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My Birthday

My birthday is in 10 days. May 5, 1985 is the day I was born. I’ve always had mixed feelings about my birthday. I often build things up to be something better than what they are and then I’m left feeling disappointed. Unfortunately my birthday is usually no different.

But I think I’ve gotten better about that as I’ve gotten older. And I’m certainly not expecting too much from my birthday this year. I have plans for dinner at a coworker’s apartment with 2 other coworkers (long story) the night before and then I’m going to a museum opening the night after. Part of me just wants to go home and go running on the actual day, but I don’t know if my friends will let me do that.

Anyway let’s remember some previous birthdays…

4th birthday: I had a cake with Barbie on it.

6th (I think) birthday: Held at a really delicious ice cream place.

7th birthday: Ceramics painting place

8th birthday: Chuck E. Cheese. They had a cake I hated and I cried. My mother bought me a stuffed elephant, this is after I watched a show on the Elephant Man a few months before and had terrible nightmares about the guy. I always found that odd.

10th or 11th birthday: Laser tag

16th birthday: My grandparents paid to rent out a room at a nice Italian Restaurant and I had about 15 friends. The food was good, we all sat around a huge table, and we just had a really nice time. I think it was one of my favorite birthdays.

17th birthday: Went to see the first Spiderman movie and got ice cream with friends

18th birthday: Bad day. Took my AP English exam and then went home and was depressed. That was a bad time.

(I actually think the fact that my birthday always fell around AP exams in high school and finals time in college really put a damper on the celebrations. Everyone was always so stressed and no one wanted to do anything so elaborate.)

20th birthday: Got Dominos, grape soda, and watched the OC in my dorm room with friends. Dominos was so late that we got the food for free. Apparently I wasn’t really into taking pictures of my birthday because this is the only one I can find.

21st birthday: Went out to dinner with 5 friends and then got to the liquor store right when it was closing. I snuck in the “out” but they kicked me out.

22nd birthday: Went to hear Robin Roberts speak at my college, then went out to dinner at a great Italian place with friends and then went to our favorite bar and played Uno. Also felt the need to take really ridiculous pictures of ourselves.

23rd birthday: Spent the day at work collating stuff, the VP of sales suggested we get Mexican beer and tequila for Cinco De Mayo so we did shots at work. Then went out for drinks and dinner with a bunch of friends. We were actually supposed to go bowling, but my friend who I really wanted to beat (I’m an excellent bowler) had a staph infection in her foot so we couldn’t go.

24th birthday: Landed in NYC at 5:30am on the redeye from Phoenix. Slept the entire morning, worked out. I had wanted to go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and to lunch at a fancy restaurant but it rained and the restaurant was closed on Tuesdays. So I got wings, fries, and a piece of cake and spent my birthday alone. But I had a great time.

As you can see I’m not really a big go-out birthday type of person. I just hate the pressure. If someone else wanted to plan a big thing I would happily go along with it, but otherwise I just want to lay low.

Overall though I think I’ve had some pretty great birthdays.

Anyone else have a special birthday memory?


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