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Half Marathon Course

Now that the pain in my foot seems to be subsiding it seems likely that I will be able to run the half marathon in April that I’ve been planning and training for.

Even with having to take the past week off for my foot I think I can do it. I’ll do a hybrid of last week and the next week or two for my next few runs to hopefully make up for lost time.

Since I found out about the half I’ve been obsessively checking to site to see when they will post the course. Well, soemtime last week, when I was sulking and not checking, they did.

Click here to see the PDF.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the course.

I like that it starts right by Arthur Ashe stadium (the reason this half appealed to me in the first place). But I strongly dislike how it’s two circles and how there appear to be lots of turns.

But I also can’t really understand the map.

I think I’m going to need to go out there one day, before I register for the race, and walk parts of it to see what it’s like. I also thnk the map has zero scale. Sometimes the space between miles look like it goes on forever and other times it looks like it’s very short.

Seriously, the turns and the idea of getting lost do scare me, but I’m still dying to do the half.


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Since I was neglectful over the weekend I postponed Meal Planning Monday until today.


  • Lunch: eating out
  • Dinner: savory oats


  • Lunch: savory oats
  • Dinner: pizza


  • Lunch: rice and beans
  • Dinner: Pasta with tomato sauce (contingent on not having jury duty)


  • Lunch: snobby Joe (contingent on not having jury duty)
  • Dinner: Peanut butter sandwich, veggie, cheese


  • Lunch: work lunch out
  • Dinner: TBD

No grocery list this week since I already went grocery shopping. I went grocery shopping before I made this list which was not a good idea. I think I ended up with some crap I didn’t need and also forgot a lot of stuff along the way.

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I’m Back

Sorry for the break. I think I needed a weekend of laying low to shake off the negativity that had started to consume my life.

What have I been up to?

– Lots of early nights in bed so I could wake up at 3:30 am to watch tennis. (My man Nadal is doing quite well.)

My foot pain is pretty much gone (YAY!). I haven’t worked out in almost a week and I’ve been trying to take it easy with walking around in general (easier said than done in NYC). I wore my sneakers out yesterday and did some walking around the neighborhood and it started to hurt a little, but it wasn’t too bad. I think I’m doing to try to do a slow, short run on Tuesday and see how it feels.

– I had a great time at dinner and drinks with a work friend, a work friend who just left the company, and a former work friend who left a few months ago on Friday night.

I went with 2 of my roommates to donate blood on Saturday. I had a Green Monster before I went, I had some French toast at brunch before, and I felt great after donating. My blood pressure, which I’ve struggled with, was 120/66! I couldn’t believe that the bottom number was 66. I’m kind of skeptical of that reading, but if it’s true then I feel great about my health.

– Keeping with another of my New Year’s Resolutions I joined match.com yesterday. We’ll see what happens. I remain skeptical, especially now that I’ve discovered I have to pay for it. But, as I’ve said, I have nothing to lose.

Upcoming things this week:

– Hopefully getting some exercise back in my life, it’s been sorely missed.

I could potentially have jury duty Thursday. Not that anyone ever wants jury duty, but it’s more annoying because I never changed my voter registration from my parents’ house so if, when I call on Wednesday afternoon, I have to serve I have to go out to their house.

– The rest of the Australian Open (vamos Rafa!).

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My Fears

I seem to have a lot of fears lately. I thought if I got them out in the open it might make me feel better.

1. That there’s something really wrong with my left foot. It hurt a little after I ran last Thursday, felt fine when I ran on Saturday, felt fine when I ran on Monday, started to hurt Tuesday afternoon, and was really killing me last night. At first it was like a pinching right above my arch, but yesterday it was a pain in the joint just under my big toe. I’m terrified I tore a ligament, or have a stress fracture, or aggravated a tendon. The good thing is that it doesn’t bother me when I wake up, it really only hurts towards the end of the day, so I’m thinking if I did something serious it would bother me all the time, no?

2. That I won’t be able to run the half marathon. I’m putting way too much pressure on myself about this. I have a plan, I can do it. Sure I haven’t adhered to the plan for the past few days since my foot has hurt, but maybe that’s a good thing. I was really feeling stressed about it so maybe a few days (hopefully) off will be a good thing.

3. Work is really stressful. I have an absolutely insane 2 months coming up and that makes me nervous. Plus this time corresponds with half marathon training, renewing the lease on our apartment, and trying to manage all of the other things I want to do in life.

Ok, I don’t really feel better but I am glad I got this all out.

Clearly none of these, with the exception of a possible injury, are that bad. And the injury is something I can deal with if it is serious, it’s not life-threatening or anything.

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A Lame Post

Sorry for the lame post. I’m not really feeling the exercising lately. I think my crappy workouts over the weekend did some mental damage. I also have this strange pain in my left foot. I broke my big left toe several years ago and it kind of feels like the joint below the toe is bothering me. I’ve been heating and icing it so hopefully that will help.

And I took yesterday off from exercising. I’m supposed to to cross training tonight, but if it still hurts I might give it more of a break.

I had the new Chobani Strawberry Banana yogurt yesterday.

Picture 29.png

Really, really, really, really, REALLY awful. Inedible in my opinion. It had that horrible fake banana taste (like Laffy Taffy or whatever it’s called) and it was sickeningly sweet (and I love sweet food). I’ll be sticking with the pineapple. And I did like the raspberry.

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Since I was neglectful in posting this past weekend I thought I’d do a catchup post.

I went running on Saturday morning. Now that I’m training for my half marathon Saturdays are going to be my long run days. Since this is the beginning of the process my “long” run was 4 miles. Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1: 8:55
Mile 2: 9:06
Mile 3: 9:14
Mile 4: 8:19

For a total of 35:36. It was, for what it’s worth, way too fast. I need to slow down and focus on form and breathing. I don’t know why I’m having such issues with going too quickly lately.

Remember back when I ran my first 5k? Check out my time:

Picture 26.png

That’s only one minute and 44 seconds faster than I ran 4 miles on Saturday. (Does that make sense?) If that’s not improvement I don’t know what is.

As I mentioned yesterday I went to Kath‘s blogger meet-up at the Brooklyn Brewery. I had never been to the Brooklyn Brewery, but I had always wanted to go. I certainly enjoy their beers, but I don’t know if I can say the same for the Brewery. When I’ve been on other Brewery tours it’s a rather lengthy tour followed by a few free samples.

Although I didn’t get to go on a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery (the line to get in was very long because they were over capacity) I heard it was less than 10 minutes and not really impressive. You don’t need to go on the tour to go into the Brewery, you can just go in and hang out and drink. And there were a lot of people hanging out and drinking. A sign said there was a 175 person capacity, but I would have guessed there were over 400 people inside. There were a few birthday celebrations and a bachelor party.

The system of getting beer was kind of annoying. You waited on one long line to buy tokens ($4 each or 6 for $20) and then waited on another long line to exchange the token for a beer.

But it was a fun time with Kath and the other bloggers and I could see myself going back to the Brooklyn Brewery.

Saturday was a gorgeous day here in NYC. After I left the Brewery it was still so warm even though it was around 6pm so I took the subway into Manhattan and walked down to Soho to get ice cream. And then I sat outside and ate my ice cream. It was pretty weird.

Sunday I woke up and immediately went to the gym. It was supposed to be a rest day, but I had already had two rest days so I thought I needed to fit some time in on the elliptical.

After showering I headed into the City to meet friends for brunch at Tartine.



Tartine is actually right down the street from where one of my good friends used to live, but I had never been before. After seeing the SF version featured on Jenna’s blog all the time and then finding out there was a NY outpost I knew I needed to go.

I had the French toast and it was AMAZING. The bread had the greatest consistency and flavor, the bacon it came with was delicious and perfectly cooked, and the home fries were delicious, even though they were covered with dreaded hollandaise (I scrapped most of it off). It was a fantastic meal and I would definitely go back. And we didn’t even have to wait that long!

After Tartine we caught a cab (it was pouring down rain) and went to see A Single Man. What a great movie! I’d definitely recommend it. It was intense and it wasn’t happy, but it also wasn’t as depressing as I expected.

And I discovered something shocking. About a Boy, the movie with Hugh Grant, is one of my favorite movies of all time. And I always thought the kid that plays Marcus was adorable and great in his own awkward way. No?

Picture 27.png


Well that weird kid has grown up to be quite attractive!

Picture 28.png


All credit goes to my friend Julia for realizing they were the same person.

I came home to watch the Golden Globes and tennis (the Australian Open started), but I was so bored by the Golden Globes that I just stuck with tennis.

When I woke up Monday morning (I had off from work!) I wanted to go running right away. It probably wasn’t a good idea. I was still really tight and I didn’t eat anything and the run was just miserable. I really wanted to stop, but it was only 3 miles so I kept going. I was happy I finished, but not happy with the experience overall.

Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1: 8:33
Mile 2: 8:47
Mile 3: 9:00

Total: 26:21

It was just way too fast and I was so unhappy with it. If I want to run 4 miles on Thursday and 5 miles on Saturday, not to mention 13.1 in April, I need to slow the hell down.   

I came home and made a delicious scrambled egg sandwich and then watched tennis for the rest of the afternoon with a brief trip to two grocery stores. And I cleaned the kitchen between matches I didn’t care about 🙂

And now it’s Tuesday and back to work.

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Sorry for the mini posting break. This weekend gave me a lot to think about.

On Saturday I went to Kath‘s blogger meet-up at the Brooklyn Brewery. It was really great to meet Kath (her and Matt were both lovely) and some other bloggers/blog readers.

But somehow it kind of soured me on blogging. I really like blogging, but I really like blogging for me. It’s great for me to be able to reflect on my life like this and to be able to look back and see what I have achieved.

And I love that there are a few people out there who read this and I am so thankful for the support and to know that on some level I’m accountable to people other than myself. But I also don’t think I could be as out there as someone like Kath.

Deep down I’m a pretty private person and, while that has its advantages and disadvantages, I think it’s how I’m going to remain.

But I’m certainly going to keep blogging and, as I said, I love that there are a few people out there reading this and that certainly means a lot to me.

On to my normal Monday routine! Meal Planning Monday is upon us.


Off from work!!


  • Lunch: Chickpea burger and veggie (need veggie)
  • Dinner: Pizza (need veggie, mozzarella cheese)


  • Lunch: Pizza (provided by work) + a veggie (I will provide)
  • Dinner: Savory oatmeal (need veggie, kidney beans)


  • Lunch: Kidney bean sandwich
  • Dinner: peanut butter sandwich, veggie, cheese (need veggie, peanut butter)


  • Lunch: Chili
  • Dinner: TBD

Grocery List


  • Spinach
  • Almond milk
  • organic bananas
  • Frozen blueberries
  • Kidney beans
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Butter
  • Whole wheat pastry flour (do they have this?–they don’t)

Grocery Store

  • Yogurt
  • Recycling bags
  • Paper towels
  • White chocolate peanut butter

Union Market

  • Veggies

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