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I finally got new running shoes!

They are actually the same as my old sneakers, except they’re teal.

I figured if it’s not broke then why fix it?

Remember back in August when I got the pink ones? I can’t believe how worn out they are compared to the teal ones.

I took the new shoes out for a spin yesterday and they felt great.

I was going to wear my new Thriv running shirt, but ultimately I decided with rain threatening going out in a light-colored tight shirt probably wasn’t the best idea.

While the new shoes rocked the run itself was hard.

Let’s rewind until Thursday when I did my first speed workout. It didn’t go well for several reasons:

1. My allergies at this time of the year are awful, have I complained about them yet? If I haven’t it’s a miracle because they’re ruining my life. The park where I run is full of allergens and it makes trying to breathe while running torture.

2. I don’t really know how to do a speed workout. I figured I would warm up with a mile or two and then alternate some fast running with some slow jogging. But I didn’t have a plan and I found the execution to be really difficult.

3. I was still incredibly sore from my strength training the prior Sunday and I hadn’t stretched Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Big mistake.

So going into Saturday’s run I wasn’t in the best frame of mind. The plan was to run 8 miles and I set out to do it.

First issue, my roommate was in the bathroom forever and finally I just left. I realized I needed to use the bathroom before I ran. I didn’t want to stop mid-run at one of the portapotties so I took a detour to Barnes and Noble. Perfect.

Second issue, I was super dehydrated. I tried to drink a lot before I left, but it didn’t work. I felt very run down the entire run, even though I stopped at water fountains several times.

Third, I was going too quickly. And I knew I was going too quickly, but I couldn’t slow down. I kept telling myself to slow down, that I was going to tire myself out and that my incredibly heavy breathing (combo of going too quickly and my allergies) wasn’t helping anyone.

Basically I was really down on myself. And I tried not to be, but it’s hard. I told myself that all I had to do was go 4.45 miles, which was the longest I had run since the half two weeks ago. Luckily, by the time I got to 4.45 miles, I had fallen into a groove and a better headspace.

Then, right around mile 6, I got this horrible pain my chest, like I expected to look down at my heartrate monitor and see it say 400. It didn’t, but the pain just got worse and went down into my stomach. It was like a stitch in my side, but right in my middle.

I stopped and luckily was near a water fountain. I had a drink, did some stretches, and walked for a bit. I started running, but again, after maybe a tenth of a mile, the pain came back. I ended up walking again, for longer, and it went away.

Eventually I started up again and ran another mile, making my total mileage 7. I was really upset because I knew, before I got the pain, I could have made it to 8, but in the end I was happy to do 7. And I have 8 on the schedule for next weekend too so I’ll have a chance to redeem myself.

My ankles were really sore today, which is a sign that I ran too hard. I MUST GO SLOWER. Yes, my lungs can go faster, and sometimes my legs can, but ultimately I have to pace myself. I’ve been running for less than a year, there will be plenty of time for 8 minute miles.

I had a much better workout today. Even though I was dreading it and procrastinated like mad this morning I really enjoyed my strength training. I did the No More Trouble Zones DVD again.

It was really hard last week but I won’t improve unless I keep trying. I think my new motto is, (and tell me if I got this from somewhere else and I’m just being a spaz and not remembering) “Things are only hard until they aren’t.”

It might not sound fancy, but I like it. So Jillian will only be able to torture me until she can’t and the only way she can’t is if I keep doing the DVD and improving.

Hopefully I’ll also be less sore this week.

And I’m off to research speed workouts!


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I’m feeling a little uninspired today so I thought I’d post about last night’s dinner.

Last week, when I was at my parents’ house and went to Whole Foods with my mom, there was a ton of stuff I wanted to buy. Not only because my mom would pay, but also because shopping at a suburban Whole Foods was far more pleasant than shopping at the crowded, hectic NYC Whole Foods.

However, because I had to carry whatever I bought back to NYC with me I only bought one thing.

Buffalo wing hot sauce cheddar cheese.

I love buffalo wings so I thought, “Why not try the cheese?” I had it last week in grilled cheese with a tomato and it was delicious. But tonight I decided to try it in savory oats.

Steel cut oats, broccoli, cauliflower, kidney beans, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper, olive oil, and the hot wing cheese.

It was good. The cheese didn’t add a ton of flavor, but I also didn’t add a lot of cheese. It did add a nice spicy kick at the end of the bite which I enjoyed.

I’d say it’s a winner.

P.S. I am SUPER sore from my strength training workout on Sunday. The area from above my knees to my stomach is virtually unusable. I was hobbling around the office yesterday and I asked my friend if I looked like I was walking oddly and her response, as she motioned to the area around her lady bits, “It looks like you have something bad going on in his region.”


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Early tomorrow I head back to NYC. I’ve been trying to make the best of my last day in the suburbs.

I had planned to wake up, watch tennis, workout, have a Green Monster, run some errands, pick up lunch , relax, make my family dinner, and then pack.

Unfortunately when I woke up it was snowing.

Picture 6.png

Yet again! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow in such a short period in the NY area.

I woke up, watched tennis, and then things started to go astray. I kind of procrastinated for a while after the tennis was over so I didn’t start my workout, the No More Trouble Zones DVD, until almost noon.

This was the first time I ever did the full No More Trouble Zones DVD, I had only done the first four circuits before. The first four are so easy compared to the later core ones! I feel like I got a real workout! I think my legs and arms and glutes and everything else are going to be screaming tomorrow!

Picture 7.png

By the time I finished the workout around 1pm it was really snowing. I didn’t want to drive to do my errands in all the snow, but I did want to go to Subway for lunch.

Picture 8.png

So I conquered my fear of driving in the snow!

Picture 9.png

It was so worth it.

Picture 10.png

I hung around the house for a while and then the snow stopped! I headed to Target and the Grocery Store (I wanted to buy heavier stuff here so I didn’t have to worry about carrying it in the city tomorrow).

The roads weren’t bad, but of course none of the parking lots were plowed.

Picture 11.png

I bought a plate at Target to keep at work so I can stop wasting paper plates to warm up my food. And it’s nicer to eat my lunch on a real plate.

I made my family dinner tonight. I usually refuse to cook for them because they’re so picky (ironic, right?) and pretty unhealthy. But I thought I should do it at least once since I’ve been home for so long.

I wanted the Buffalo Chicken Pizza recipe from Carrots ‘n’ Cake. But my parents don’t eat spicy food. So I made two!

Picture 12.png

Just tomato sauce and cheese for my parents and Buffalo Chicken for me and my brother. I changed the recipe up a little. I used blue cheese dressing instead of ranch, I didn’t have Frank’s buffalo sauce so I just used regular Frank’s hot sauce, and I put a few blue cheese crumbles on top.

It was DELICIOUS! So totally unhealthy and decadent, but amazingly delicious. And I ate half of the pizza above and I have another half to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Now I should be packing, but of course I’m procrastinating online. 🙂

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