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Flash Floods


My friend Laura and I were on our way home from kickboxing yesterday morning when we encountered what might be described as a little bit of water. Or a lot of water. There were a long line of buses when we got to the stop, so we got on the one with the most people and waited for it to leave. We waited a little while when a little girl got on talking about how much water was in the street. I asked her where and she pointed and I asked her if you could walk through it and she said no. So Laura and I went to investigate.


And that little girl was very right. When we first got to the flooded area there was just the white Mercedes stuck. Then that van drove in to try to pump water out of the store it’s park in front of. And, as you can see in the picture above, some moron in an SUV most likely ended up ruining their brakes/engine thinking they could drive through. An SUV doesn’t make you invincible, people.


It had rained pretty hard (duh) while we were in the kickboxing class, but I don’t think it rained any harder than  other times and I had never seen this area flood before.


Who just has sandbags sitting around?



Eventually a tow truck came to get the car out of the water. He towed the people into a nearby parking lot and the passenger immediately got out and lit up a cigarette. #klassy


The fire trucks showed up towards the end of the ordeal. Along with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The area where this flooded is right next to the Gowanus Canal, which is a Superfund site. #comforting

One of the firefighters told us that we could walk through a nearby parking lot to get to another road, which is what we ended up doing, but the whole thing was pretty nuts.


NYC was supposed to get some crazy weather later in the day yesterday, too. But that didn’t happen, at least by me, all we got was this creepy sky and some rain.


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We are having a haiku contest at work today in honor of Poem In Your Pocket Day. I’m not normally a poetry person but for some reason I can’t stop writing in haiku.

About my Saturday night:

Extreme pain left side
Bike delivery man hit me, bam!
Cursed him and walked off.

About my contentious relationship with the toaster at work:

Soft bread yet again
Toaster why can’t we be friends?
I dream of crisp bread

About my contentious relationship with the color printer at work:

Color printer why?
You never work, please just once?
One day you will die.

In response to my officemate who didn’t want to come in today:

Wake Up! It’s sunny
Also, there are jellybeans at work
And champagne later.

Once you start it’s hard to stop.

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The Insanity

There are a lot of strange things in my life. Things so strange that I don’t think my friends and family are even aware of them.

For instance, do you notice anything strange about my bedroom in this photo?


I took the photo with one strange thing in mind, but then I actually noticed several more:

1. Lime green produce bag in the doorway
2. Scale in the middle of the room.
3. Eyeglasses sitting on top of the scale. (I had no idea they were there and honestly, if I hadn’t noticed them when I loaded this picture onto my computer right after I took the picture, I probably would have spent a long time searching for my glasses.)
4. Container of almond milk. (I live with 3 other people, cabinet and fridge space is limited so I often store unopened food in my room.)

Have you noticed them yet??

It’s the AVOCADOS!!


I bought them at Whole Foods and they were hard as rocks. A few weeks ago I had bought a rock-hard avocado and was shocked when, mistakenly left in a bag next to my radiator, it ripened in a few days. I needed these to ripen quickly so I thought, why wouldn’t it work again? And it did!

Other insanity? While trying to photograph my behind in my new favorite jeans I got a little wacky and took this shot. I am leaning forward, looking between my legs, taking my upside down picture in mirror.


I kind of like it.

And, to be filed under non-insanity, happy birthday to my grandfather. He used to babysit us a lot when we were kids and one day he made me guess when his birthday was (I probably asked him). My guesses narrowed it down to February and he said it was between the 1st and the 10th. I don’t exactly remember, but I’m thinking I guessed the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and so on. Well, I had to guess 10 times because his birthday is February 10th! 🙂

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