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I’m going to preface all of this by saying that I really, really, really love my curly hair. I feel like it’s a defining part of my personality. I don’t always love that it has a mind of its own, but overall my curly hair does me right.

At my roommate Abby’s birthday party a few weeks ago my roommate Mary and I got into a discussion about how I used to dye my hair black. She asked to see a picture so I pulled one up, in the picture I happened to have my hair straight (something I haven’t done since college).


(Side note: Can you believe I used to pluck my eyebrows to look like that? I can’t imagine plucking them so thin now. Waxing all the way.)

She asked me why I never straighten it now and I said it takes too long, it doesn’t actually get straight, and it just curls again as the day goes on. She wanted to try straightening it so I said sure. On this past Sunday night we were finally both home and she did it.


As you can see it definitely still has a wave to it, it’s cut to be curly, but for the most part it was fairly straight. All of my roommates were surprised at how different I look, which is usually the reaction I get. Then I went to work yesterday. And I got these reactions:

1. you look so much prettier
2. you look 5 years younger
3. it looks so much fuller
4. your eyes really pop
5. you look like a completely different person
6. your hair is a completely different color
7. you look so classy and sophisticated

Now, the people I work with are totally nuts, but these were still some crazy reactions. Who tells someone that they looks prettier? And how awful must these people think I look every day?


I’m wearing it straight again today (above) and people seem to have adjusted. After being out in a bad rainstorm and sweating in kickboxing my hair was pretty wet and it got curly and frizzy, but I figured I’d try straightening it again and came up with this kind of bed head look. But tomorrow it’s back to curly.


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Market Monday

I’ve written about the Union Square Greenmarket many times (here and here for example) and I was very excited this morning when I saw that they had strawberries. I bought myself a pint of strawberries and a container of the cutest little potatoes.



They’re like nature’s french fries!

I had two defeating things happen to me at lunchtime. First, I went to Sephora to return the Bumble and Bumble beach spray I bought.


I never return beauty products but this stuff was just awful. I wanted it to be like John Frieda’s Beach Blonde spray from like 1999. Anyone else remember that stuff?


(Image from here)

John Frieda’s stuff was the real deal, I looked totally beachy. The Bumble and Bumble one was BS. Anyway, I couldn’t find my receipt, but I figured they could just look it up with my credit card. Well, the woman told me she could look it up with my credit card, but that they couldn’t put the money back on my credit card, that I’d just get store credit. So I said I’d look for my receipt at home. And I found it so I’ll go back to Sephora tomorrow.

The second bad thing was that I was unable to eat my salad for lunch because the spicy dressing made the burn on the roof of my mouth (from last night’s yucca tots) feel like my mouth was going to explode. I tried very hard to eat it, but in the end I just picked out the tomatoes, veggie burger, and feta.


Two good things:


My co-worker’s dad sent her fudge. It was delicious.


And when I went to buy a ginger ale the machine gave me two. (I don’t think I’ve ever discussed my love of soda on here, it’s becoming an issue again.)

Then, when I was walking to the subway after work part of 6th Ave. was closed and there were tons of police officers.



I asked them what was happening and they said Obama was down the block. Pretty cool, but in typical NYer fashion I was annoyed that I had to walk across 6th Ave., down, and then back across to get to the subway :).

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Easter Eggs


I love British candy so when Easter candy is rolled out every year I am so excited to see the Cadbury Mini Eggs on sale. I love the creme-filled eggs, but these mini eggs, with their hard candy shell and milk chocolate middle, are probably my favorite candy ever. So much so that I’ve had to cut myself off this year which. Which is probably good because sugar kills.

I was so excited by the eggs that I apparently forgot that I need to focus my camera when I take a picture.


In other news, I got my hair cut for the first time since August (bad, I know, don’t judge). Check out how glam I look.

Well, as glam as one can look in gym clothes, in the gym locker room, in a picture taken with an iPhone.

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Aveda Product Review

This past weekend, while at my parents’ house, we went to visit my grandparents. I was told we needed to be at my grandparents’ at 1pm so I assumed we would leave around 12:30. I had been lazy and, thinking I still had time, around 11:55 I still hadn’t showered or gotten ready.

Around noon my dad asked if I was ready and said we were leaving soon. Oops. I knew I could forgo a shower, but what to do with my hair?

Then I remembered a free sample I had received from Aveda (I’m part of their rewards program and often receive offers for samples), something called Be Curly Style Prep that was supposed to reactive curls so you don’t need to completely restyle your hair.

Since there were no instructions on the sample I just used my hands to make my hair wet, put some of the Be Curly Style Prep on my hands, and ran it through my hair, attempting to scrunch it into curls.

This is right after I put it on:


And this is later on in the day:


(Before trying to style my hair I had had it up in a ponytail.)

Overall I was pretty happy with the results. I don’t think the result was as good as when I style my hair from scratch (I use Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer and their Confixor), but it was a simple, easy, and acceptable quick fix. And I am always happy when I find a product that actually gives my very, very fine hair style rather than just weighing it down.

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