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Today was another gorgeous day in NYC. The next few days are supposed to be rainy (don’t quite know what I do with my wrist cast that can’t get wet…) so I spent a chunk of the afternoon outside enjoying the sun.

I went to the library to pick up a book. Then I sat on the library steps (they put out tables and chairs) reading my current book. I’m pretty sure the library is supposed to be open until 5pm, but around 3:30 they started packing up the chairs and tables. I took my clue and moved over to Prospect Park, where I sat on a bench and read for another hour or so.

I met my old officemate Amy for dinner. She was out of town for my birthday last week so we had made plans to meet up this weekend to celebrate. We went to Kiwiana, a New Zealand restaurant in my neighborhood that I’ve walked past probably hundreds of times but I’ve never gone in. They were pretty empty when we went in, but had reservations for most of the tables about half an hour later so we decided to sit at the bar.

The staff was so friendly and nice, the bartender gave us the leftovers from a cocktail she made too much of and the other staff chatted with us (several times, but not too much) all night. I had a cheeky Kiwi cocktail, I think it had gin, St. Germain, passion fruit juice, and mint. Amy had a watermelon-tini and both were delicious.

We split the yucca tater tots for an appetizer and they were delicious, lighter than a regular tater tot. For my entree I had the New Zealand snapper with saffron and chorizo risotto.


It was fine, I don’t think I’d order it again. The snapper was perfectly cooked, but I didn’t think any of it had very strong flavors. I like foods with strong flavors. Amy had the seared diver scallops with cauliflower and bacon ragout, passion fruit sauce. I thought hers was good, I liked the cauliflower and bacon ragout, but I didn’t really like the passion fruit sauce.

Overall would definitely go back. Yes, I didn’t love my entree, but the appetizer, cocktail, and service were all so great that I’d have no qualms about going back and trying other things from the menu.

After dinner we headed over to Ample Hills, my favorite ice cream place. Amy and I had been there a few weeks ago and I had longingly stared at the drawing of their sundae.


I said I would never get it because it’s enormous and because it’s over $7, but then Amy suggested I get it for a special¬†occasion, like my birthday which was coming up! Ample Hills was packed, we probably waited on line for close to half an hour.


But I got my sundae!


Ooey gooey butter cake, chocolate flake ice cream, hot fudge, rainbow confetti, and whip cream. So good!


Delcious! And so worth it! And I don’t feel like I’m going to die. Next time I want to try to purple cow float.

A good Sunday, thanks Amy for dinner and ice cream!


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Saturday in the Park

How have I never used that title before?

After my wrist surgery this past week I needed a day of funtionally laying low. Yes, I relaxed the entire time I was home, but I was sick/in pain so it wasn’t the same.

Today I woke up around 8:30 read for an hour, cooked some breakfast, watched Friday Night Lights, did some blog stuff, ate lunch, watched more FNL, did more blog stuff, and finally left to read in Prospect Park.


I’m pretty sure I was the only one there without a kid. Or a dog. Or both. I had a pretty nice view though.


I stayed for over two hours and finished my book. It was pretty nice. I stopped at the grocery store, got an Italian ice, and headed home. I did some cooking, ordered some pizza, and now I’m doing more blog stuff and watching more FNL.

Pretty relaxing and perfect if you ask me.

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