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I’m not usually one to talk about work outside of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, but I spent the past two afternoons in the Javits Center (which, outside of war zones and other terrible places, I believe to be one of the worst places on earth) attending Book Expo America.

Everything for work went well and my company did some cool things, but my favorite was the large pizza box full of mini cupcakes that we served this afternoon.

Cupcakes are from Baked By Melissa and if you happen to be in NYC I highly recommend paying her a visit. The chocolate chip pancake cupcake rules.


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Since I was going home this past weekend I didn’t want to go home two weekends in a row. Therefore I missed Mother’s Day. My mother, who has been a vegan for a year now, gave me lots of guilt about not being home and sent many passive aggressive messages that I should bake her these cupcakes.

So I did.


…combines with dry…

…to make somewhat lumpy cupcakes…

…that look and taste delicious when iced.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! And thanks for the non-vegan birthday cake.

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