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Tummy Ache

I have a tummy ache. Pretty sure it’s a fiber ache. I get these sometimes when I eat a lot of fiber (which I always do) and I don’t drink enough water. But I’ve had a ton of water today so I’m not really sure what the deal is. I got one on Monday when I had a salad full of veggies and I had eaten crap all weekend, which made sense. Normally to get rid of it I just drink a ton of water, but I don’t want to be up 20 times in the night going to the bathroom! So I’m just going to go to sleep.

Good news on the joining the gym front. My roommate is going to join too and she gets a discount as a Park Slope Food Coop member and apparently you can join as two adults in some type of family package which is $70/month. Which means that I can be her other adult and it will only cost me $35 to join the gym! Woooooo!!!

I did my Bikini Ready Fast DVD today. I’ve been trying to do it on days I don’t run. It’s a really great workout, I started doing it with 5lb weights instead of my normal 3lb and it’s killing my legs. Yep, not my arms, my legs. Weird.

No news on the work front. My plan for today was spoiled but that turned out to be a good thing. I have a lot to think about and hopefully I’ll get to have the discussion I wanted to have today tomorrow. But I probably won’t have news I can share publicly for a little while.

Oh and the landlord has turned the heat on in our apartment. They’re the old radiators so they smell and make crazy sounds. I mean it’s cold here, but it’s not really have the heat on cold. I still have my windows open 🙂


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My Fitness Goals

I feel this is a good time to reiterate and come up with new fitness goals.

I finished the Couch to 5k and the 30 Day Shred. I loved the Couch to 5k, I really don’t think I could call myself a “runner” without it. The 30 Day Shred I have mixed feelings about.

Here are my before and after pictures:


Before is on the left, after is on the right. Maybe I’m being too critical, but I don’t see a difference.

Another angle:

before 1after 1

Again, I don’t see a big difference. I feel like someone of my weight who did the 30 Day Shred almost daily (I think I did it 24 days out of 31 in August) should have seen better results.

However I do feel like I got a great workout. I sweated my ass off, I was so out of breath at times I thought I would throw up, but overall I did enjoy it and I noticed a difference in my fitness and how I felt and ultimately I suppose that’s what matters.

So where do I go from here? Well, I’m running a 5k on Saturday, right now that’s my main goal. And making sure my ankle is ok to do it.

Starting on Monday I’m going to do Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones. I’ve seen good reviews of the DVD on blogs and read a great review on dailySpark. I figure it will be good to start right after my 5k (not only because I’m motivated, but I won’t be sore before the race).

My other main long-term goal is to run a 10k. I don’t think I can be ready before winter comes to NYC and there aren’t a lot of races in the winter so my plan now is to run the 10k in March or April.

I’ve been searching around online for a helpful training program and I think I found one. I like that there are two rest days, I think running more than 5 days per week is too hard on my body, especially given my recent ankle issues.

I also like that it incorporates cross training, maybe it will finally get me back into using my elliptical. And I like the easy run, I think it will help to keep it fun.

But it’s a 10-week program and I’m not going to run the race for another 6 or 7 months (wow, that sounds really far away!). So I need something for the meantime.

My plan now is to join the gym. I’ve resisted joining the gym because I feel like running outside is more interesting and better for me than running on the treadmill. Plus the gym is a lot of money. But as it gets darker earlier and earlier and colder and colder I don’t see what other choice I have.

I’m going to join the YMCA which is 7 short blocks from my apartment. Two of my roommates belong and they like it. The thing that really sold me is that they have an Urban Rebounding class. I’ve been dieing to try Urban Rebounding since a friend told me about it a few months ago. Plus until October 12 the Y is waiving the registration fee which means essentially 2 months free.

My goals at the gym over the next few months will be to do some speed work since I’ll be somewhere I can easily measure how far I’m going and repeat laps of the same distance. I also want to take some of their other classes; I’ve always wanted to try spinning, I did yoga in college and I never got into it but I’d like to at least try again, and then there’s one called “Punk Rope” and my hope is that it’s jump rope which I would love to try.

And of course I’m going to keep doing the general runs and working my butt off to be fit 🙂

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My ankle wasn’t bothering me so much today so I decided I’d try a run tonight. I stretched my ankles, I took some Advil, and I was on my way. And I finished with no pain!! Although it is a bit sore now. I stretched when I got home and iced and I’ll stretch again and take some Advil before I go to bed but hopefully it will be ok.

I set a new PR, I feel silly calling it that, but that’s what it is. Last Monday, the first day I ran the entire length of the park, I did it in 34:49. I’ve run the entire loop twice since then, but it’s taken me longer both times. The second time I did it it took me more than two minutes longer, I think I was so scared of not being able to do it again so I went extremely slow. The second time I was 9 seconds slower and my stupid shoe came untied right before the end so I had to stop, so I see that as a wash.

But today I did it in:

Picture 7


That’s almost 2 mins off my previous personal best! And I feel like I could go faster. Total victory. I feel like I might even be able to run the 5k this weekend at a sub-30 pace.

I came home and made a great dinner:

Picture 5

It’s a gigantic pizza! Whole wheat dough from Eat Live Run, pesto, grape tomatoes, broccoli, TJ’s onions and peppers, and parmesan and romano cheese. SO GOOD!

These TJ’s onions and peppers are fantastic:

Picture 6

So tasty and one of my favorite recent discoveries.

I’m watching the Biggest Loser, I really love this show. These people are so inspiring. I think I might start blogging the show, only problem is most times I can’t watch it live.

I’m doing something scary at work tomorrow morning, if it goes like I want it to it will be great, but I’m also really scared. Wish me luck!

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Vendy Awards

One of my favorite NYC events was this past weekend: The Vendy Awards. Basically the Vendy Awards are when the top 5 street vendors in NYC are selected to face off against each other and you can pay a lot of money (for charity) and try all their food and vote on your favorite.


Last year’s Vendys were held at the tobacco warehouse in Brooklyn which is at the base on the Brooklyn Bridge:

Picture 3

And there were even famous people:

Picture 4

What, you don’t know who that is? That’s Josh Charles. He was on Sports Night, one of the best TV shows ever. And now he’s on The Good Wife.

This year’s event was held at the Queen’s Museum of Art which is next to another great NYC landmark:

Picture 6

You don’t recognize that? It’s Arthur Ashe Stadium, the main court at the US Open.

Now, on to the main event, the food. This year there were 5 finalists who all had entrees, 3 dessert finalists, and 3 rookies of the year. I wish they would give sample sizes, but they pretty much all give full-sized portions and you just stuff your face.

Picture 11

And here’s the rest of the food:

Picture 3

Chicken and rice from the falafal guy

Picture 4

Mini chocolate caramel pretzel cupcake

Picture 5

Chicken and thai basil and edamame dumplings. The edamame ones were AMAZING.

Picture 7

Mini-break from the food to show the venue

Picture 8

Pulled pork sandwich, chocolate chip cookie, Arnold Palmer

Picture 9

Now this was insane. This was the “sample platter” and, as my friend wanted me to note, this was all MY FOOD even though that’s her hand on the right helping me hold it. It’s a pulled pork taco, a pulled pork quesadilla, and a pulled pork huraches. AND THEY’RE AMAZING. It’s from one of the Red Hook Vendors, somewhere I love to go. And they won! I love them.

Picture 10

Chicken biriyani and chicken kati roll from the biriyani cart. I love the biriyani cart. They were at last year’s Vendys and I voted for them for People’s Choice, this year I voted for the Red Hook people, but the biriyani cart won for People’s Choice, which made me happy because it’s really amazing.

Picture 12

Wafels and dinges

Picture 13

Chocolate ice cream with olive oil and sea salt (really good!)

Picture 14

This is the piece de resistance! An ice cream sandwich with BACON! Yes, it sounds gross, and it was kind of gross, but it was also really good. In my mind the bacon should have been really crunchy and crumbled, not like soft strips I had to bite through.

Picture 15

And then there was a weird hipster marching band…

Picture 16

Check out how gorgeous this location is. I can be kind of hard on NYC, but it’s really an amazing place filled with all different people and places.

Random sentimental thought!

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A New Goal

So my new goal is to do one post here a day. I really like chronicling my weight loss and fitness journey so I want to do it for me.

Today’s post: I’m running a race on Saturday. October 3, Saturday, is my dad’s 58th birthday and to celebrate we’re going to run a 5k together. I fully expect him to beat me by A LOT, but I’m still really excited to do it.

It’s a race sponsored by Entemann’s which I think is pretty ironic. There are donuts before the race (ugh!) and an assortment of pastries after the race (UGH!). SO ODD!

I’m pretty excited about doing it because since I posted last Monday I’ve managed to run around the entire park again, twice! I did it on Wednesday and then I did it Saturday morning. And I even did longer than the entire way around.

I was feeling really great about the race until I got this pain in my ankle today and when I looked it was swollen:

Picture 3

Picture 4

The pain isn’t too bad, but it’s concerning. I’m still doing my stretches, I’m icing, and I’m taking Advil. I want to run tomorrow and Thursday and hopefully I’ll be ok for Saturday. So frustrating!

I made a delicious dinner tonight. I got the idea for broccoli sandwiches from Kelly at Beneath It All.

Picture 5

Mine was broccoli, white cheddar cheese, TJ’s garlic hummus on Ezekiel bread and I toasted it the Foreman. It wasn’t as good as I wanted, but it was pretty good. I had an apple too. I love fall for many reason, but apples are pretty high up on the list.

And I tried a new wine:

Picture 6

It was $7.99 and one of the best cheap wines at Smith and Vine. It’s from Argentina, I bought this one and a Malbec I’ve yet to drink to commemorate Juan Martin Del Potro winning the US Open (yes, I’m lame).

Ok, one post down, hopefully I can keep this up again!

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I disappeared for a while, I know. With tennis and some other stressors in my life I just couldn’t blog. Which was bad. I also couldn’t exercise, which was also bad. I have to get back into both because both made me feel great about myself which is not a feeling I’ve had lately.

I don’t think I can post pictures of every meal. Maybe just the pretty ones? Or especially creative ones? I’m going to work on a more manageable format.

The real reason I decided to start posting again is because last night I accomplished one of my main goals!


That’s 3.35 miles which is also the longest I’ve run. It took me 34:49 which is about 10.40 min miles which was fine with me.

I didn’t set out to run the entire thing. I just did it. I was running and there was this girl ahead of me going pretty slowly and I was going to speed up a little so I could get past her and I realized that I should go slowly. That I tell people I love running and I find it relaxing, but really like I’m just going as fast as I can, winding myself, to get to a certain point that I deem acceptable and then giving up.

My goal is to be a distance runner, I don’t know how far, but I want to do long distances and test my endurance. And I can’t do that if I’m going so quickly. I have to pace myself.

So I did. I paced myself so well that about half way through I thought “I bet I can do the whole loop.” AND I DID. Including all the hills. Words can’t express how proud I am of myself. I feel like I busted down a door.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

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Be Back Tonight

Apparently focusing on tennis and anything else is way too complicated for me. I’ll be back tonight with a post about my weekend and hopefully more regular posting from here on out.

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