other people don’t follow them. But I don’t want to spend so much time annoyed. So I want to just take a deep breath and remember it’s better to be happy than right.

And I’m going to add in some smaller goals again:

– Donate blood regularly
– Get a new pair of glasses
– Become a bone marrow donor
– Learn to knit a sweater
– Clean out my purse and wallet each week
– Read at least 100 books


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2009 was a very good year for me. I started working out regularly, I started eating healthier, and as a result of those two things I lost roughly 30 pounds. I also started writing this blog and felt like I feel into a nice little niche in life and was pretty happy. At the end of the year I laid out my goals for 2010, I spent a long time figuring out, outlining, and making sense of what I wanted. Looking back at them I certainly didn’t achieve all of them in 2010, there are some I haven’t even achieved now, but I was happy to discover that two and a half years later I’m actually pretty close to where 2010 me wanted to be.

A more detailed look back:

1. Run a half marathon. DONE. I did that in 2010, if you had told me that after that I wouldn’t run a race for another year and then then be racing at all, I would have been shocked. But I’ve stepped back from running and I’m pretty happy with that decision (more on this another time).

2. Be more mindful of my diet. As I talked about in the original post I made this goal with the intention of losing weight. Looking at it by that metric I’ve failed. I’ve actually put on 14lbs since the beginning of 2010. However, I do think I am fairly mindful of my diet. I’m actually having a difficult time figuring out what’s different about my diet now compared with 2010. (Again, more on this another time.)

3. Find a substitute for cow’s milk that I like. DONE. I use almond milk all the time.

4. Pay off $2400 of credit card debt and don’t accrue any more. DONE. I could still be saving more though.

5. Date. This is still something I struggle with, but I also don’t think it’s fair to go into details about it online. Let’s just say I’m working on it.

6. Make more friends. This is another hard one. I don’t know if I’ve made any *more* friends, but I definitely think I’m better at using (said in the best possible way) the friends that I already have. I’m pretty happy with my social life.

7. Donate blood as often as possible. Yes, I don’t know if I do it *as often* as possible, but I do it on a fairly regular basis. I even donated platelets once.

8. Volunteer. Complete failure. I would still like to pursue this.

Then I outlined a few little things:

1. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Fail. I still want to do this.

2. Get a passport. DONE.

3. Go to the dermatologist. DONE.

4. Wash sheets more often. I guess technically I do it more often, but I still could improve this.

5. Log all workouts. I’ve done this off and on.

6. Read more. Definitely DONE.

Maybe what I’ve learned is that I’m good at the little things? I didn’t expect writing this post to be so enlightening, but I think I’ve actually learned a lot. I’m working on coming up with some goals for the second half of 2012 and I think I’m definitely going to incorporate smaller goals into my plans.

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As promised in my New Year’s resolutions post today is the fourth check-in day. I’m going to do a quick recap to see where I am, and where I can improve, on my NYRs.

(And here’s my first, second, and third check-ins, if you missed them.)

GOAL # 1: RUN A HALF MARATHON. Preferably in the spring, but, if my body can’t do it, in the fall.

Progress: DONE! DONE! DONE! Completed on 4/3/10. Couldn’t have gone better and I’m already signed up for my next half marathon.

Goal #2: Be more mindful of my diet.

Progress: I felt like this was 50% good and 50% bad. But when it was bad it was really bad. I also ate a lot of meat, like 3 and 4 times per week, which is a ton for me. Overall I’m going to attribute this to being tired of all the things I normally eat. I need to increase the variety.

Goal #3: Find a substitute for cow’s milk that I like.

Progress: Done. I like almond milk. I use it in smoothies, I used it to make pancakes, I’ve used it in other baking things. Success.

Goal #4: Pay off $2400 of my credit card debt. (And don’t accrue any more!)

Progress: I paid off $200 in January, paid $200 in February, paid $200 for March, and just paid off $200 for April. I will not be paying off $200 for May. I grossly mismanaged my budget for April and I need that $200 to make up the hole. Also, I charged about $130 worth of clothes that I can’t really pay for. Bad budget month. I am however going to take the money I get for my birthday and just put that towards the credit card.

Goal #5: Date.

Progress: My first try at this was a complete fail. I joined match.com (my membership expired at the end of April) and I never did anything. Huge waste of money and I let fear and insecurity take me over. The next two or three months are going to be crazy for me so I think I’m going to take time off from this goal and revisit it in August.

Goal #6: Make more friends.

Progress: I hung out with a friend from college who I hadn’t see for a long time, hopefully she’ll be someone I can see often. Also, made a lot of Twitter and blog connections and while I don’t necessarily think those will materialize into real life friendships, they are nice.

Goal #7: Donate blood as often as possible

Progress: Donated in January and in early April when I was eligible again. The next time I can donate is June 5 which is perfect since it’s one of the only weekends I’ll be in NYC in June!

Goal #8: Volunteer.

Progress: Same as the last three months: No progress. I need to work on this.

And then there were the random things…

Thing #1: Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

This is a major fail and I’m really ashamed of this. I got the kit in the mail, I never did it, and after a certain time you can’t send it back. I need to think long and hard about whether I want (if I’m even able to) request another kit.

Thing #2: Get a passport.

I have my birth certificate ready and my application printed out. I’m going to be cat sitting for a friend at the end of May. If all goes according to plan I will use that money to get the passport.

Thing #3: Go to the dermatologist

I got a referral, yet still have not made an appointment. But I did make an appointment at my regular doctor for my yearly physical. Can I get points for that?

Thing #4: Wash sheets more often.


Thing #5: Log all workouts on my the blog on a separate workout page.


Thing #6: Read more.

I honestly can’t remember if I’ve read a book. I’m going to go with fail on this one.

So I’m going to call April a success. Not really because I think it was, but because I don’t think it was a failure. My workouts were great, my diet wasn’t awful, I had nice times with my friends, I donated blood, I washed my sheets twice, and otherwise I just have a generally good feeling.

I think for May I have to focus on staying focused. I have my birthday, a trip to my parents’ house, lots of commitments on weekday evenings, my college roommate is coming to visit, I’ll be cat sitting, I have my half marathon, BEA, and another visit to my parents’ house.

I just need to remember my priorities.

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As promised in my New Year’s resolutions post today is the third check-in day. I’m going to do a quick recap to see where I am, and where I can improve, on my NYRs. (This one’s a bit late because of all the half marathon excitement.)

(And here’s my first and second check-ins, if you missed them.)

GOAL # 1: RUN A HALF MARATHON. Preferably in the spring, but, if my body can’t do it, in the fall.

Progress: DONE! DONE! DONE! Completed on 4/3/10. Couldn’t have gone better and I’m already signed up for my next half marathon.

Goal #2:Be more mindful of my diet.

Progress: I’m just going to say this was bad this month. I got tired of all the foods I normally make for myself, I ate out a lot, I spent too much money on food, I too much of not great food. Now that that half marathon is over I’m going to recommit myself to healthy eating.

Goal #3: Find a substitute for cow’s milk that I like.

Progress: Done. I like almond milk. I use it in smoothies, I used it to make pancakes the other day. Success.

Goal #4: Pay off $2400 of my credit card debt. (And don’t accrue any more!)

Progress: I paid off $200 in January, paid $200 in February, paid $200 for March, and just paid off $200 for April. I have charged my work trips on the credit card, but I will be reimbursed for those and I will immediately pay them off. Plus, when I charge things, they charge me less of an interest rate and I earn money back. So by charging things that someone else is paying for I’m actually saving money.

Goal #5: Date.

Progress: What I wrote the last two months still stands: I joined match.com, but I haven’t done anything else. A few guys have expressed interest, but I haven’t pursued anything. Again, counterproductive. And a waste of my money. I need to do better with this. I need to reevaluate this goal because clearly I failed here.

Goal #6: Make more friends.

Progress: I did a good job at hanging out with my friends I have. Also, decided to join a kickball team with a friend and some of her friends so there will be opportunity there.

Goal #7: Donate blood as often as possible

Progress: I was eligible to donate blood again on March 20, but that was the really, really, really nice weekend and I didn’t want to sit inside at the blood donation center. The next weekend was a bad time of the month for blood donation, and then this past weekend was the half marathon. No matter what I’m going next weekend.

Goal #8: Volunteer.

Progress: Same as the last two months: No progress. I need to work on this.

And then there were the random things…

Thing #1: Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

This is a major fail and I’m really ashamed of this. I got the kit in the mail, I never did it, and after a certain time you can’t send it back. I need to think long and hard about whether I want (if I’m even able to) request another kit.

Thing #2: Get a passport.

I had planned on using money leftover from February’s budget to pay for the passport, but I spent a bit too much in March and had to use some of that reserve. I do have my birth certificate ready and my application printed out so hopefully, when I have the extra money, I can just go do it.

Thing #3: Go to the dermatologist

I got a referral!

Thing #4: Wash sheets more often.

No comment.

Thing #5: Log all workouts on my the blog on a separate workout page.

Done! (Although I need to update the last week or so.)

Thing #6: Read more.

I’ve read three books! Two for work and one for pleasure.

So last month I wrote: I’m hoping that when I do this April 1st I’ll be fully prepared to run my half marathon, I will have donated blood again, I’ll have sent back my marrow donor kit, and I will be waiting for my passport to arrive.

Eek, that’s not very good. I ran the half marathon, but really failed at everything else. I think the pressure of the half marathon (and the stressful time I’ve been having a work) really impacted my ability to focus on other things. Hopefully now that I completed the half and work has calmed down a bit I will be able to refocus on the things that are important to me.

April started off with a bang and hopefully I can continue this momentum going forward!

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I ran a tough 3 miles yesterday for the first official run of my half marathon training. I had worn my sneakers all day at work so my ankle was only slightly swollen and much less so after I stretched, so I went into the run being optimistic. Unfortunately my legs were still incredibly sore from the NMTZ DVD on Sunday and the cold just made them feel so much worse.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to do 3 miles in under 30 minutes, but after I stopped to stretch (and stopped my watch) halfway through it was much easier. Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 9:38
Mile 2: 9:28
Mile 3: 8:55 (!!)

For a total of 28:02! I was pretty happy with that.

It’s also nice to see that my average heart rate is going down. When I first started running with my Garmin after Christmas my average heartrate was in the 180’s and my max heartrate was once as high as 200 BPM. But it’s been steadily going down since. Yesterday my average heartrate was 171 BPM and my max was 186.

Now, that I’m running, I have a new issue: calorie counting. As you know one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to count calories for one month, this month. So far it’s not going too well. There are a few issues:

First, when I sit down in the morning to plan out my calories I have to plan them out for the entire day. This means including my workouts, but then, if, at night, when I workout, I don’t feel up to working out (ankle, other plans, exhaustion), I’m 300-400 calories over my goal. How do I account for this? I need to plan those 300-400 calories into my day, I can’t eat an extra 300-400 calories at night and I can’t skip dinner if I don’t work out. Do I just say “oh well” since most of the time I will be working out?

Second, I’m having major problems with snacking while I’m cooking dinner. I usually eat an apple at the office around 4pm and then half a Clif bar around 6pm before I workout and then I’m home making dinner around 7:15 or so. I try to make things that are easy and quick. For instance, last night I made pizza, it took me about 20 minutes, but I still snacked on mozzarella cheese the entire time the pizza was cooking. And I’m not counting those calories in my total because it’s totally mindless. I need to stop this, it’s not good. I am getting enough food, I don’t need more.

Third, going out to eat. Going out to eat has always been my biggest weakness. I can’t seem to order a healthy meal when I go out or eat a normal-sized portion. It’s just food. It’s not the only food I’ll ever eat, I need to remember that. And I need to remember that eating crap food, or even a ton of healthy food, isn’t good and it’s not going to help me reach my goals.

Ok, thank you for letting me get that out. I never talk about this stuff and I think I need to.

I’m going to end with something funny to keep this light. I was playing around on the Garmin website last night, after I loaded my mileage, and I was looking through their list of training activities and saw this:

Picture 20.png

Look at the last one. Flying? What does this mean? Is it something really obvious and I’m being an idiot? Because I don’t think flying in a plane burns too many calories and unless I’ve missed something we can’t just flap our arms and fly away (although I’m sure it would be a great workout). I just noticed that boating is on there too, how many calories does that burn? Weird, right?

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No, seriously.

You remember how my room looked earlier this afternoon?

Well, no more!

Picture 12.png

Picture 13.png

(I know, there’s still a lot of crap, but the two piles of papers will go out with the recycling on Thursday, the black bag will go to work with me tomorrow, the Target bag will go out with the garbage tomorrow, and I just have no where else to store my shoes!)

Picture 14.png

Picture 15.png

And, in keeping with my New Year’s Resolutions, I have my sheets already to go to the laundromat tomorrow so they can be all nice and clean.

Picture 16.png

Not only that, but look what I finally hung up!

Picture 17.png

The bottom one is all stuff I’ve picked up places or people have made for me

Picture 18.png

The middle one is photos

Picture 19.png

And the top is postcards

Picture 20.png

And cleaning didn’t even take me that long. Probably about an hour and a half this afternoon and then about another half hour while my chili was cooking.

As I mentioned earlier I went to see Young Victoria,

Picture 21.png


I really liked it. It certainly wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen and I don’t think it will win any awards but her story was really interesting and the actors were all great. When I was leaving the theater there were a group of girls in front of me who were saying that there was no plot, it was just a biography. And they’re right, there wasn’t a real plot, it was the story of how Victoria became queen.

I would recommend it. Totally see-able on DVD though.

I’m off to stretch, my legs are so tight! First day back at work tomorrow. Here’s to 2010 as a working year!

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Happy 2010!!

I started writing this post several week’s before New Year’s Day so I could get all my goals in order. I only say that you know that I didn’t just pull this stuff out of the air while I was drunk on NYE or anything 🙂

I’ve always thought having goals is important and I’m someone who operates well with an endpoint and a goal in-mind. A few weeks ago Rachel on Shedding It & Getting It linked to a previous post of hers about goal setting. Reading through it brought me back to college and my time spent as Student Government Treasurer. We used the SMART technique of goal setting and I’ve decided to use that again for my New Year’s Resolutions.

GOAL # 1: RUN A HALF MARATHON. Preferably in the spring, but, if my body can’t do it, in the fall.

Specific: Check. Besides the whole date thing. But at this point I just can’t predict how my ankle will react.

Measurable: Check. 13.1 miles. This year.

Attainable: Check. I have a plan and I see no reason why, once I set my mind to it (with the exception of my ankle), I can’t attain this.

Relevant: Check. Fitness and health are now huge parts of my life and this is right in-line with those values.

Time-bound: Check. I want to do this in 2009. I have a 12-week plan. I have a race in-mind that I want to run.

Goal #2:Be more mindful of my diet.

As the tangible part of this goal I’m going to spend a month counting calories. As cheesy as it is I’m making that month January (starting 1/4).

I lost over 31lbs in 2009, but I’m still not within a healthy weight-range for my height (108-144 lbs according to the CDC). Losing those 31lbs got me out of the obese category (174+ lbs), but I am still overweight. Currently I am 160.2 lbs which means I have 16.2 lbs to lose to be “healthy.”

I really don’t want to make a weight loss goal (“lose 16.2 lbs in January”) because I don’t agree with that philosophy. I do think, however, that my diet does need some work. It’s definitely much better than what it used to be, but there is still room for improvement. Therefore I’m hoping calorie counting will assist with this.

Specific: Check. Counting calories. tk per day. For one month.

Measurable: Check. I have a given amount of calories and I have time period.

Attainable: Check. I don’t think it will be easy, but I do think it’s attainable. It’s only a month, it’s not the rest of my life, but hopefully I will either want to continue counting or I can apply the lessons I’ve learned from counting to the rest of the year.

Relevant: Check. A huge focus of my life is now on health, fitness, and nutrition. This goes along perfectly.

Time-bound: Check. One month.

Goal #3: Find a substitute for cow’s milk that I like.

While I have no plans on becoming a vegetarian or vegan, I would like to continue to reduce my use of animal products. One easy way that I see is cutting out cow’s milk.

Specific: Check. Cow’s milk, gone.

Measurable: Check. Either I will or will not stop using cow’s milk.

Attainable: Check. I’m not saying I’m cutting out all dairy products (cheese and yogurt I will never reject you), I’m simply saying cow’s milk, which, honestly, is something I don’t use that much any way, will no longer be a part of my diet.

Relevant: Check. This year I stopped cooking meat at home and also made more animal-free choices when eating out. Reducing the amount of animal products in my diet goes along with my health, fitness, and nutrition goals.

Time-bound: Check. Well, maybe check. I want to start buying cow’s milk substitutes when I’m back in the city, but I don’t see a time when this will end.

Goal #4: Pay off $2400 of my credit card debt. (And don’t accrue any more!)

Paying off $2400 will get me very close to being completely rid of the credit card debt. I hate having the debt, it stresses me out, it makes me unhappy, it leads to other destructive behaviors and it needs to GO AWAY!

Specific: Check. I’ve picked an amount ($2400) and a time period in which I want to pay that amount off.

Measurable: Check. At the end of 2010 I can look to see if I have indeed paid off $2400 (and not charged anything else).

Attainable: Check. $2400 over the year is $200/month. With my newly discovered tool mint.com I believe that I can budget so I have $200/month to put towards the debt. Barring any large, unforeseen expenses I believe this will be attainable.

Relevant: Check. I want to be a healthier person overall and being financially healthy is a big part of that. Not to mention the stress it will eliminate from my life.

Time-bound: Check. I’ve given myself one year to complete this.

Goal #5: Date.

This is my most embarrassing and most dreaded New Year’s resolution. I HATE dating. I’m not a formal person, I hate the getting to know someone stage, I just kind of want to skip over all of that which makes dating difficult.

Plus it’s really hard to meet guys in NY, I don’t like clubs and if I go to bars that’s not really what I’m looking for. So this has led to to believe I should try internet dating. Is that really embarrassing?

I don’t want to get married yet, I don’t even think I want a serious relationship, I just want to be out there more. You have to be in it to win it even if you don’t want to win it for another 5 years or so.

SPECIFIC: Check. Go on dates. I’m going to say at least 3 by spring. (Written as she has a panic attack.)

Measurable: Check. Either I go on dates or I don’t. I’m not trying to guarantee success here!

Attainable: Check. Although this is counting on the fact that someone will want to go on a date with me.

Relevant: Check. Relationships are important in any healthy life.

Time-bound: Check. 3 dates by the spring. Spring starts March 21. I’m going to say I want to have the online profile done by mid-January.

Goal #6: Make more friends

Like how I’m putting all the really embarrassing ones together? I’ve had a difficult time since moving to NYC making friends. I’ve had no problem making friends at work, but I think it’s important to have friends outside of work.

Unfortunately no one I was friends or even friendly with in college moved here after graduation and the same for my high school friends. This has left things a little empty.

Specific: Not really check. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to do this. I have a few ideas. First, there’s a group called Young to Publishing, it’s a group for people who have worked in publishing for less than 5 years. I could go to some of their events and meet people there. Second, I could reach out to NYC healthy living bloggers. Third, I could search on meetup.com for my interests. My interests include tennis, movies, running, healthy living.

Measurable: Sort of check. By the end of the year we’ll see how I’ve done, but it feels weird to measure people.

Attainable: Check. I think I’m fairly likable. Hopefully it won’t be too difficult for me to make friends.

Relevant: Check. Relationship are important in a healthy life.

Time-bound: Check. Giving myself a year.

Goal #7: Donate blood as often as possible

I stole this idea from Angela at Oh She Glows. I used to donate blood all the time in high school, but then I went away to college and for some reason I never had enough iron in Massachusetts. The one time I was able to do it in college I passed out and I never tried again.

When I was in high school my brother received several blood transfusions that saved his life. I’m so grateful to those people who donated their blood for my brother and there’s no reason I shouldn’t be doing the same for other families.

Specific: Check. Donate blood as often as possible.

Measurable: Check. Either I do it or I don’t.

Attainable: Check. As long as they approve me there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do this.

Relevant: Check. I want to be a healthy, giving person.

Time-bound: Check. Not really, but you get it.

Goal #8: Volunteer.

This is going to be another non-specific one, but I’ll figure it out as the year goes along. When I was in college I tutored high school kids once a week and I loved it. Living in NYC there have to be other opportunities like this around and I want to find them and do them.

Specific: No check. But I will figure this out.

Measurable: Check. Either I will or won’t volunteer on a regular basis.

Attainable: Check, why not?

Relevant: Check. I think it’s important to give back. Part of overall health.

Time-bound: We’ll see how I do in a year.

Then there are a few things I want to do that I don’t really want to call Resolutions, but I want to note them.

Thing #1: Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

Another idea I stole from Angela, but I’ve thought about it in the past and there’s no reason not to do it. I’ve already requested the kit so all I need to do once I get the kit is actually send the sample back.

Thing #2: Get a passport.

Mine seems to have vanished. I need a new one. I want to take a vacation somewhere fabulous, I want to be ready if someone invites me somewhere amazing at the last minute. This is something I need to do so badly that I have dreams at least once a month where I can’t go somewhere because I don’t have a passport. Need to end anxiety.

Thing #3: Go to the dermatologist

My regular doctor has been telling me this for 2 years and I haven’t gone which is just beyond ridiculously stupid. I am very fair and I have a ton of “beauty marks” and moles, some of which have changed shape. Yes, being poked and prodded and potentially having things cut out of me is scary, but it’s certainly better than the alternative.

Thing #4: Wash sheets more often.

Not going into details here (see resolutions 5 and 6 for an explanation of why), but it needs to be done.

Thing #5: Log all workouts on my the blog on a separate workout page.

Useful for me and for others.

Thing #6: Read more.

I work in publishing and I barely read these days. I need to work on that. Also, sub-goal, use my library card. I got it almost a year ago and I’ve never used it.

I am also going to keep my Thanksgiving Resolutions in mind.

  • Be more present, mindful, and organized at work
  • Be more organized at home
  • Keep up with my fitness
  • Be better with nutrition
  • Be mindful of my finances
  • Keep up with the blog

I think all of these fit somewhere into my New Year’s Resolutions, but I just wanted to be sure you didn’t think I was forgetting them!

To hold myself accountable for all of these resolutions and things I’m calling the first of every month New Year’s Resolutions Check-in Days (catchy, no? lol). I will do a post devoted exclusively to monitoring my progress with these resolutions and things.

And, of course, when I complete something (like the donor marrow sample or getting my passport) I’ll probably post about it.

If anyone has made it to the end of this post gold star for you!

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