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Matt and Katie’s Wedding

One of my cousins got married yesterday. He’s the first one of any of my cousins, on either side of my family, to get married. I’m not particularly close to any of my cousins, but obviously I was really happy for him and his new wife.

Husband and wife!

The happy couple. Her dress and hair were stunning.

Wedding dress. #ootd

My OOTD. I love that dress, I got it from Anthropolgie and it’s amazing. I wish I could wear it every where.


I also like this picture of me #vain.

Which one do I look like? @mamaandpapamaggio

Me and my parents at the reception.


Me and my grandparents


Me and my cousins


And this was seriously the best thing ever. A white chocolate liquor that was on the dessert table. This is my new reason for wanting to get married.


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My Dad

Last night’s dancing escapades were very fun. Too much fun. I’ve spent most of the day not succeeding at trying not to vomit in bed relaxing. Also I have this weird jaw/tooth pain and now my throat kind of hurts. So we’ll see.

Anyway, happier things. Today is obviously Father’s Day. My dad is pretty amazing. Let me name some of the reasons:


1. He’s 60 years old and can run a 5K in something like 21 minutes. That’s insane. And way faster than I will ever be able to run.


2. He’s given me a love of reading, a love of tennis, a love of running, a love of other sports, and a love of history.

3. When I was younger, maybe five years old? I was at McDonald’s with my dad and brother eating dinner, and either me or Nick referred to someone or something as “retarded.” My father flipped out telling us that that’s not an ok term to use, that it’s really offensive and hurtful, and we should never say that again. And I have never used retarded as an insult since.

4. He’s put up with a lot of drama and issues with my mom, my brother, and to a lesser extent me. He’s always been supportive and loving.


5. On Christmas morning this past year I woke up as he started his breakfast (he’s normally a really early riser so I never see him eat breakfast). He started with 2 (full-size) NY-style everything bagels toasted with butter, then moved on to a giant bowl of cereal and milk topped with a container of applesauce, and finished with an enormous piece of crumb cake. It was crazy.

Bloggers: Did you do a post about your dad? Link it up I’d love to read it. Non-bloggers: what’s your favorite thing about your dad?

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Monday: The plan was to go running, but it was pouring so I did a whole heck of a lot of lunges inspired by Fitnessista’s 10 Ways to Lunge. I also did 3 minutes of a forearms and toes plank (10 seconds of holding the plank, 5 seconds relaxing).

Tuesday: I went for a 3 mile run (alternating 5 mins. running and 1 min. walking) and did another 3 minute plank. The best part about the run was that my Garmin magically started working. It stopped charging about a year ago so it just died. Granted I haven’t really tried to use it in a year, but the other day I randomly decided to see if it would charge…and it did!


I had been using RunKeeper and and I never felt like it was accurate (which I don’t necessarily blame on RunKeeper, the GPS on my phone isn’t the best). Compared to my Garmin RunKeeper was about .16 off (it was done faster than it should have been).

Wednesday: Plank day! I used another Fitnessista page as a guide. I did 10 seconds of holding a plank and 5 seconds off for the following planks: regular plank, hip twist plank, lifting right leg plank, lifting left leg plank, supermans. I did it once, then I did it again. I also did 50 leg lifts and 50 scissor lifts.

Thursday: All I wanted to do was go for a run. It was supposed to be sunny all day, but it ended up being overcast and rainy all day. It looked like it was clearing up when I left work, but when I got to Brooklyn it was lightly raining. I don’t mind running in light rain (I kind of like it) so I said I’d still go. Then it started down pouring, and kept down pouring until around 8pm. Bye, bye run.

Friday: Tons of walking, but no time for a real workout.

Saturday: I ran 3 miles at my parents’ house (again, 5 mins. running alternated with 1 min. walking). It’s so nice to run somewhere less hilly. But it was humid and I finished a sweaty mess.



What else I’ve been up to

I went to NJ for work on Wednesday.


The work part of my trip went really well and then I did some shopping.


New capris (yay or nay with the coral jacket?)



New wedges. Super comfy.



New espadrilles. I actually need to exchange them. I only tried on the right one in the store and when I got home and put the left one on the left one was smaller. I tried to exchange them Friday afternoon but the Michael Kors store by my office (which has super snooty employees, FWIW) didn’t have an 8.5. I’ll try some of their other stores next week.

I actually have these in gold from last year.


I LOVE them and wore them everywhere last summer. However, after a month the sole fell off, luckily it wasn’t anything crazy glue couldn’t solve.

Then, this year, the whole bottom started falling off.


Again, crazy glue is a miracle worker 🙂 Now I’m probably crazy for buying the same shoes that fell apart on me, but whatever, I love them, I don’t care.


I took the train out to my parents’ house yesterday afternoon. That picture shows the crush of people on the platform with the reflection of the train. The confusion pretty much sums up my trip.


I went to the bank to cash in all my change. When my parents came in for my wrist surgery I had them take the change back with them since it’s so heavy. My bank here has a change machine, but the one in the city doesn’t. The change is actually from the piggy bank I talked about in this old post. I had $61.03!

After the bank I went to Target and the beer distributor.

Then I came home and cooked.


Green Chili Chicken Turkey Burgers from How Sweet Eats.


Triple Double Chocolate Puppy Chow from Food, Fitness and Family (couldn’t find chocolate Chex)


Sweet Corn and Roasted Jalapeno Hummus from How Sweet Eats


I snacked on all my food sitting on my parents patio all afternoon. I also had an Ithaca Flower Power beer (I think it might be my favorite beer). I finished two books. I highly recommend them both.


And after dinner my mom made strawberry shortcake for dessert! And then my dad and I took the dogs for a walk.

Whew! That was a big brain dump. Busy week!

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I experienced one of the worst traumas of my life today. I had today off from work so I could go to the Daily Show this afternoon so I woke up around 9:20. I picked up my phone from my nighstand and I had two Facebook alerts. One was a friend request and one was a message, both from the same person, whose name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place her.

This was the message:

Hi Maggie,
I work with your mom. How is she doing? I can’t stop thinking about her Please message or text me 516-xxx-xxxx. She is very happy you were going with her. 
Sending good thoughts to you two!

I had NO CLUE what she was talking about, but I freaked out. I called my parents’ house, I called their cell phones, I called my brother, I texted my brother, I called their house over and over and over and I couldn’t get in touch with anyone. I talked to a few wonderful friends on gchat as I continued to call. I also messaged the woman and texted her.

Finally, after I called my parents about the 20th time my mom answered. And I just burst into tears. I couldn’t even the words out to tell her what happened. My mother is fine, she thinks her coworker got confused with my mother’s routine physical and my upcoming surgery. My mother was pretty annoyed with her coworker and she stayed on the phone with me for a while to make sure I was ok.

One of the reasons I was so panicked is because my parents are notoriously bad communicators. They tend to leave out information, not tell me certain things, and other things that really frustrate me. So it’s totally plausible that something serious could have been happening with my mother and I wouldn’t know. When I was on the phone with her I asked if she would tell me if something were wrong and she kind of changed the subject, I asked again and she paused and then told me she guessed so. It wasn’t comforting.

Looking back at it what really annoys me is that this woman didn’t respond to me until after 7pm. Not only did she scare the shit out of me, she then left me hanging. She should have responded immediately to my message or text and say what she thought or ask me to clarify or just have the decency to say something. Let’s just say I never want to hear her name again. And I changed my Facebook settings so only my friends can message me.

Anyway, I eventually recovered (but the whole experience completely ruined my morning) and did what I needed to do and then headed over to the Daily Show.


I had reserved tickets online about a month before, but they overbook so even with my reservation I got there around 1:50 for when they start giving out tickets at 2:30. The people around me in line were massively annoying, but I made it through. I got my ticket and reserved my friend’s ticket and then walked around the neighborhood and then waited in a nearby park until my friend showed up.


We had to be back at 4:30 so after she got there around 3:30 we headed over to a local bar for beers and French fries.


When we went back they put us in pens according to our numbers. We then got to use the bathrooms (not nearly enough women’s ones!) and then wait outside again.


They finally let us in and we went through metal detectors and then waited in a few small holding area until they let us in the studio.



There was no photography allowed in the studio (one girl even got kicked out). We had front row seats, a little to the right of the main set. Around 5:45 or 6 a warmup comedian came out, he was funny, although crass, and got us all ready for Jon Stewart. Jon came out maybe 10 or 15 minutes later and talked a little and then answered some questions.

Then they started the show. Jon did the monologue straight through. I was really surprised that they had the videos all cued up and played them in real time. Then Lewis Black came on and did a segment about Dunkin Donuts being “artisan.” He had to re-record one part (the part where yells about Gordon Ramsey) and he said that was the first time in 10 years he had to redo something. Then Jon’s guest, David Barton, came out. Jon had asked the crowd to be respectful of Barton even though he assumed most of the audience had very different opinions than Barton. I thought Barton was a smart, well-spoken guy, even though I don’t agree with him. Jon’s interview with him was really long, probably close to 20 minutes, but only a short part of it actually aired on TV.

When all was said and done we were out of the studio a little before 7pm. It was a really great experience and so much fun. I highly recommend doing it if you get the chance. I got my tickets late on a Friday night so maybe that’s when they release them? I’d suggest keeping an eye out.

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I thought I’d do a mostly random recap of my weekend with a few pictures from my trip to Oregon included.

First, my randoms from my trip…


That’s the room I stay in in the condo my grandparents rent. Well, where I stayed before I got sent to the couch so my mom and aunt could sleep up there. It’s a nice room, that door goes out to a big balcony that over looks a stream…


And there’s a full bathroom right behind where I was standing when I took the picture.


That’s the large lake that’s pretty much right outside the condo’s door. There are a ton of restaurants and stores around the lake. And there’s a town square-like place where they have a farmer’s market, show movies, and hold other events.


Just don’t feed the water fowl.


Who are these fetching people? That’s my uncle, aunt, and mother. This picture has been hanging in my grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember. I always thought it was so funny growing up.

I arrived back in NY bright and early Friday morning after a fairly bumpy red eye flight where I got elbowed by the video game-playing guy next to me for the whole flight. After some squeezing onto the Long Island Railroad I was greeted by this shining face.


The great greyhound hole digger!


It’s something he’s started since it’s gotten so hot outside. I guess it’s cooler in the hole? Needless to say my parents aren’t pleased.


Here’s a zucchini and cucumber from my parents’ organic vegetable garden. I’m very proud of them. Too bad I don’t like zucchini or cucumber.


This was my gorgeous view at the beach this morning. Unfortunately it was hot as hell at the beach. There was no breeze and it was so sticky.


I also got attacked by flies the entire time. I lasted a little less than 3 hours before I threw in the towel (haha…).


This is the clear coat nail polish, Seche Vite, that my aunt told me to buy to fix my nail polish absorbing dirt problem. She said it was only available online, but then I found it at Target today. Score.


And finally here’s my latest attempt at applying the OPI Shatter nail polish. It’s really hard! I love how my thumb looks but my index finger looks awful. There has to be a trick to it.

I’m using my parents free laundry facilities and then packing up to head back to NYC tomorrow. It’s been a real vacation, but I’m actually excited about heading back to work and a normal routine tomorrow.

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Yesterday, my final day in Oregon, we went to visit Fort Vancouver. Since I love history I was really excited to go. I actually made my family switch some things on the itinerary so I could go.


Fort Vancouver is actually in Washington so I got to visit two states on this trip! We started by walking through their gorgeous gardens.




That last picture is of Hops (full circle there!).

The fort was made up of several small buildings, some of which were empty to explore and some were partially open and recreated to look like that time period.



I think being surrounded by the wall was really interesting.


That’s the jail.


And that’s a body shackle.

I really liked the color of the wall in the Counting House.



And the map.


That’s the cannon at the top of the watch post thing.


And that’s the blacksmith. He was trying to make a hook, but he couldn’t get the fire going to strong enough.

And that’s my trip to Oregon! I had a really great time, I actually can’t believe it went by so quickly. There was a lot of downtime, which I can be impatient with at the time, but in the end it’s really nice. Of course I love the time I can spend with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins.

I’ll update this post with better pictures once I get them off my DSLR.

Until next year, Oregon!

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Another day in Oregon, another day of consuming alcohol. Today’s alcohol of choice? Wine.

Rather than the main drag places we went last year, we decided to try two smaller vineyards this year.

First up was Aramenta. The setting is absolutely gorgeous.



Since it was so small the owner just walked out of her house when she saw us coming and took us into the tasting room.


We got to try 6 wines in all, but overall I liked the 2008, both the reserve and the normal (I’m sure that’s not the technical term). I ended up buying two bottles of the normal 2008, one for me and one for a friend.




The reason I wanted to go to Aramenta was because my friends went there about a year and a half ago and brought me back a delicious bottle of wine. That wine was actually what I drank after my first half marathon.

Seriously how pretty was this place though?


The owner offered me a job and I told her not to tempt me.

After that we were off to Vidon, which is even higher up in the mountains. It involved driving up a very long dirt road.


The scenery at Vidon was even more gorgeous.



I think I actually liked the wines at Vidon a bit better than the Aramenta wines.


And I really, really, really liked the scenery.


After that we headed out to lunch at the Yamhill Grill. I would have liked to visit more wineries but with two older people who tire easily and don’t drink and a 15 year-old and a 10 year-old more vineyards weren’t in the cards.

When we got back to my aunt and uncle’s house I went with my aunt and her friend to see Larry Crowne. It was ok, I didn’t really understand what the point was to the movie and all the characters’ stories seemed underdeveloped and their decisions just strange.

But it was $5 for the ticket and my aunt paid. So no harm.

Then I came back to the condo and ate dinner and did some stuff online. I really wish there was an internet connection in the condo. I’ve spent so many hours staring at my iPhone screen I think I’ve gone blind!

BTW, I really liked the outfit I wore Tuesday.


Black jeggings from J. Crew (on sale after Christmas for $19.99!), tee shirt from Lands End Canvas (just bought on sale for $11.99!), and denim blazer from the Gap from 2004.

And now onto Wednesday. It’s actually good I didn’t get to post yesterday because I wouldn’t have had much to say about yesterday. My mom and my aunt came in on Tuesday night and my aunt wanted a quiet day to acclimate to the other side of the country. I ended up going for a run in the AM, then we went over to the mall, back to the apartment for lunch, over to the mall again, followed by a visit to my grandparents’ new apartment.

Then it was back to the condo where we’re staying for dinner and then out for a three-quarter of a mile or so walk. I was just planning on staying in but then my aunt asked if I wanted to do something and I thought she really wanted to get out so I said I’d grab so dessert.

We ended up also stopping at Ulta so I could buy OPI shatter nail polish.


Ignore my messy job, I always scrap the extra off in the shower 🙂

I also really liked the outfit I wore yesterday.


Romper from Lands End Canvas this year, belt from J. Crew this year, and cardigan from J. Crew 2007.

We’re off to Fort Vancouver today and then I fly back to NY tonight!

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