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My Long Run

My long run didn’t start off well. I got up, drank some water, had Ezekial bread with almond butter, had some Emergen-C, and went on my way.

From when I started running it was just hard. I think I’ve become so used to running on the treadmill that I lost my ability to pace myself outside. I couldn’t tell if I was going fast or slow and I was just unhappy. I stopped about a mile and a half in to stretch because I felt tight and then I stopped again about half a mile later to stretch. I was almost to the top of the big hill, which is probably 2.5 miles or so in, and my body just wasn’t feeling it.

So I stopped and walked for a minute or two. I really wanted to just keep walking, but I decided I had to run at least once around the park. So I started running and I did it. I finished the loop around the park and I did it in 30:18

Picture 5

which is about 3 minutes faster than my previous personal best and way, way too fast considering I wanted to do two loops around the park.

I then walked out the park, expecting to stop. I was exhausted, sore, angry, felt bloated, and just really unhappy. But I got some water, stretched, and decided I needed to go back in and do another loop. I decided not to time it and to just go slow and take my time. And I ran the opposite way which I thought would be a good change for my legs.

I ran another 1.75 miles or so and it felt great. I just let the pressure fade away and did it. Then I walked for a few minutes and ended with a .25 mile uphill.

In the end I was really happy. I was also really sweaty.

Picture 4

It was 65* when I started out and 72* when I finished which is very unseasonably warm for NYC.

I ended up rewarding myself with a bagel for my hard work.

I asked for an everything bagel with a little bit of cream cheese and I got

Picture 8

A plain bagel with a ton of cream cheese. So I Maggie-fied it

Picture 9

I also had some pineapple Chobani, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and flax seed

Picture 6

And an OJ

Picture 7

Soon after I got home I iced my ankles

Picture 10

And my knees

Picture 11

But I am still massively sore. My legs are killing me. And I don’t feel so hot in general. I know yesterday I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but now I feel like I have a fever. Not good.

We’ll see how the night turns out!


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An Off Day

Today was a totally off day for me. I went to bed too late last night. I was exhausted when my alarm went off this morning. Then, all morning at work, I felt like I was getting a cold. My throat hurt, I was sleepy, I was congested, I was sneezing. Not happy.

For lunch I walked out with the CEO’s assistant to get her food and I ended up getting a really gross baked potato that made me feel sick the entire afternoon.  But after I ate the cold-like feeling went away, so yay!

I did some shopping at the Greenmarket after work. I got some veggies, including brussel sprouts which I’m going to try for the first time!

I came home, read for a little while, and then headed out to the gym.

My goal is to wake up relatively early tomorrow and run 6 miles. Now, you may have noticed that I have never even come close to running 6 miles, but given the speed work I’ve been doing at the gym and the inclines I’ve been running on I think I have a shot. And, if I can’t do it, I will have at least tried.

So I didn’t want to exhaust myself with my workout tonight, but I also wanted to make sure I worked out. I ended up walking at a 4.0 speed for 10 minutes at a 7.0 incline, then 10 minutes on a 6.0 incline, then 10 minutes on a 5.0 incline, and then ran a mile at 6.0 pace and 2.0 incline. Then I did 20 minutes on the Stairmaster. And abs and stretched.

Wish me luck! I figure in honor of marathon weekend I can at lesat get myself out there and try!

And stay tuned tomorrow for a special NYC Marathon post!

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I’m not quite sure what to say about my day. There were several weird occurrences that are work-related that I can’t do into, but god, were they weird!

Anyway, after work I went to the Brooklyn Museum Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibit opening. I never really saw myself as a museum opening type of girl, but then I got a job at a book publisher and now I’ve been to lots of these things.

If you’ve never been to one they kind of look like this

Picture 3

A room with art and a lot of people packed in. Because this was Brooklyn and Rock ‘n’ Roll it was casual. There was also a room with food; they had giant pretzels, popcorn, hot dogs, and some beer, wine, and soda. My dinner consisted of 2 giant pretzels and 2 Brooklyn Lagers. Classy. And healthy!

We had a few celebrity sightings: Anna Sui, Jim Jarmusch, and Bob Gruen.

We then made our way down for Blondie.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

They did a really good job of making their hall area look like a concert venue. I think if I ever wanted a big wedding or to throw a charity thing (and had lots of money) I would do it here. It was really cool.

I admit I didn’t know much about Blondie before this. I knew their song Maria which came out when I was in middle school (I think) and I knew that Deborah Harry had/has a summer house near my parents’ house and she used to go into a deli and order from one of my friend’s brothers.

I thought they would come on and play a few songs, but they played for 45 minutes. It was great!

Picture 7

That older couple in the foreground danced the entire time we were waiting for Blondie to come on (about 40 minutes).

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

And here’s some video I took

I took another but Youtube is taking forever to upload so maybe I’ll try it again tomorrow.

Two interesting things that happened. While we were standing there waiting we struck up a conversation with this group of 40-something people next to us. They were interesting, although not people I would have normally spoken to, but very nice. At the end of the night one of them gave me his number and asked me to go to this other event at the museum next weekend. If 42 year old drunk guys who ask out 24 year olds were my thing, perhaps I’d be interested, but no.

Second, there was this old man in a wheel chair next to me and he seemed pretty confused. And twice, not just once, twice during the Blondie performance he ran his hand down my back from about my bra to my ass and then grabbed my ass. Creepy.

Perhaps it was my eye makeup that got them all going?

Picture 11

I’m off to bed, got to work in the morning!

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Urban Rebounding

Last night my roommate Grace and I went to an Urban Rebounding (aka trampolining) class at the gym. I’ve been dying to try Urban Rebounding for a while, a friend does it at NYSC and highly recommended it.

Was it fun overall? Yes. Would I go back? I don’t know.

I would have felt a lot more enthusiastic about the class if the instructor hadn’t shown up in jeans and street sneakers and wore them throughout the entire class. Plus, I like to leave classes or a workout feeling like I’m going to die. I want to be sweaty, exhuasted, barely able to stand, etc. and this just wasn’t that.

And it killed my ankles! How I have been running 4 or 5 times/week for 2 weeks now and my ankles are fine but I do something that’s supposed to be no impact and they’re killing me?!?! Crazy!

I’ve decided I want to do another race in December. I’m trying to decide between a 5K, which I’ve done two of now, and a 10K. I don’t really think I’m ready for a 10K, but it could be a good challenge.

I’ve never done a NYRR race and honestly they kind of scare me. It just seems more intense, like a whole other level. But the 5K seems more relaxed. But it gets bonus points for being walking distance from my apartment.

But I think I really want to challenge myself with a 10K and I have more than a month. I just need to figure out a way to get more outside running time in because I can’t train on a treadmill.

Things to think about!

Tonight I’m going to the opening of the Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Apparently Blondie will be playing. I’ll be back tonight, hopefully with some fun pictures!

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Weird Mood

I’m in a weird mood tonight. I’ll do the post I planned for tonight tomorrow morning.

Why isn’t tomorrow Friday?

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Baked Falafel

Tonight for dinner I made baked falafel. I found the recipe from Chow Vegan. I made them tonight and there’s enough for six meals. I put three of the mini balls in a whole wheat pita with garlic hummus, spinach, and feta cheese. Obviously mine didn’t come out to be vegan in the end.

Picture 6

I really liked the taste. I don’t think they tasted exactly like a falafel, but they still tasted good. Although they were a bit dry.

Picture 7

I had a Peroni with dinner tonight. I really love beer.

Picture 5

I got a box of Mighty Leaf mint tea from our CEO’s assistant (CEO had bought it or received it as a gift and didn’t end up liking it).

Picture 4

It’s so expensive that I can’t buy it for myself, but I love it. So I’m going to treasure the few bags that I have.

I had a good workout at the gym today. I was on the way to doing 3 miles in under 30 minutes and then I got this awful cramp in the side of my stomach. I tried to run through it but I had to stop and walk, but I still finished in 31:50, I think. Then I did the sitting bike for 20 minutes, abs, and stretched.

I’ve found the last two days that if I don’t stretch before running I have a much easier time running. No muscle pain or anything and when I stretch I get awful muscle pains. Weird, right?

The gym was a little strange because we had a champagne toast at 5pm at work and although I just had a few sips I totally had that champagne sweat thing going on on the subway.

I realized that when I wrote my post last night about changing taste buds I meant to write about how it’s not only foods that I used to not want to try or not like, it’s also not liking foods that I used to enjoy.

For example, when I went out with my friend Laura and my roommate Grace a few weeks ago we went to this place that I think has the best buffalo wings and fries I’ve ever had. I decided to indulge, but they just didn’t taste good. And maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten that type of food in a while or because deep down I felt guilty, but I don’t know, I wouldn’t go back. Which, frankly, is fine with me.

And finally, the other night when I was making the killer quinoa casserole I burnt my arm on the oven. It hurt a lot when I did it and it’s still killing me.

Picture 3

It looks worse in person. It’s like a purple color in real life. I popped it today, totally on accident, in the locker room of the gym right before I went to work out. Then I spent the rest of my workout obsessed with all the germs that were potentially touching it. Yep, I’m crazy.

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Let me be a lesson to you, before you cook quinoa remember to rinse it so you do not feel like you have food poisoning and spend all day at work running the the bathroom. Sorry, but perhaps this will help you remember this important step.

Sadly I didn’t realize why my stomach was so upset until I started to feel better and then ate more quinoa for lunch and then repeated the cycle of pain. And I have to throw out all that casserole. It tastes really good! But it’s not worth this pain.

I absolutely killed to today at the gym. It was PACKED, but I managed to get myself a treadmill with no wait and then did 2 minutes of 6.0 pace alternating with 1 minute of a 6.5 pace until I got to minute 28 and then I did 2 minutes of a 6.5 pace and then did the last two minutes at a 7.0 pace! I was happy. And sweaty. Then I went and did the Stairmaster for 20 minutes and the sweat was out of control. All this while overcoming the shooting stomach pains.

Before I realized I posioned myself my plan was to post about changing tastebuds. Someone, either in real life, on TV, on the radio, or on a blog, said/wrote that around 24 years old they believed your taste buds change and the more I think about this the more I think it’s true.

Look at all the foods I’ve been eating recently that I would have never had before. Eggs, yogurt, bananas and peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter (wish I never learned to like this one), numerous vegetables, sweet potatoes, dumplings! Pretty soon I’m going to be wanting sweet with my savory (this has always been what I told my mother: I don’t like sweet with my savory (ie. apricot chicken, peach chicken, dried fruit in meatballs)).

I also think it’s a matter of trying to be less picky. I’m more willing to try things now and I feel like once you have something, maybe you don’t like it, you give it another try and then another and it grows on you. And, if after 3 tries, it doesn’t grow on you and you don’t end up craving it at some point, maybe it’s just not meant to be. Like a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.

Which brings me to…my new list of foods I want to learn to like!

SQUASH: My mom is deathly allergic to squash so we never ate it growing up, but I should at least give it a try. They’re all over the Greenmarket so Wednesday or Friday I’m going to make friends with one and bring it home. And then eat it.

SEAFOOD: It was on the list last time and it’s on the list again. This one might take me a while.

MUSHROOMS: They really creep me out but they’re healthy and versatile so they deserve a shot. I think I’m going to have to start by mixing them into other foods.

This all brings me to my week two goal in the Nutritionista’s Winter Shape Up Challenge!

I want to do strength training 4 mornings this week (skipped this morning due to my stomach issues) and I want to try two new recipes and cook with two ingredients I’ve never cooked with before.

I already did one recipe and ingredient last night (my quinoa and eggplant casserole–never cooked with eggplant before (sadly I’ve cooked with quinoa a few times before and I was just a moron last night)) and tomorrow I have plans to make baked falafal. I just need to come up with another new ingredient. Maybe squash?

Unfortunately while I reached last week’s goal of doing strength training 5 mornings a week before work I gained 2.2lbs. There was some bad snacking last week, but I think the weight gain has more to do with my being super bloated this morning and my quinoa poisoning. Yuck.

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