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Foodie Penpals

This was my first month participating in Lindsay’s Foodie Penpals exchange and I am so happy I did it! I was paired with Kammie and I got some great stuff!


Trader Joe’s pineapple salsa, which I’ve yet to try but it looks delicious. Orange Stevia, which is great, I’ve been wanting to try Stevia so it’s perfect. And then Trader Joe’s couscous which I’ll need to make a something with soon.


These mini chocolate chip cookies, which were really good, I shared them with my friends in the office.


And also 2 bars, a Halo s’mores bar and a Fruition peach bar. I liked them both a lot and I REALLY liked the peach one. Plus I got a package of seeds and nuts which I’ve yet to eat, but looks really good!


And of course the hand-written note, with a special note about Stevia which was so nice!

She also sent a jar of TJ’s speculoos spread which I had been dying to try but never took the plunge to get it. I forgot to take a picture of the jar (oops!) and I’m at my parents’ now, but I did make cookies last week using the spread.


I’m so happy I participated. Thanks so much to Kammie for all the great stuff and thanks to Lindsay for organizing!

I sent goodies to Leslie, who doesn’t have a blog, here’s what she says about what I sent her:


I was paired with Maggie for my first month in Foodie PenPals, and she sent me an awsome box of goodies from New York City.  The first thing I noticed in the box when I opened it was a bag of  artisan granola from Bread Alone, a local bakery in NYC.  I’ve already eaten the whole bag, trying it with milk, yogurt and vanilla ice cream.  It was awsome.  In my box I also found two items from a store in Booklyn that only sells Brooklyn made items.  I got a jar of Strawberry Balsamic Jam from Anarchy in a Jar, which tasted great on my toast for breakfast, and a piece of concord grape hard camdy from BrooklynHardCandy, which I have not had a chance to try yet, but am very excited about.  Thank you so much Maggie for sending me a great box of local New York City treats.

If you want to participate in July here are the details:

Foodie Penpals Terms & Conditions

“By signing up to participate in Foodie Penpals, you are hereby agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Condition 1: You will contact the person you are matched with withing 72 hours of receiving your match to discuss dietary needs, allergies and food preferences.

Condition 2: You will make an effort to meet the dietary needs of your penpal- ie not sending animal products to vegans, dairy products if your match tries to avoid dairy or junk food if they ask for healthy snacks.

Condition 3: You will mail your box by the 15th of the month. It is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase delivery confirmation/get a tracking number for your package. It is very inexpensive and can be used to prove that you sent your package in the event that it gets lost.
If your match does not receive a package for the month, you will receive a warning. If it happens two months in a row, you will no longer be able to participate in the program

Condition 4: In the event that you do not receive a package, Lindsay and The Lean Green Bean blog cannot be held accountable. By agreeing to participate in FPP, we cannot 100% guarantee that you will receive a package. The mail gets lost occasionally and your partner may fail to deliver.

-Condition 5: Using the foodie penpals email list to send out personal or spam emails promoting your blog, giveaways, etc is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Doing so is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program as it is a violation of the other participants’ privacy.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions is grounds for dismissal from the Foodie Penpals Program.”

You can sign up here.


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I’m feeling two-thirds old school this week…

TLC – “Unpretty”

Destiny’s Child – “Independent Women Part I”

Nicolle Galyon – “Super Bass”

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Amarillo, TX: V

I’m down in Amarillo, TX. This is my fifth time in Amarillo (see times one, two, three, and four). I came down yesterday afternoon and I’m leaving this afternoon. A quick trip.

I was nervous about getting to and from the airport. In the past I’ve always used the official company car service, but we’ve been asked to stop using them because they’re too expensive (no comment). The guy called to say he was outside 10 minutes early and I headed downstairs a few minutes later. But he wasn’t there. I called him and he was at the wrong address. It took him about 10 minutes to get to me so I went for a walk up and down the block.


Once I got in the car it was fine, he was really nice, the car was clean, and he was a good driver.


I got to the airport, got through security, and headed for lunch at Ruby Tuesday (options are limited).

We left Newark a few minutes late, but got to Dallas about half an hour early.


An Airlink ride later and I was in the terminal for my flight to Amarillo. I had about 45 minutes until we boarded so I did laps around the airport to get some exercise (have to make those 10,000 steps/day). I also peaked in on the Spain/Portugal game and Wimbledon.


Our flight was delayed about half an hour so I got to watch the end of the soccer game, which was great. We were delayed even more when there was a loose screw on our plane (reassuring).

Finally we made it to Amarillo!


That’s the ridiculously long walkway you have to go through to get to the car rentals. I had a moment of panic when Enterprise was out of GPS units and my cell phone didn’t get service. I decided to start driving and finally my phone started working.


Dinner was at Blue Sky, obviously. Eaten back at the hotel.


(That’s a little sneak peak, I’m going to do a full post on my Amarillo eats for my WIAW post next week.)

The most exciting news is that my hotel room doesn’t overlook the indoors.



The room is pretty nice. The same as what it always is here.


The sunset was especially gorgeous.

I settled in with my food and the Olympic swimming trials.


I forgot how strange I find Michael Phelps to be. I mean obviously his achievements are remarkable and his talent is out of this world, but he’s weird, right? This Ryan Lochte on the other hand is super cute and seems quite normal 😉

I headed to bed around 9:30, but couldn’t sleep due to an awful stomach ache. I tossed and turned until around 1:30am, it sucked! At different points I thought of calling the front desk to see if they had any medicine and for a while I thought I was going to need to go to the hospital. Terrible!

I woke up around 7:30 feeling better but not 100%.

I had planned to visit the local Great Harvest here but I was sad to see they’re no longer open. My appointments didn’t start until 10:30 so I just killed time in the hotel room walking laps (10,000 steps, people!) while watching Wimbledon.

I had two appointments in the morning and then a break for lunch. For lunch I headed to Rudy’s, a BBQ chain here that I love.


Then I headed back for two more appointments and when it was over made my way to the airport.


It’s hot here, if you didn’t already assume that.

Now I’m at the airport waiting for my 4:40pm flight to Dallas and then my 6:55pm flight back to NYC. Thank you city of Amarillo for the free WiFi!


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Since I normally do a weekday (Tuesday) for my What I Ate Wednesday posts I thought it would be interesting to change it up and do a weekend. My weekdays are very scheduled, I tend to eat at the same times and eat the same things over and over. But my weekends are totally different. This is what I ate this past Saturday.


I went to a 9:30 kickboxing class and had a pomegranate fruit leather before I left. It’s not a ton of calories, but it’s enough to get me through class.


On the way back from my fabulous kickboxing class I stopped to buy a bottle of red Gatorade. I seriously love red Gatorade. I drank about a third of this bottle.


My plan had been to go home and cook breakfast, but I had to stop at CVS to pick up a prescription and ended up buying a s’mores Luna bar since I was starting to get hangry and still had a few other errands to run.


Once I got home, around 11:30, I made my normal weekend breakfast, Mama Pea’s Monkey Scramble. I also had a glass of iced green tea.


For lunch, around 2:30, I had my last piece of Jenn’s Mexican Pizza Lasagna and a side of greenbeans.


Around 4pm I got hungry so I had some strawberries, a 3-Ingredient Biscoff cookie, and a Hell or High Watermelon beer. A very good Saturday afternoon snack ate as I was watching the Spain/France Euro match.


A little after 5pm I was still snacky so I had a few pita chips.


About 7pm I had a buffalo chicken calzone.


Around 8pm I had some watermelon (it’s a watermelon day) and a few spoonfuls of Graeter’s vanilla chip ice cream.

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2009 was a very good year for me. I started working out regularly, I started eating healthier, and as a result of those two things I lost roughly 30 pounds. I also started writing this blog and felt like I feel into a nice little niche in life and was pretty happy. At the end of the year I laid out my goals for 2010, I spent a long time figuring out, outlining, and making sense of what I wanted. Looking back at them I certainly didn’t achieve all of them in 2010, there are some I haven’t even achieved now, but I was happy to discover that two and a half years later I’m actually pretty close to where 2010 me wanted to be.

A more detailed look back:

1. Run a half marathon. DONE. I did that in 2010, if you had told me that after that I wouldn’t run a race for another year and then then be racing at all, I would have been shocked. But I’ve stepped back from running and I’m pretty happy with that decision (more on this another time).

2. Be more mindful of my diet. As I talked about in the original post I made this goal with the intention of losing weight. Looking at it by that metric I’ve failed. I’ve actually put on 14lbs since the beginning of 2010. However, I do think I am fairly mindful of my diet. I’m actually having a difficult time figuring out what’s different about my diet now compared with 2010. (Again, more on this another time.)

3. Find a substitute for cow’s milk that I like. DONE. I use almond milk all the time.

4. Pay off $2400 of credit card debt and don’t accrue any more. DONE. I could still be saving more though.

5. Date. This is still something I struggle with, but I also don’t think it’s fair to go into details about it online. Let’s just say I’m working on it.

6. Make more friends. This is another hard one. I don’t know if I’ve made any *more* friends, but I definitely think I’m better at using (said in the best possible way) the friends that I already have. I’m pretty happy with my social life.

7. Donate blood as often as possible. Yes, I don’t know if I do it *as often* as possible, but I do it on a fairly regular basis. I even donated platelets once.

8. Volunteer. Complete failure. I would still like to pursue this.

Then I outlined a few little things:

1. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Fail. I still want to do this.

2. Get a passport. DONE.

3. Go to the dermatologist. DONE.

4. Wash sheets more often. I guess technically I do it more often, but I still could improve this.

5. Log all workouts. I’ve done this off and on.

6. Read more. Definitely DONE.

Maybe what I’ve learned is that I’m good at the little things? I didn’t expect writing this post to be so enlightening, but I think I’ve actually learned a lot. I’m working on coming up with some goals for the second half of 2012 and I think I’m definitely going to incorporate smaller goals into my plans.

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Monday Happies


1. Essie “A Splash of Grenadine.” This has quickly turned into my favorite nail polish color. It’s the perfect blend between pink and purple and I absolutely love it for the summer.


2. Sangria. Is there a more perfect summer drink? I met my friend Maria for drinks Thursday night and enjoyed two glasses of red sangria. At tapas on Friday night we all split a pitcher of white sangria.


3. Thunderstorms. I love, love, love thunderstorms. We had some crazy ones Friday afternoon. I made it home right before it started raining, but the wind and rain was insane and I had to quickly shut all our windows. The thunder was so loud I couldn’t even hear the TV. And it was great. It was less great getting caught in a storm this morning as I walked from physical therapy to my office, but I still love them.

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Sour Cherries


Sour cherries made their first appearance at the Greenmarket. And they are mine!

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