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Ok, I’m really milking this year-end stuff (see Recaps I, II, and III), but I think reflection is important!

Here’s what I’ve learned in 2009:

1. I can do anything I set my mind to.

This for me is the biggest one. Around this time last year I decided, like every other person on this earth, that I wanted to lose weight in the new year. I started all gun-ho in January, petered off, started again in March, and then really got into it in April.

If you had told year-ago Maggie that I would be training to run a half marathon I would have thought you were pretty nuts. I couldn’t run for more than a few minutes. But now I’ve run for over an hour at a time, I ran three 5ks, and I’m in the best shape of my life.

And it’s not only about fitness. It’s moved over to my diet. If you told me I’d be eating yogurt, barely eating meat, have an obsession with brussel sprouts, and making smoothies with spinach I would have laughed. But I decided to make this change in my life and I did it.

For the first time in my life I feel in control of my destiny and genuinely hopeful. I don’t know why I wasn’t hopeful before, why I had resigned myself to being unhappy and not having goals, but I’m so happy I’ve changed my attitude.

2. Patience is a virtue. (One I’m still working on having.)

I lost 31lbs this year. That’s amazing. I’m so proud of that. And I want to lose more. Some people might say 31lbs in 9 months when I had/have a substantial amount to lose isn’t that great, but to me it’s amazing. I lost the weight in what I consider the best way possible. I made little changes to my diet and exercise routine over time, I didn’t cut out all carbs or start working out for several hours a day every day. Because of this I think I stand a very good change of continuing on with my healthy lifestyle and becoming even more healthy.

Speaking of patience I also learned that over-training can be bad. It probably wasn’t such a good idea to run every day, doing speed work, and then do 20 minutes on a high level on the Stairmaster. Especially if you don’t want your achilles tendinitis to act up.

3. My body is an amazing thing

Before this year I knew how my body worked in the basic high school biology type of way, but this year I’ve learned so much more.

I’ve seen how making smart, healthy, whole food choices give me energy and leave me feeling light and happy, while poor food choices leave me feeling sluggish, bloated, and sick.

I’ve learned that everything is connected. I had no idea that the reason my achilles tendon swells is because my hamstring and calve muscles are tight. I had no idea what an IT band was or where pain in my hip flexor would occur (I would have said outside of my leg).

I’ve seen how different types of exercises affect different parts of my body. I never dreamed my arms could be so sore from holding them up while running, but knowing this is great because it showed me I had to work on arm strength, which I did and now running is easier.

4. Mellow is the way to go.

I don’t really talk about this on here a lot, but I used to have, and still have to some extent, a very type-A personality. I was stressed, I was bossy, I was mean, I was just kind of awful. Ask people I went to college with.

But I continue to see that this isn’t the way to be. Being happy and kind and gracious is the best way to be. And understanding of other people. I think realizing this has been a huge key to my happiness and my ability to do so many other things.

Now I just need to translate this to commuting and driving 🙂

Just to recap, in 2009 I:

  • Lost 31.2lbs
  • Lost 11 3/4 inches
  • Got promoted at work (twice)
  • Ran 3 5k races
  • Ran a PDR of 6.7 miles

Pretty damn good.


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2009 Recap Part III

Here’s October-December!

A new type of swelling began to occur in my ankles (right one)

I ran in my second 5k

I got the swine flu and although I wasn’t panicked or anything I was really sick.

I went apple picking

I threw out the majority of my clothing

I joined the gym

I saw Blondie perform at the Brooklyn Museum

I participated in Halloween for the first time in years.

I watched the NYC Marathon

I learned to like brussel sprouts, yummm!

I achieved a personal distance record by running 6.7 miles!

I went to the craziest city in America.

My childhood dog died.

My parents got a new dog.

I ran my 3rd 5k.

I had a great time at my office holiday party.

I survived a crazy NYC fall snowstorm (snowman isn’t mine)

I had a great time celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family.

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2009 Recap Part II

Since I did a much better job at documenting the second half of my year (since I started this blog!) part II is going to be divided into 2 parts.

Here’s July through September!

I bought lots of amazing produce from the NYC Greenmarkets.

I ran my first race–a 5k!!

They casted the Sex and the City movie next door to my office.

I got an awful haircut and remembered how much I hate my hair when straight.

I spent some gorgeous days at my parents’ house by the beach.

I finally got around to reading In Defense of Food.

I discovered the joy of white chocolate peanut butter. (Not a fan of the dark chocolate one.)

I sweated my butt off in the August heat with the 30 Day Shred.

I went to Washington, DC to visit my friend Becca.

My ankle started to hurt for the first time.

I went on the CBS Early Show to promote one of my company’s books.

My ankles started to get worse.

I went to the US Open (excuse the obscene amount of tennis pictures, you know how much I love tennis).

I made it courtside the first night we were there. We saw Andy Roddick up close and personal.

The eventual champion, Juan Martin Del Potro.

Fernando Verdasco. The two people in yellow directly behind him are my friend Elisa and her dad.

Novak Djokovic.

The Bryan Brothers.

The champion again.

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga


I spent 2 days in the pouring, cold rain waiting for the women’s semi finals.

The rain turned my friend’s hand (right) white compared to my hand (left).

At the beginning of the second day of rain delays we got to see about 10 minutes of tennis. Rafa played!

This was my little rain tent.

Note my healthy choices.

I learned a lot about the process of drying the courts.

The rain delays made us a little loopy. (I know, I need to stop with the tennis pictures.)

I did the macarana.

More of the court drying process.

It’s apparently quite dangerous.

When the rain finally stopped it was worth it because I got to see the infamous Serena Williams’ tirade.

If you can’t tell me and my friends are serious Rafa fans.

We saw Bill Clinton

Roger Federer again advanced to the finals.

Moving on, I went to the Vendy’s and ate my way through some amazing food.

Seriously, a ton of food.

And I did my signature food pose.

Stay tuned for October-December!

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2009 Recap Part I

Just in case I don’t make it home from the holiday party in a state to write a post I thought I’d have the first part of my 2009 recap go up today. Enjoy!

2009 has been a crazy year for me. It started out with chaos at work and it’s pretty much ended with chaos at work and I feel like everything in between has been kind of a blur. Which, I don’t know, seems kind of sad to say, but I really don’t feel as if my life has revolved around work.

I thought it was be fun to do a year recap as 2009 draws to a close so here we go.

In January I headed down to DC for the Inaugration. It was probably one of the craziest experiences of my life. Above is our view at the concert that was held on Sunday.

Here’s Bono performing. (Note my view is different, I made the mistake of going to the bathroom and then waiting on line for food and by the time I tried to make it back to my friends the crowd was so huge it was just walls and walls of people and I couldn’t get through, that was probably the worst moment.)

Obama speaking

Visit to Georgetown Cupcake (food is always important)

They were really f’ing good.

There were lots of amusing things to see and do. (BTW, I wish these pants still fit me, J. Crew’s matchstick cords. They were so comfortable and so cute and this year’s version of the “same” pants are just different. Oh well, there are worse things than losing weight.)

Yummm, Potbelly, one of my favorite sandwiches ever.

Cardboard cut out, not the real thing.

Obama room spray, “Yes we can eliminate odor.” I totally would have bought one but it was $5.

We stayed at my friend Becca’s (pictured right) parents’ house in Old Town Alexandria. To get to the Inaugration in the morning we had to take a boat across the Potomac at about 5am, here we are on the boat.

Sunrise over the Captiol

This woman is one of my favorite memories. She had this book and she was going around getting everyone to sign it with their name and city. I just thought it was a great idea and an amazing project.

This is how we stood. Becca’s mom had the brilliant, amazing, wonderful idea of buying us these folding stools. They’re the only reason we were able to see anything.

Here is Obama being sworn in.

And here he is giving his speech.

And here we are, after it was all over, freezing our asses off.

This is the George Washington University Inaugural Ball I attended that evening.

They had an amazing array of food.

I was so tired at this point I don’t even know how I was functioning. I think I was running on pure adrenilan.

Ok, that was a lot of Inauguration pictures, but it was a big thing in my year. On to other events.

Here’s Central Park on a gorgeous spring day. This was in April, shortly after I decided to start doing Weight Watchers and really committed myself to losing weight. One of the best things about living in NYC is all the parks. I rarely go to Central Park since I have Prospect Park so close to me, but I met friends from NJ and we had a great time that day.

Same day in Central Park, this guy blew up this giant balloon, everyone was watching, and then it broke any everyone sighed and then appalauded his effort.

In May I took a trip for work to Phoenix. We had some extra time one of the afternoons so we went over to Scottsdale.

Here’s a great NYC tradtion: the street fair. This was the one on 5th Ave. in Park Slope.

Here I am at my two year college reunion (yes, we have them). This is the Laurel Parade, which, according to Wikipedia is:

The Laurel Parade takes place the day before commencement. Graduating seniors wear white and carry laurel garlands, in a parade to Mary Lyon’s grave. They are escorted by approximately 3,000 alumnae, also in white, who thereby welcome them into the Alumnae Association. Once at Mary Lyon’s grave, the garland is wound around the cast-iron fence, and the Mimi Farina song “Bread and Roses” is sung by all in attendance. White is a tribute to those who fought for women’s suffrage

This is one of my favorite memories from reunion. This is the group of seniors from the Laurel Parade. The older woman in front was in several of my classes (MHC has a program for older women to come back to school later on) junior year and then my senior year she got cancer and had to stop attending classes. I always wondered what happened to her, but apparently she came back and graduated!

Here’s the class of 1959, one of the things I’m most excited about in life is continuing to go back for reunions as I get older.

If you look in the front row you can see the class of 1939. How crazy is that? I love seeing these elderly women come back.

This is the dorm, South Mandelle, where I lived my junior and senior years of college. I LOVED living there. Honestly, I still miss my rooms.

After reunion my friend Alexis, who lives in Texas, came back to visit me in NYC. One of the things we did was go to the newly renovated Amercan Wing at the MET. It was very cool.

And here are my paternal grandparents celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. My materal grandparents will celebrate their 60th anniversary on Chritmas Eve. How crazy (in a good way) is that? It’s so amazing.

And that’s my January to June review. Stay tuned for July to August.

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