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I’m Back!

Sorry for the time in between posts. As I said the other day the World Series went so late on Wednesday that I didn’t have time to post and then things just got wacky. So, here’s the recap…


My roommates went to Urban Rebounding, but I didn’t want to go again because I wasn’t impressed after last week’s class. I didn’t want to run again because I had run two days in a row so I thought I’d do the elliptical. I HATE the elliptical, but then Wednesday morning I found a workout from Carrots ‘n’ Cake for the elliptical. A sign.

I went to the gym to do the workout and I was so disappointed. My heartrate never got over the 140’s and I just didn’t feel satisfied. I did it for 45 minutes and wasn’t happy. I did abs, stretched, and went home. Yesterday, when I was talking to my friend, she asked why I didn’t adjust the resistance. Apparently there are ellipticals where you can adjust the resistance. But, not being an elliptical user, I didn’t realize this. However, the elliptical I used at the gym definitely didn’t have resistance buttons (I pressed a lot of things in trying to figure it out) so I guess I have to investigate.

I had a broccoli pizza for dinner Wednesday night

Picture 7

For some reason it was all soggy 😦 But it still tasted good.


I wanted to run on Thursday, but I remembered I had told my roommate Amy I’d go to a Punk Rope class with her. Punk Roping is, or I thought it was, jump roping it punk music, but it turned out to be so much more. It was kind of like gym class for adults. We stretched, we did some practice jump rope steps, we jump roped, we played catch, we jumped rope, we did laps around the gym, we jumped rope, we had relay raced, we jumped rope, we did abs, we stretched.

It was really fun! I can’t wait to go back. And it was a great workout without feeling like I wanted to die. I tweaked something in my foot, but I managed to run today so I think it’s ok.

I got a falafel wrap from a takeout place for dinner. It was delicious.


I had planned to do my Bikini Ready Fast DVD Friday night. But I ended up going shopping with a friend after work and didn’t get home until well after 9pm so I just had some white chocolate peanut butter (I bought more!) on an Arnold Sandwich Thin (not a huge fan of that combo) and went to bed.


I went to bed so early because I knew I wanted to wake up and run this morning. I didn’t end up getting up until 9am and even then I didn’t leave until 10:30 (it was 40* outside and I was waiting for it to warm up a little). But eventually I put on my winter running clothes

Picture 8

(plus shoes, hat, and contacts instead of glasses) and headed out.

My goal was to do a 10k, only I forgot to see where a 10k ended in the park so then I thought I’d estimate and run at a comfortable place for as far as I could.


And I did it in 1:05:39!!

Picture 9

That’s about 9:45 minute miles. I think I rocked it. I couldn’t have been happier. 10k here I come!

I’m a bit sore now, but not like last week. I had the same breakfast I had last week after my long run. Except they actually made my bagel correctly and gave me an everything and not a plain. And I had a quarter of a red Gatorade instead of an OJ.  And a banana.

I’m killing time now before I meet my friend for a burger, fries, and a beer at the Dram Shop. My favorite burger ever. I’ve been waiting for this all week. I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m wearing the new shirt I bought at Banana on Thursday

It took me several tries to get a good picture of my outfit

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Plus the other boot, and makeup, and contacts rather than glasses.

I also bought a grey skirt that I think might be too short for me

Picture 13

And I bought this great brown skirt

Picture 14

The best part is that it zippers all the way up (or down ;)) the back

Picture 15

After dinner I’m meeting a different friend for drinks. I haven’t seen him in a while so I’m excited. And my social life has been kind of lame lately so two things in one night is exciting!

Happy Saturday Night!


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My Long Run

My long run didn’t start off well. I got up, drank some water, had Ezekial bread with almond butter, had some Emergen-C, and went on my way.

From when I started running it was just hard. I think I’ve become so used to running on the treadmill that I lost my ability to pace myself outside. I couldn’t tell if I was going fast or slow and I was just unhappy. I stopped about a mile and a half in to stretch because I felt tight and then I stopped again about half a mile later to stretch. I was almost to the top of the big hill, which is probably 2.5 miles or so in, and my body just wasn’t feeling it.

So I stopped and walked for a minute or two. I really wanted to just keep walking, but I decided I had to run at least once around the park. So I started running and I did it. I finished the loop around the park and I did it in 30:18

Picture 5

which is about 3 minutes faster than my previous personal best and way, way too fast considering I wanted to do two loops around the park.

I then walked out the park, expecting to stop. I was exhausted, sore, angry, felt bloated, and just really unhappy. But I got some water, stretched, and decided I needed to go back in and do another loop. I decided not to time it and to just go slow and take my time. And I ran the opposite way which I thought would be a good change for my legs.

I ran another 1.75 miles or so and it felt great. I just let the pressure fade away and did it. Then I walked for a few minutes and ended with a .25 mile uphill.

In the end I was really happy. I was also really sweaty.

Picture 4

It was 65* when I started out and 72* when I finished which is very unseasonably warm for NYC.

I ended up rewarding myself with a bagel for my hard work.

I asked for an everything bagel with a little bit of cream cheese and I got

Picture 8

A plain bagel with a ton of cream cheese. So I Maggie-fied it

Picture 9

I also had some pineapple Chobani, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and flax seed

Picture 6

And an OJ

Picture 7

Soon after I got home I iced my ankles

Picture 10

And my knees

Picture 11

But I am still massively sore. My legs are killing me. And I don’t feel so hot in general. I know yesterday I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but now I feel like I have a fever. Not good.

We’ll see how the night turns out!

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