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Seeing as I manage to do this about once each month let’s consider this my June effort!

Let’s go!


  • Lunch: pasta salad
  • Dinner: hummus, veggies, and cheese


  • Lunch: rice and beans
  • Dinner: pasta salad


  • Lunch: Dr. Prager’s burger and veggies
  • Dinner: peanut butter sandwich


  • Lunch: pasta salad
  • Dinner: broccoli pizza


  • Lunch: out
  • Dinner: at my parents’ house

Shopping List:

  • salad dressing
  • pasta
  • feta cheese
  • spinach
  • almond milk

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Cold Pasta Salad

I haven’t done a post about a recipe in a long, long time so I thought I’d share what I cooked up tonight.

One of my favorite summer meals is a cold pasta salad. They’re so easy, they’re packed with nutrition and they’re so, so filling!

I start by boiling some pasta, I like rigatoni because it soaks up the dressing and other flavors in the spirals. And then draining the pasta and rinsing it with cold water.

While the pasta was cooking I chopped up my veggies.

I bought broccoli and grape tomatoes at the Greenmarket yesterday and I had green beans in the fridge, but the best part about a pasta salad is that you can just put in whatever you like/have on hand.

I boiled the broccoli for 5 minutes and added the green beans for the final minute. I then drained the veggies and rinsed with cold water.

I tossed the veggies, including the tomatoes, with the pasta and then added some pine nuts (maybe 2 tablespoons?)

Rinsed and drained kidney beans (whole can)

And feta (a little less than half the container)

Finally I topped it all with 1/2 cup of Italian dressing

I love Italian dressing on pasta salads. I think it’s the vinegar.

All together now!

I only had a few bites of this as I had a huge lunch, but it’s delicious and I can’t wait to have a bigger portion at lunch tomorrow!

I woke up still feeling pretty awful after all my drinking yesterday. I originally set my alarm for 8, but once it went off I reset it for 9. And then I reset it for 10, but I ended up getting up around 9:15.

I had toast with peanut butter and then headed to the gym. Not going to lie, there were a few moments walking to the gym where I thought I was going to throw up.

However, after 40 somewhat-intense minutes on the elliptical I felt much better.

I came home to finish watching the Serbia-Ghana game (crazy goal!, or events leading to the goal) and eventually made my way to a bar to watch Gernmany-Australia.

I had never been to a bar by myself before and I was a little concerned for how it was going to be. But I actually had a great time. I sat between these two guys, one who knew almost nothing about soccer and kept talking about random things with me, and one who knew considerably more about soccer, but picked Portugal as the favorite which made me question his knowledge 🙂

I’m sad that I won’t get to watch any of the games this week. Stupid job 😉 I streamed Friday’s games on ESPN radio so I guess I’ll be doing that again.

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USA vs. England

As you might remember I was pretty excited for the World Cup. I’m happy to say that so far, 2 days in, it’s totally lived up to expectations.


Today’s USA vs. England game was insane.

I had planned to go with my friend, her boyfriend, and my roommate and some of her friends to a bar. I got to the bar first, around 11:30 while Argentina vs. Nigeria was still going on.

I got a table, but after the Argentina/Nigeria game ended they kicked everyone one because the tables had been reserved for the USA/England match. 😦

My friends and I managed to find a seat at the bar and my friend’s boyfriend made friends with the bar’s manager so, when some tables opened up, we got great seats.

The bar was PACKED.


I really don’t think I’ve ever been in such a packed bar. We were sitting towards the front which was good because it wasn’t as claustrophobic. But still, there were insane amounts of people.

The bar we went to, 200 5th, is great because they have an insane amount of TVs. Something like 60+!


I had a beer when we first got there, French toast for brunch, 2 more beers during the first half of the game, buffalo chicken fingers and another beer during the 2nd half of the game.

The bar was so packed that I couldn’t make it back to the bathroom (which was necessary after all those beers ;)) so I actually went home (about 5 minutes away) at half time.

I think my favorite part of the entire day was when the guy standing next to us started yelling “1776, 1812, 1950 the US doesn’t lose to England!!!” It was very funny.

I really can’t describe how great the atmosphere was so I’m going to show you some videos 🙂

This one was after the US scored

The older gentleman sitting next to me, you can see him in the videos, is British and he asked if he could sit down, the seat was open, and he said if England scored he’d buy us drinks.

Even though he was English he was lovely and he did indeed buy us drinks when England scored. 🙂 (And we bought him one when the US scored–odd side note, he drank Sam Adams and my friend’s boyfriend drank Bass.) He kind of downplayed his British-ness, which I personally thought was a smart move.

While everyone was in good spirits I don’t know if I would have been ballsy enough to do the American version of this in London


That guy got a lot of boo’s when he walked to the back of the bar. Other things that got boos: Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, and really anything else British.

Things that did not get boo’s: England’s goalkeeper 🙂

Overall a great day. Stay tuned for more from me. I have exciting workout news!

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My May

Seeing as I was, let’s say remiss, in my posting for the second half of May I thought I’d do a little recap here.

Let’s say I exercised 3-4 times/week and otherwise was just kind of lazy.

So let’s focus on the things I took pictures of.

My college roommate came to visit and we went to the Red Hook Ball Fields where we ate some great food


And watched some great soccer matches


The next day we headed to the Brooklyn Museum where I had fun taking pictures of the very cool fountain




And looked at some of their very cool exhibits



The next weekend was the first of my six days of cat sitting for my friend in NJ. It was nice to have an apartment to myself, but I actually got really lonely and ended up missing my roommates.

The cat looks nice


But don’t be fooled, she refused to let me sleep, tried to destroy many things around the apartment, and loved to try to bite me. I think she’s a good cat, she had just never stayed with anyone except my friend and her boyfriend or my friend’s parents.

I did a lot of walking along the Hudson while I was at their apartment. There are some great views of the NYC.




Memorial Day weekend I went out to my parents’ house and spent lots of time with these terrors



Looked at their gorgeous flowers



And of course spent time quality time at the beach



And there you have it!

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Plan for June

As I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution update for June I struggled a lot in May. My food choices were bad, my commitment to exercise was anything but a commitment, and these two things have most certainly been reflected in how I look and feel.

So, I bring you my plan for June.

Goal: To get my diet and activity level back on track.

Note that my goal is not to lose weight, would I like to lose weight? Yes, absolutely. I’d like to lose the 4 or so pounds I gained in May (current weight: 164.6) and I’d like to lose more weight on top of that, but for now I think it’s important to focus on getting my habits back on track and then having more concrete weight-loss goals later on.


Seeing as I’m not running until July at the earliest I need other activities to do. I’ll admit that not running has been really hard and I think that’s why my dedication to exercise has waned. But it’s time to stop wallowing and start doing!


Do Core Fusion DVD 4 times/week. It doesn’t matter if I do it four days in a row or every other day. Just 4 days/week. Strength training is something I’ve always been lacking in and it’s time to fix that.

As for cardio I’m going to play it by ear. Obvioulsy I’m still going to do cardio, but I’m not going to put any pressure on myself. Optimally I’d like to see myself do some type of workout 6 days/week which would mean cardio twice per week. However, I think I’ll want to fit in more cardio than that so it’s not something I’m especially stressed about.

I’ll be logging all my workouts on my normal workout page and also on a spreadsheet (it’s easier for me to see on a spreadsheet).


There has been far too many sweets and too much processed food in my diet. Not to mention too much alcohol. I’ve been making excuses for a long time, longer than just the month of May, and it’s time to try to put an end to that.


Alcohol: No alcohol at home. At home I drink water. Alcohol can be reserved for when I’m out.

Processed food: I need to eat more whole foods. More fruits and veggies. Seeing as it’s almost summer in NYC that should mean lots of great farmer’s market produce.

Sweets: One sweet/day. Fruit can be my sweet at night. No more doughnuts at work in the morning, cupcake with lunch, and ice cream at night. No one needs that many sweets.

I’m hoping if I do all these things I’ll be on the way to not only looking better, but, more importantly, feeling better.

And I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

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As promised in my New Year’s resolutions post today is the fifth check-in day. I’m going to do a quick recap to see where I am, and where I can improve, on my NYRs.

(And here’s my first, second, third, and fourth check-ins, if you missed them.)

Let’s start out by remembering what I said at the end of last month’s post:

I think for May I have to focus on staying focused. I have my birthday, a trip to my parents’ house, lots of commitments on weekday evenings, my college roommate is coming to visit, I’ll be cat sitting, I have my half marathon, BEA, and another visit to my parents’ house.

Well, I take no joy in saying this, I was right. Between all my commitments and other insanity May was a really, really difficult month and that’s going to be reflected in this update.

GOAL # 1: RUN A HALF MARATHON. Preferably in the spring, but, if my body can’t do it, in the fall.

Progress: DONE! DONE! DONE! Completed on 4/3/10. And I registered for a second one, but couldn’t run it because of my sore knee.

Goal #2: Be more mindful of my diet.

Progress: I don’t know what I was mindful of here, but it certainly wasn’t my diet. I did terribly with this goal and the few extra pounds I’m seeing on the scale are reflective of this.

Goal #3: Find a substitute for cow’s milk that I like.

Progress: Done. I like almond milk. I use it in smoothies, I used it to make pancakes, I’ve used it in other baking things. Success.

Goal #4: Pay off $2400 of my credit card debt. (And don’t accrue any more!)

Progress: I paid off $200 in January, paid $200 in February, paid $200 for March, and just paid off $200 for April. I did not pay off $200 for May because of some poor budgeting for April. But, despite the fact that I started May off in the hole, I was able to spend wisely and I’m starting June off on the right foot.

Goal #5: Date.

Progress: Here’s what I said last month: My first try at this was a complete fail. I joined match.com (my membership expired at the end of April) and I never did anything. Huge waste of money and I let fear and insecurity take me over. The next two or three months are going to be crazy for me so I think I’m going to take time off from this goal and revisit it in August.

Well, because I didn’t read the terms of service closely enough it turns out that Match.com automatically renewed my subscription so that’s another almost $75 I’m out because they won’t refund it (or I assume they won’t as they say they won’t and they haven’t responded to my queries). I accept that it’s my fault for not reading the agreement closely enough, but I have to imagine it was well-hidden as that’s something I would have noted.

In addition, I never received ONE email from match.com. Not to confirm my membership, not to confirm payment, not to notify me of views to my profile, winks, or anything. As far as I can tell I have all the notifications properly set up to receive emails and I didn’t have anything in my spam folder. Overall I have to say I’m disappointed with match.com and I certainly won’t be going back when I revisit this goal in August.

Goal #6: Make more friends.

Progress: My kickball team started and I’ve met some nice people through that. I don’t see us being friends outside of kickball, but it’s a nice socialization to have. In addition I spent lots of time with my friends and had a visit from my college roommate.

Goal #7: Donate blood as often as possible

Progress: Donated in January and in early April when I was eligible again. The next time I can donate is June 5 which is perfect since it’s one of the only weekends I’ll be in NYC in June!

Goal #8: Volunteer.

Progress: Same as the last three months: No progress. I need to work on this.

And then there were the random things…

Thing #1: Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

This is a major fail and I’m really ashamed of this. I got the kit in the mail, I never did it, and after a certain time you can’t send it back. I need to think long and hard about whether I want (if I’m even able to) request another kit.

Thing #2: Get a passport.

I have my birth certificate ready and my application printed out. I was planning on using my cat sitting money for the passport, but now I think I might want to put it towards a new camera lens. But I’m going to see how spending goes in June.

Thing #3: Go to the dermatologist

I got a referral, yet still have not made an appointment. At my yearly physical my doctor also gave me names. I need to do this.

Thing #4: Wash sheets more often.


Thing #5: Log all workouts on my the blog on a separate workout page.

I got majorly lazy with this this month, I’m starting again in June.

Thing #6: Read more.

I read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella and I’m currently reading Admission. Overall I think I read a lot more in the summer when I’m doing more traveling and at the beach.

So May was a major fail. But that’s ok. I’m going to take my failures and turn them into lessons and hopefully they’ll help me have some success stories. Stay tuned for my plan for June which I’ll be posting tomorrow.

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