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What a busy Thanksgiving! Rather than walking in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade like the last two years I ran a race!

Ran the pretty hilly 5K in 31:25, considering I haven't run since May I'd say that's pretty good.

Yes, it’s true! I haven’t run since May, but I thought why not do a hilly 5K? And I finished in 31:25! I was really proud of myself for that, thank you kickboxing.

This is the same 5K I ran back in 2009 in 28:49, but I’m still calling this a win.


My dad won his age group this time and he was faster than in 2009 (although slower than he’s been the past two years, he’s continued to do it without me).


The race has gotten much bigger for the last few years. I think the first year we did it there were a few hundred people and this year there were over one thousand.

Highlight of the Maggio Thanksgiving: going through my grandparents' liquor cabinet and finding this crazy scotch bottle. Also, me taking a swig out of a 50 year old bottle of whiskey, because YOLO, am I right?

I have no pictures of our actual Thanksgiving dinner, which was catered, but I do have this crazy bottle of alcohol that we found in my grandparents’ liquor cabinet. My grandparents don’t drink, but before my grandfather retired (27 years ago) he always got liquor as gifts. So they have a fairly extensive liquor cabinet made up of really old liquors. Like this scotch. In an amazing dispenser. We all said we wanted it, but my grandfather wouldn’t give it up (he said one of his brothers, who died when I was very young, wanted it but my grandfather wouldn’t give it to him, to which my grandmother replied “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? BE BURIED WITH IT?!”).

Oh and I did take a sip out of a 40 year old bottle of whiskey. It was very burny, but I survived. As I’ve been saying YOLO, you know?


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This morning I ran the Oyster Ponds 5K. This was my fourth 5K race, but the first race I ran since I ran a half marathon on April 3, 2010. I can’t believe it’s been more than a year!

My dad was the one who wanted to run, as I’ve mentioned I haven’t really been running a lot, so I can’t say I was too excited. But the gorgeous scenery driving out to Orient Point certainly helped.

Nice view driving out to the 5K

It was a very small, local race that was run out of the elementary school. I like when races have a real location because it means nicer bathrooms!

School where the race took place

Here I am before the race. Ready to run! It was very chilly, I kept my long-sleeve shirt on while we waited and even during the race.

Before the race

My dad stretching. He was in a much stranger pose when I first went to take the picture.

This guy with the megaphone was in charge. Overall I thought the race was really well-organized. Granted there weren’t a lot of people (maybe 100-150?), but it was easy to sign in, they had lots of shirt sizes, they were very clear about when and where the race started, they started on time, and the course had mile-markers throughout.

Plus, afterwards, there was plenty of cold water, orange slices, bananas, and bagels. Cream cheese would have been nice but that’s my only (very minor) complaint. 

And here’s me after the race. 

After the race

I finished in 32:48 which is the slowest 5K I’ve run since I started running again. I didn’t have high expectations going in, but I did expect to beat the times I’ve been running in Prospect Park since the park is pretty hilly and this race course was pretty flat. However, my legs were SO tight that it made the first 2 miles pretty unbearable. I even stopped to stretch during mile 2 they were so tight. By the time I got to 3 miles I felt pretty good. Which is the hard thing about running shorter distances. But I was happy. 

They did a really nice raffle and awards ceremony at the end. My dad (who finished in 25:12!!!) won 3rd place in the men’s 55-59 division. The old guys are always so fast!

I sat under this tree stretching for a while.

And then I won 2nd place (out of 2 people!) in the women’s 25-29 division!

Overall a really great race and a good experience. And it didn’t rain!

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