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Things To Do

Since I’ll be away for the next two weekends and I have plans every night this coming week I need to be productive this weekend. To do:

Go to Trader Joe’s
Go to the bank
Get hair cut
Go to the library
Go to kickboxing Friday
Buy Amy a birthday card
– Read presales fact sheets (read half)
Go to new beer garden Friday night
Watch Wimbledon women’s final
Watch Wimbledon men’s final
Go kickboxing Saturday
Go to Governors Island with Amy
– Go out with Josy and her friends (too tired)
Go kickboxing Sunday
Make quinoa salad
Make a list of what to pack for OR
– Make list of what I need to buy for OR (nothing?)
– Start packing for OR
– Buy foodie penpal gift (bought 1 thing, still need 1 more thing)
Go to farmers’ market

What’s on your to-do list for the weekend?


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I am a big fan of making lists. That said, I rarely make them. But when I do make them I am much, much more productive.

This weekend is purely for relaxation. I didn’t make any plans, I just want to get done what I need to get done and chill out. Unfortunately my off button doesn’t work that well and I still obsessively plan out my days. I made a list at the beginning of the weekend of the things I wanted to get done. Here’s how I’m doing:

1. Buy food for my Foodie penpal
2. Watch Weight of the Nation (caught up on one episode, still have 2 more to watch)
3. Watch Girls
4. Watch Modern Family
5. Watch The Dark Knight
6. Go to kickboxing Saturday (vetoed in favor of a long walk)
7. Go to kickboxing Friday
8. Return books to library
9. Cook food 
10. Watch French Open women’s final
11. Watch French Open men’s final
12. Buy flowers
13. Buy fruit
14. Take stuff to Housing Works
15. Clean apartment
16. Clean bedroom
17. Use face mask
18. Buy apple juice
19. Go for a run on Sunday (vetoed, I’m too sore and the walk yesterday was awful)
20. Go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond
21. Send my mother’s birthday cards
22. Go to the ATM
23. Buy watermelon and basil
24. Work on this week’s blog posts
25. Buy evaporated milk

I think I’m doing pretty well. How’s your weekend shaping up so far?

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