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Last week I wrote about new-to-me technology that I just didn’t understand. This week I’m going to write about new-to-me (and not new-to-me) technology that I love.

Evernote: Evernote is what I want Pinterest and starred items on Google Reader to be. I first heard about it on Rachel’s blog and it was love at first sight. When I first started using Pinterest I figured it was somewhere I could organize different stuff like things I wanted to buy and recipes, but as I explained last week that hasn’t been my experience. And, while I absolutely love Google Reader, I hate how I can’t organize my starred items. I’ve spent so much time scrolling through my starred items attempting to find that recipe that I know I starred a few months ago and either not being able to find it or having to spend so much time searching that it’s hardly worth it.

But with Evernote everything is just so easy. I have folders for all the different courses I cook (appetizers, main courses, desserts, side dishes, etc.) and I have the recipes there all tagged, which makes finding what I need so easy! I needed to bring a dessert to my friend’s pool party last week, bam! I searched and found the frozen peanut butter pie. At the same party we wanted to know how to grill corn and bam! I looked under my corn tag and there was the recipe. I seriously love Evernote.

Runkeeper: I first heard about Runkeeper on That Wife and when, a few weeks after first hearing about it, my Garmin broke I decided to give it a try. (You can check on my full review on my Tumblr.) I love how I can do different coaching workouts, I frequently use the target pace coaching and the interval coaching, and I love that I can play or not play my own playlists. I also really love that it automatically syncs so there’s no work for me to do. The one thing I need to do is explore more of the social aspect of Runkeeper, but for now I’m pretty happy.

Pandora: Ok, this isn’t remotely new, I’ve been using Pandora for years, but, after my experience with Songify I appreciate Pandora even more. I mainly listen to Pandora at work (through my phone since they blocked it through work internet, boo!) and my office mate and I have carefully curated stations. For a long while we had a Mumford and Sons station that was great, but, after we did our holiday station at Christmas time we needed a change. So, for the past 7 months (hmm, maybe it’s time for a new station…) we’ve been listening to a Decemberists station which we absolutely love. I get so many great song suggestions from Pandora.

Anyone agree or disagree with what I love? Anything you’re loving?


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Things I’m Loving

In the spirit of focusing on the good in life (and I’m happy to say I can’t think of anything bad to focus on) here are three things that I’m currently really loving.

1. Target running socks. They’re actually Champion brand at Target and I can’t say enough nice things about them. Somehow they are supportive. That’s weird for socks, no? But my feet feel safely encased in them and I love it. Although, they are a bit thicker than my other workout socks so in this heat there have been times where my feet have felt as though they’re on fire.


2. J. Crew gold belt. My Aunt Meg bought me this belt when I was out in Oregon and I’ve been wearing it non-stop ever since. Not only have I paired it with my favorite romper, I’ve also worn it with a navy J. Crew dress (from last season)


and a Lands End Canvas shirt (this season) and Banana Republic skirt (also from last season).


3. Overnight oats. I’ve had a lot of problems figuring out what to eat for breakfast lately. I was eating oatmeal for a while but then it got too hot. Then, because I didn’t know what else to eat, I was eating a Lara or Luna bar with a bunch of fruit, which I just never thought was that healthy. Then, in Jen’s 7-links post she posted herĀ overnight oats. In all the years I’ve been reading blogs I’ve never tried overnight oats, so I decided to change that. And I’m glad I did. At first I didn’t mix in any jam, but it definitely needs sweetener so now I’ve been adding some strawberry jam. Delicious!


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