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Lily Allen – “Who’d Have Known”

The Smiths – “Half a Person”

Matt Pond PA – “Sunlight”


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Irish Soda Bread

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m actually not a fan of St. Patrick’s Day. I’m all about afternoon drinking and having a good time, but St. Patrick’s Day, much like New Year’s Eve, just seems like amateur hour to me.

But I do like Irish Soda bread and this year I decided to make my own. And unfortunately I hated it, like spit it out and threw away the piece I cut off. This is another story of my failure. I wasn’t going to link to the recipe (because I don’t think that’s very nice), but I brought the bread to work and everyone loved it, so maybe it’s me? Anyway here it is.

And here’s a crappy photo.

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Wednesday Workouts

Plan: Elliptical 40 mins.
Actual: Elliptical 40 mins. (5 mins level 8, 10 mins. level 12, 10 mins. level 14, 10 mins. level 16, 5 mins. level 8)

Plan: Treadmill before class, Body Sculpt class.
Actual: 20 mins. treadmill, Body Sculpt class.

Plan: Elliptical before class, Step & Sculpt class, Ab class
Actual: Elliptical 13 mins, Step & Sculpt class, Ab class

Plan: Elliptical before class, Bootcamp class
Actual: 30 mins. elliptical speed workout

Plan: High-incline treadmill 30 mins.

Plan: Rest day.

Plan: Step & Sculpt class

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Before the Oscars the International Film Center showed all of the nominated short films. My friends and I went to one of their animated short screenings.

I had never seen any of the past short-form nominees (live-action, animated, or documentary) and before this year I didn’t even know you could see them in NYC (or anywhere). I really enjoyed these though and it’s definitely something I’m going to do next year.

Day & Night: Cute, but I think it gained a lot of acclaim and notice from being shown before Toy Story 3; while a cute story, I don’t consider it enough to stand on its own.

The Gruffalo: I loved this one; the animation (especially the animals’ movement and expressions), the voices, and the story were wonderful, charming, and endearing; by far my favorite.

Let’s Pollute: I’m a big history buff and I love satire so I really enjoyed this one; I liked the way they spoofed old educational films and they got their point across in an interesting, entertaining way.

The Lost Thing: This was the least mainstream out of all the nominees; I didn’t really care for the animation style and I found the story and look of the film to be depressing, although it was thought-provoking and raised some interesting points.

Madagascar, carnet de voyage: I think this was the least-traditional animation style of all the films, but the scenery, music, and overall style were all very enjoyable; this was the first one the IFC showed and I wish they would have shown it second or third as I felt like I was just immediately thrown into it and not in a good way.

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Red Velvet Brownies

This is the story of my adventures with red velvet brownies. A few weeks ago I saw a recipe for the brownies on How Sweet It Is. (I should preface all of this by saying that I don’t really like red velvet.) For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about the red velvet brownies and, since I had all the ingredients on-hand, I made them.

(The weekend before I made them I had made my roommate (a pack rat) throw away everything from our kitchen that we don’t use. Included in that was about 3 things of red food coloring. Which sucked when I had to go spend $4 on red food coloring when I made the brownies a second time.)

I followed the recipe exactly (except I only used one tablespoon of red food coloring and then a tablespoon of water to achieve the right consistency for the paste), but I didn’t make the white chocolate frosting because I don’t like frosting on brownies. And because I think red velvet should have cream cheese frosting.


They were delicious. But they were missing something.

And that something was cream cheese.


(Ugh, that picture is ugly, stupid nighttime lighting. Another reason turning the clocks ahead is annoying: no early morning sun to take pictures.)

Having never made cream cheese brownies before I consulted about a million recipes and eventually made the cream cheese filling from this one.

They turned out very well. Although, be warned, they are more “cakey” than “fudgey.” It was a little hard to get the swirl right since the brownie batter is very thick. So the brownies aren’t the prettiest, but they still taste great.

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Monday Happies


1. My new duvet. A little preview of one of the shams. I love the shams, the duvet cover, I love everything.


2. Saturday morning bagels. Back when I was running, Saturday morning was my long run day. And after running 12 miles there is nothing better than a bagel. Even though I’m not running any more I still enjoy a bagel Saturday morning, after my Step & Sculpt class.


3. Tennis being played in the USA. I really like tennis, you’ll probably be hearing a lot about it. They play all over the world, and I watch when they play all over, but for the next few weeks they’re playing in Indian Wells and Miami. This is great for two reasons, first, time zones are generally more favorable and second, there is better television coverage.

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Falafel Burgers

I may have gone on a little bit of a cooking binge lately. But it’s good; I like cooking and the more food that I make at home to eat, as opposed to going out to eat, the better.

One of my latest latest recreations was the Oh She Glows falafel burger.


I’m a big fan of falafel, but I don’t fry things at home and I don’t need to eat fried food out too often, so I am always happy when I come across a healthy, easy recipe that I can make at home.

I often find that homemade falafel recipes are very heavy on the cumin, something that I can’t stand. I am happy to report that this recipe is perfect and I would strongly recommend you making it. Or coming over to try one of the 12 or so sitting in my freezer.

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