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Around the Web

Most Powerful Images of 2012

26 Things Rihanna Didn’t Apologize For In 2012

Homeland’s Carrie Mathieson is based on a real person??? I love that show but Carrie is one crazy bitch, let’s hope she’s been vastly exaggerated.

Women in the CIA

Tennis #1 Buys all the Cheese

Olympic athlete to Vegas call girl

40 Happiest Photos of 2012 (#39 kills me)

20 Most Unforgivable Spelling Errors of the Year (#14 is my favorite)


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Around the Web

Another edition of crap on the Internets that I find amusing! I’ve been delaying publishing this since I haven’t written a post of substance in a while, like about my Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, my Thanksgiving, or my cousin’s wedding, but I need to publish this before I add any more Tweets about Joe Biden in Costco.

(Read carefully)

Bubble wrap stress reliving stations, what an amazing idea.

What is Spotify worth?

Ke$ha’s Memoir is the New “The Feminine Mystique” 

Even Uglier Christmas Sweaters

MoMA Acquires Worthless Art

Picture of Frozen Waves in Antarctica

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Around the Web

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Around the Web

More of the Tweets, links, and blog posts that caught my attention this week…

What’s true and not true in Argo (I wouldn’t read it you haven’t seen the movie. But see the movie, it’s great!)

I’m pretending I don’t care about the election, but I actually obsessively check FiveThirtyEight every day. I like that it’s just numbers, I like that it’s non-partisan, and I like that he says Obama is going to win 🙂

Amazing and inspirational reaction to a break-up.

I really like the idea of a thought time capsule.

Weight-loss tips. I don’t always agree with Liz’s weight loss methods, but I think that’s a pretty good list.

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Around the Web

I am a voracious consumer of information. I obsessively read Twitter and blogs and I try to keep up with what’s happening other places online. So I thought I’d start to share some of that stuff here.

Tweets I found interesting (any doubt that I have a wide range of interests?):

Articles I’ve liked:

– How someone lost 50lbs through Zumba. So impressive!

– A review of an app that will alert a designated person if you don’t finish your workout when you think you will. I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure how it works based on the description, but it’s a really great idea and seems very useful.

– I’ve read a bunch of reviews of FNCE on blogs, but I thought this take, on how a nutrition conference is being hijacked by big food, was very interesting.

– Not that I want to pay tolls, but this idea in Austin, to charge tolls based on traffic volume, seems very forward-thinking.

Connie Britton’s hair

– Google “askew

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