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The Hills

I did my first hill run last night. Shockingly it went really well.

When I started running I really thought there was no way I’d be able to continue. My glutes were killing me and the soreness in my abs wasn’t helping either. But I decided to just keep  going and see what happened.

A little bit before the hill (about 3 miles in) I really thought there was no way I was going to be able to continue, but I got to the hill, slowed down, and told myself that I only had to do it once if it was painful.

When I reached the top of the hill (it’s about .3 miles long) I realized it wasn’t so bad and I could probably do it again. So I stopped and walked back down.

Here’s where I need advice. Do you think it’s bad that I walked down the hill? I probably could have run down (and I’d prefer to run down, it takes a long time to walk!), but running downhill really hurts my knees and I didn’t want to risk further aggravating something.

Once I reached the top a second time I thought I could definitely do it a third time so down the hill I went.

The more I did it the looser my muscles felt and the easier it was. I decided three times was my max for the first time doing hills so when I reached the top I kept on running another .42 miles until I reached the park exit.

I felt amazing when I was done! I’m so happy that I ran despite being sore and that I tried something new in hill training.

Here’s a question for other runners: what’s with cutting people off? I’ve had it happen before, but it happened twice last night and I think it’s so rude.

There’s literally no one around me, plenty of room on other side, and these two people, at two separate times, both sprinted up on my right side (which is at the edge of the running lane so they crossed into the bike lane), cut directly in front of me, and ran towards the left to be next to the curb.

Couldn’t they just pass me on the left? Or run a few steps ahead before passing me on the right? I don’t even know why they wanted to go into the bike lane when there’s plenty of room in the running lanes. The girl who did it cut so close to me that I probably could have extended my arm an inch or two and grabbed her ponytail.

The angry New Yorker side of me was tempted, but I refrained 🙂


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As everyone knows I ran my first half marathon last Saturday. Now that I got one out of the way I’m moving on to my second and, in doing so, hope to improve my time by having an even better training plan.

I really liked the training plan I used last time so even though my new plan is completely different, I’m using the same format.

Check it out here.

Important things to note:

– Again, I’m only running 3 times/week, I think, given my body, this is what works best for me.

I have hills on there this time. For me hills are going to mean running repeats on the big hill in Prospect Park. I’ll probably run around the park until I get to the hill (about 2.5 miles) and then run up the hill, walk back down (my knees don’t like running downhill) and repeat the up and down a few times (starting with 3 or so times depending how I feel and working my way up from there).

I also have speed on the plan. My goal is to alternate a quarter or half a mile of much faster running (probably 8 mi/hr pace at first) with the same distance at a slower pace (probably 9:30 or 10 mi/hr depending how I feel). I’ll probably run a mile or 2 to warm up, and then the same to cool down, at a normal pace.

I don’t have a set mileage goal for my hill and speed runs. I want to try to listen to my body, if I’m feeling strong and eager to run 8 miles one day, great, but if I’m feeling tired or like my body needs a break, I can do 3 or 5 or whatever. I’ll just be sure to increase (at a reasonable rate) my mileage as the weeks go on.

I also don’t have weekly mileage goals. Same thing as above goes, I’ll increase at a reasonable rate over time, but I’ll listen to my body depending on the week.

I have specific strength training goals on the plan. While training for my first half I sucked at strength training in a major way so I wanted to be more specific to make myself accountable. NMTZ=Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones DVD, which is one of my favorites. I am of course able to change this if I want to do weights at the gym, go to a class, or do another DVD. I’m being specific in the plan so I can’t use not knowing what to do as an excuse to be lazy. I also want to do the 100 Pushups Challenge. I actually wanted to start this sometime in the middle of training for my last half, but it just made me too sore and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to run. This time I know I’m strong enough to run so there’s no excuse not to be able to strength train as well.

I designed this plan to be ambitious and challenging. I feel like my body has kind of been stuck in a fitness lull and I need to fix that. I’d still like to lose a few more pounds (more to make me a better runner than/healthier person than any type of vanity thing) and I think I need a shock to make that happen.

I will of course be updating the blog with my progress. And remember you can check out all my workouts here and find my training plan here.

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