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2009 Turkey Trot 5K

This past Thursday, Thanksgiving, I ran my first Turkey Trot 5K.

We’ll get to that medal later.

The race took place about half an hour from my parents’ house so we were up and out early to make it there on time.

It was sponsored by the teacher’s association in the town so it took place in the school.

This was good because it meant we were inside when we were waiting, not out in the cold, and there were bathrooms to use.

I was nervous about running because of my ankles. The orthopedist advised me not to run, but I was already registered for the race and I really wanted to run. I had run for the first time in two weeks the Tuesday before the race and I did 3.5 miles in 32:17.

We got to the starting line and it took forever for them to actually get us in place and start the race. The race was scheduled to start at 9am, but I don’t think we started until around 9:30.

There were a lot of kids running the race. My dad and I didn’t run together, he wanted to do it for time and he’s much faster than I am. I forgot my iPod in the rush out of the house so unfortunately I had to hear everyone else’s conversations. Eventually I managed to pull away from the kids, who were just kind of playing around, and got into a good pace.

Since I’ve been runing on the treadmill, and since I haven’t been running at all for the past few weeks, I felt like I had a difficult time figuring out my pace. When we got to the first mile there was someone calling out times and I was at 9:42 which I was afraid might be too fast. I like to start out slowly and then speed up as I go along.

My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes, but since I hadn’t been running I decided I’d be ok with whatever my finish time was.

If anything I think I struggled more mentally than physically, but by the time I climbed the big hill and saw the finish line ahead I just sprinted.

When I got close enough to the finish line that I could read the clock I saw it was in the low-28 minutes and I realized I could finish in under 29 minutes! So I put my head down and busted my butt and finished in 28:49!!!!!!!

I was so happy! A new PR despite being injured!

And my dad finished in 25:06! (Yes, it is disturbing to me that a 58 year old man is much faster than I am.)

Unlike our previous 5K we decided to wait around for the awards ceremony. When I was looking at people before, during, and after the race I didn’t see too many people who looked to be in the 20-24 age group so I thought there could be a chance of my getting a medal.

In the end I finished 4th in my age group according to the results, yet they called out my name as finishing 3rd (maybe someone was disqualified or wrongly classified?) so I got a bronze medal!

My dad finished 3rd in the 55-59 age group so he got a medal too!

Overall the Turkey Trot was a huge success. I can’t believe that I’ve taken three and a half minutes off my first 5K time in just a few months.

And I love running with my dad!

I can’t wait to do a 10K and a half marathon with him next year!


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I know this is odd, but rather than making New Year’s Resolutions I am going to make Thanksgiving Resolutions. No real reason, I just feel like things have gotten a bit out of hand recently and I need to reiterate my goals. And at the end of December we’ll see how I’ve done and maybe make some New Year’s Resolutions.

November was a wacky month. I started my new work position in earnest, one of the main people I work with was away for a week and a half so I was doing her job without knowing what I was doing, I went to Amarillo, I gave my first big sales presentation, and then I gave another presentation.

It was a bit of a whirlwind. Not to mention my ankle problems.

So here we go:

WORK: All the people I work with will be here all month, I’m not traveling, they’re not traveling, there are a few presentations and what not, but really it should be a time to really get myself acclimated. It’s also review time and this year I see my review really being about making sure my supervisor and I are on the same page about my role and my goals. Also, I want to be neater. My desk is usually a bit of a disaster, I like clutter, but people have been commenting and, regardless of others’ opinions, I should be neater. I also want to be better with my email. I need to figure out a better filing system and then not leave work until everything is filed.

HOME: Again, I want to be neater. Put clothes away right away, don’t let plates pile up. Being in a more organized environment puts me in a better mental state of mind. I also need to hang up 3 memory boards I’ve had forever but never hung up after I switched rooms in July.

FITNESS: I start physical therapy tomorrow so a lot of this will depend on what the physical therapist says. I have been running (even though the orthopedist advised me not to) and so far it’s been ok. I’ve been very lazy about waking up in the morning. No more of that. I set my alarm for 5:36 and I will wake up at 5:36 and do some type of exercise. I’ve been slacking in the strength training department, when I started running again it wasn’t my legs or lungs that bothered me, it was my abs and arms. So morning strength training is coming back. And the gym we’ll see what happens.

NUTRITION: Nutrition has been a disaster. But I’m not going to let that hold me back. I’ve been having way, way, way too many sweets. There’s no excuse for that. If I want to have sweets in the apartment I need to have better self control. I want to continue to have desserts, but it’s one dessert, at night, and that’s it. I need to cut back on the alcohol too. There have been too many 2 glasses of wine nights and too much drinking when I go out. Also I need to find a solution to the fact that I’m never hungry for dinner, but dinner is the one time I have to make a larger meal. I would much rather eat bigger breakfasts and lunches and a very small dinner, but that’s just difficult. So I need a solution.

FINANCES: I have quite a bit of credit card debt and it’s not good. It’s not anything overwhelming and I’m not amassing more, it’s all from a while ago, but I need to get it sorted out. I also need to figure out how much it is and really take stock of what I have coming in each month and what I’m spending money on. I hate having the debt hanging over my head and I want to fix this.

BLOG: Write here once a day. My life really does feel more under control when I do that. But, I know, you’ve heard this song before.

Finally, I need to figure out if I’m keeping this skirt:

I think it’s too short for work (which is where I would wear it). Thoughts?

Stay tuned for a turkey trot recap and more!

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Candy Cane

Today my parents put our Basset Hound to sleep.

We got her the summer before 5th grade so I was 10 years old and that makes her, or made her, 14 years old. That’s a long life for a Basset Hound and I think it was a great one.

That summer we had dog sat for my aunt and uncle’s dogs and finally my parents said we could have dogs of our own. On the same day we got Candy, the Basset Hound, and Whitney, a Sheltie who died when I was in high school.

As my dad pointed out Candy was the first animal we ever had from the time it was born until it died.

The woman at the place where we got her said her show name should be something with “MM” because those are my mom’s and my initials. That was the summer, or maybe year, that M&M’s candy debuted the blue color so we named her M&M Candy Blues (since Basset Hounds look so sad).

But we also called her Candy. And I called her “Candy Cane” or “Tootsie Roll.”

There’s a picture my parents have of Candy sitting on my lap, curled up when she was just a tiny puppy.

She was a really great dog. She liked to bark, but really she was just shy, she would never have hurt anyone.

Before seventh grade my parents moved into the house where they live now and before we moved in we stayed at my grandparents’ house. One day Candy got out of the yard and the only reason we knew is because we saw the tip of her white tail over the fence.

Another time she escaped from my parents current yard and someone driving by yelled “There’s a dog in the street” and I went out and carried her back inside.

Surprisingly Basset Hounds have very poor skills at finding their way home. They also can’t go swimming because they’re too chest-heavy.

When I was in college Candy was diagnosed with cancer. She had the tumor removed and came home all giddy and hyper on pain pills.

In recent years Candy has really aged. She went deaf and then blind. But she was still happy. Her tail was always wagging and she still ran around.

But in the past few months she’s lost weight, slept 99% of the time, and just isn’t the same dog we used to know.

So it was time and it’s better off for her.

But I will always miss her. And I will always remember what an amazing dog she was and how much she brought to my family’s life.

One of the funniest things she used to do was lie down somewhere where she’d be in the center of attention. So if we were all watching TV she’s lie in front of the TV or on Christmas she’d lie right in the middle of everyone so you were stepping over her while exchanging presents and looking at her over everyone else.

Good bye Candy, I love you.

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In Short Bursts

Sorry I’ve sucked. Here’s what’s been happening.

Amarillo is the craziest place I’ve ever been. They have every fast food place imaginable. But we only ate in local restaurants and although I ate a lot of meat and a lot of crap, I didn’t gain any weight.

Sunrise in Amarillo is quite pretty

And it’s the flattest place I’ve ever been

And they have some of the strangest art I’ve ever seen

(And yes, I do think that I was the only person in Amarillo wearing a Burberry jacket, animal-print flats, and skinny pants.)

Oh, beers are $1.75 and movies are $2.00. It’s pretty much heaven.

I went to the orthopedist today 😦

Not a fan.

Apparently my ankle and calve muscles are tight and they’re squeezing(?) my achilles tendon and that’s what’s causing the inflammation.

So no running. Instead of running I get physical therapy.

I went to the gym today and I did the elliptical. It sucked. I’m trying to be positive though, at least I’m lucky enough to be able to go to the gym, to walk, to move, to have a job that provides maringally good insurance, and the money to pay the co-pays for physical therapy.

I’d really like to be running now. Things at work are crazy (good, but crazy) and tomorrow my parents are putting our dog to sleep (post on her to come tomorrow).

So there’s a lot going on.

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Off to Amarillo

I don’t know what was wrong with me last night. I finished watching the Biggest Loser and then I just fell in bed from exhaustion and totally forgot to post! Bad Maggie!

Today I’m flying off to Amarillo so there won’t be a post until late tomorrow night or Friday morning at the earliest. I love going to new places, but I hate the process of traveling. Especially by plane when you wait in lines, take off your shoes, wait in more lines, etc. etc. We land in Amarillo at 8pm Amarillo time (we leave the office at 11am, LONG TIME!) and then we fly out of Amarillo at 4-something on Thursday. So it’s a quick turn around.

Yesterday I decided I needed to see an orthopedist about my ankle. I’ve made an appointment for Tuesday morning at 10am, we’ll see how it goes. I’m so terrified of him telling me I can’t run, but not running in the short term would be better than not being able to run for the long term farther down the road.

In the mean time I killed it at the gym yesterday. I did 3.1 miles on the treadmill in just over 29 minutes. I ran the first two miles at a 6.0 pace, then ran at a 6.5 pace until I did a 7.0 pace at 25 minutes. All at a 2.0 incline. And I feel like I could go faster, I think it’s more mental than anything else.

After the treadmill I did 20 sweaty, amazing minutes on the Stairmaster at a level 7.

No workout for the next two days so I’m going to try to be careful about all the Texan food and maybe do some abs and pushup stuff in the hotel room.

I might take it easy on Friday too so I can do a long run on Saturday.

Happy Wednesday and Thursday and wish me a good, safe, productive trip!

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I hope you will forgive me for being a slacker tonight. I had a chaotic day at work. I’m trying to finish all of these things before going to Amarillo on Wednesday. Then I’m only in the office Friday-Wednesday the following week before I’m away for two separate day trips to NJ. And then a week off for Thanksgiving!

I worked like a man woman all day. And then met my friend Becca, the one I visited in DC in August, and her mom for really great Indian food in the East Village. Then I road uptown with them and we went to Red Mango. I got home at about 10:20 and all I want to do is crash.

Good night!

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Sunny Sunday

It was a beautiful day in NYC today. Warm and sunny. Totally un-November like. I didn’t get home until almost 1am last night (this morning) so I slept in until 10am. I’m paying for it now, I’m totally exhausted, but it was nice to get the sleep.

I went to see An Education today.

Picture 4

I would highly recommend it. I thought it was great.

After the movie I ran some errands and then came home and did my Bikini Ready Fast DVD.

Bikini Ready Fast

And then I made kidney bean enchiladas for dinner. Yummy.

My parents got their Greyhound today. His name is Zach.


Sorry for the crappy picture. My family is bad at these things and I finally got them to send a picture from my brother’s phone.

Isn’t he cute??? I can’t wait to meet him. Two more weeks!

Apparently the little monster

Picture 5

is being very possessive of my mother (her human), but hopefully she’ll get over it.

I’m just killing time before Mad Men now. Last episode of the season 😦

This will be a crazy week. I’m having dinner tomorrow night with my friend Becca and her mom who are in town visiting. Then I leave for Amarillo, TX (work trip) on Wednesday afternoon and fly back Thursday afternoon. I probably won’t be home until 1am or so Friday morning.

And this has been a weird post. I was kind of at a loss of what to say.

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