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As I’ve posted about before, my roommate and I recently went through an extensive search to replace two of our roommates. Luckily it all worked out and we found two amazing people.

However, luck wasn’t always on our side and we definitely had our share of complete wackos emailing me in response to our Craigslist ad. So, in their honor, here’s a few excerpts from some of the more amusing replies…

“I enjoyed your little story about the other letters of the alphabet, and your original, boring ad was nice as well.  Any chance of forgoing that lease thing?  Not that I’m planning to bail, just a bit reticent about locking myself into an unknown situation.”

…let me know ASAP since my daughter and a friend are looking.” (I think this is my personal favorite. Seriously, if your mom has to look for your roommates there is something seriously wrong with you.)

“…here and there i get lost in an arty mode and just pump out some paintings/drawings/ random stuff.” (I know I’m being a bitch, but the whole “arty” thing in a roommate just doesn’t appeal to me.)

“Please let me know if the room is still available for rent as i really need the room so i will want you to get back to me with the room last asking price and some pics of the room if you still have the room available..”

…which is why I am selling out in the publishing industry.”

I’m originally from Dallas, Texas, although I’ve spent the last six years in Austin.  Yes, I do wear cowboy boots and say “y’all.”  I also went to Buenos Aires for eight months to study law.  A friend from Dallas and I rented a uhaul and drove up all of our gear.”

It’s funny now, and I’m glad I have these to look back at and laugh, but I’m so happy I won’t have to do this again for a long time!


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I loved Mr. Rodgers as a kid.

Anyway…my roommates and I renew the lease on our apartment on March 1 and unfortunately two (of my 3) roommates have decided to jump ship. (One is moving in with her boyfriend, the other is moving to Manhattan to be closer to work.) So it’s time to find new roommates.

Interested parties can check out my Craigslist ad here.

In the meantime here are (two awful) pictures of the two rooms available.

Picture 10

Picture 12

We’re normal and we just want normal people. (In particular I would like people who do their dishes soon after cooking/eating and empty food from the drain catch. Pet peeve.)

So the part-time tattoo artist and part-time liquor store worker, you are out. Same to you guy (who replied to a female-only ad) with the small dog who…you know what, I don’t know, I stopped reading your email after that.

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