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I am so happy to be back in NY. As I mentioned yesterday I’m at my parents’ house for the weekend. Obviously I love getting away from “real” life and my responsibilities, but my vacation wasn’t exactly relaxing (is being around family ever relaxing? when the group ranges from 11 years old to 85 years old and includes completely different personalities, eating styles, and general needs?). I’m actually kind of looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.


I went to the beach yesterday and today to get some walking in.


Which obviously makes me some kind of bi-coastal baller.


The water at the beach yesterday was really foamy. I don’t know if I had ever seen that before.


I also spent a lot of time on my parents’ patio reading. I drove my aunt to the ferry yesterday and then stopped at Target on my way back. I also watched some golf and tennis and generally just relaxed. A pretty mild introduction to almost-real life.

Some random thoughts on Portland I couldn’t fit elsewhere…


They seriously have the most gorgeous flowers, this hanging basket was at the beach, but there are huge hanging baskets like this all over.



I particularly liked this last flower. I am miserable at being able to identify flowers, but my aunt and I came across this one on one of our walks and we both thought the purple circles were so interesting.


This is going to sound nuts, but this was the first year I stayed in the master bedroom of the condo my grandparents rent. The first night I went upstairs to go to bed and noticed this small glass on the nightstand on the far side of the room. I assumed it had just been left there by the previous tenants. Then, the next morning, I noticed it was filled with milk and I got really freaked out. Before going closer and realizing it was a candle. Oops.


I thought this was a great picture of my cousin with this statue at the coast.

My aunt and I fell into the habit of going for a long walk in the evening. I think that’s one of the things I’ll miss most about being away. We’d go around 7:30 in the evening and then come home and relax and watch TV before going to bed. It’s the kind of thing I wish I could do in NYC. If, you know, I didn’t have a million other commitments. It also made me long for a boyfriend, you know, someone I could force to do things with me.

It’s the LIRR pack to the city in the morning for me. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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A Very Good Weekend

I am having a fantastic weekend. It’s been a good mix of fun and productivity.

Friday afternoon I went to Trader Joe’s, the bank, grabbed a sandwich from Hale and Hearty, and then got my hair cut. Then I headed home to drop off my groceries and headed right back to out return/pick up books from the library. Then it was back home very briefly before heading out to kickboxing.

From kickboxing it was back to home take a quick cold shower and then head out, with my roommate Abby, to meet my friends Amy and Mike at Greenwood Park, a new beer garden that opened in my neighborhood. The beer garden was nice, it’s a really cool space and there was a moderately good selection of beers. However, there were a lot of children (par the course in Park Slope) and they searched my bag TSA style. I couldn’t bring in my bottle of water so I chugged it and then I couldn’t even take in my empty water bottle. Then they found the small container of 11 peanut butter pretzels that I always carry with me in case I get hangry and they confiscated those (I got them back at the end of the night). As I wrote in my Yelp review, I understand that they sell food there and they don’t want people bringing in tons of snacks or ordering in pizza, but I don’t think my peanut butter pretzels were going to impact my decision to order or not order food.

In the end I ordered a veggie burger (a special) which was good, not great, and it had mayonnaise on it which I had to scrape off. I did like this buy climbing above the bar.


On Saturday I went to the 9:30 kickboxing class and then came home to shower and get ready to meet my friend Amy to go to Governors Island.


I think NYers were hiberating with the extreme heat we’re having because there was no one on my bus, on the ferry to Governors Island, or really on Governors Island. Yes, it was hot, but it wasn’t that bad.

We grabbed sandwiches before we went over ($4 amazing sandwiches for the win!) and had a little picnic along the water. Then we headed over to this really cool sculpture garden they have going on.


It was, as you can probably tell, interactive.


I was a particular fan of the Circle of Intention. Here’s the explanation:


The power of positive thinking, it’s something.


Then Amy took the best picture of me ever. Nothing but class here. I wish they had left her mouth open so you could climb in and it would look like she was eating you. How cool would that be? (I don’t know what’s wrong with me.)

After the sculpture garden we did some swinging, the breeze from going up and down was amazing. (That’s what she said.)

And then we headed over to a special exhibit the Cooper Hewitt was doing on graphic design.


There were some really cool pieces, but I’m not going to lie, the best part about the exhibit was the air conditioning. By that point we were done and decided to head back to the mainland.


We ended up getting Italian ices and then grabbing beers at a bar where we played pinball. I won twice!

We parted ways and I intended to go out with friends, but they weren’t out yet so I headed home. Shockingly, by the time I made it home I was completely exhausted and about to gnaw off my arm. I ended up ordering a salad for dinner and when my friend finally told me they were going out (around 10pm) I was already in bed.

This morning I watched the men’s Wimbledon final, went to kickboxing, ran some errands, came home to do some work, cooked, cleaned, and now I’m just relaxing.

Hand to god I feel like I had a truly fantastic weekend. I spent time with people I genuinely enjoy being around, I had fun by myself, I went to kickboxing three times, and I got stuff done that I needed to get done. Pretty great, all in all.

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Things To Do

Since I’ll be away for the next two weekends and I have plans every night this coming week I need to be productive this weekend. To do:

Go to Trader Joe’s
Go to the bank
Get hair cut
Go to the library
Go to kickboxing Friday
Buy Amy a birthday card
– Read presales fact sheets (read half)
Go to new beer garden Friday night
Watch Wimbledon women’s final
Watch Wimbledon men’s final
Go kickboxing Saturday
Go to Governors Island with Amy
– Go out with Josy and her friends (too tired)
Go kickboxing Sunday
Make quinoa salad
Make a list of what to pack for OR
– Make list of what I need to buy for OR (nothing?)
– Start packing for OR
– Buy foodie penpal gift (bought 1 thing, still need 1 more thing)
Go to farmers’ market

What’s on your to-do list for the weekend?

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Thoughts On My Week

– Last Saturday night’s late night and lots of booze is still wearing on me. Apparently when I throw up I now get all these little purple dots around my eyes. There were a few that were really big and I looked pretty bruised. Plus I still have a cold, I’ve gone through a lot of tissues. I feel really old.

– Kickboxing this week has been great. Two classes with Mike and a class this morning with Adriana. Adriana is killer, we did side squats around the (very large) room, lots of shuffling around the room, and a lot of punch outs. Plus tons of arm stuff with 8lb medicine ball at the end.

– I started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I’ve totally been sucked in. I am curious if the mystery will be solved by the end of this season or if it continues. I really hope it’s this season.


– After seeing Hell or High Watermelon on Tina’s blog I decided I had to try it. I had one this afternoon as I watched the Spain vs. France Euro Cup game.

– Last night I was supposed to go to a concert in Prospect Park, but it thundered, poured, and then drizzled the rest of the night. So we went out for tapas in the East Village. The tapas were amazing, expensive in the end, but worth it.


– When I thought I was still going to the concert I made cookies for our picnic. I got a jar of Trader Joe’s speculous spread in my Foodie Penpal package. A few days later I found a recipe for 3-Ingredient Biscoff cookies. They are pretty good, although mine came out kind of a weird consistency.

– I’m supposed to go to a birthday party tonight at the same bar where we went dancing last Saturday night. But now I’m kind of feeling a quiet night in. We’ll see.

– Anyone else really excited for the Olympics? I watched some of the trials today (diving and track and field). I’ve also been reading Swimming, which is a novel about an Olympic swimmer. Plus I’m the first person on the library’s waiting list for Gold.


Kath turned me on to the dangers of sunscreen. After looking at the EWG‘s site I decided to clean up my sunscreens. I bought the Waterbabies Pure and Simple at Target and today, when I was at CVS, I noticed that it was on-sale for $8.99 (same price as Target) plus a $3 coupon. The packaging is slightly different though.

– I’m going to Portland for my annual trip to see my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins. My grandfather emailed me this week to see what I wanted to do there. If anyone as any good Portland suggestions I’d love to hear them.


– For dinner tonight I made buffalo chicken calzones. I was inspired by buffalo chicken garbage bread I found on Pinterest. I decided that I couldn’t make something so indulgent so I also took inspiration from Meghann’s buffalo chicken calzones. In the end mine came out at about 500 calories each. Not bad for something called buffalo chicken calzones. My biggest issue was getting them closed. The first two I made I tried to completely fold half the dough over. For the second two I realized it was better to put the filling in the middle and fold up the sides.

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Freakin’ Weekend

That’s an ironic title. My weekend was not freakin’ unless you count incredibly productivity as being freakin’. Which, btw, I think we should.

Last night I posted my to-do list from the weekend and I think it’s pretty safe to say I rocked it. There are some things I purposely didn’t get it (going to Housing Works) and some things that didn’t work out the way I wanted to (more formal exercise), but otherwise I’m pretty happy. I think I need to make more to-do lists.


On my way home from work on Friday I ran a bunch of errands, including stopping at Potbelly (my love, see here, here, here, here, and here for evidence) to pick up lunch. I was very happy when Potbelly opened in NYC last summer, they’ve since expanded and opened a location close to my office. I don’t go too often, it’s not like it’s health food (although I do get the “skinny” bread and half meat), but when I go I’m always happy.


After I got home from kickboxing on Friday I made Jessica’s Watermelon Feta + Basil Quinoa. I liked it, I think I would have liked it more without the honey and with balsamic vinegar.


Saturday I went for a walk in the park since I decided I was too sore from kickboxing to go two days in a row (gotta work myself back up!). It was not a pleasant walk and I still kind of wish I hadn’t gone (I guess I do regret some workouts). I was so sore and normally a walk would loosen me up, but it just made it worse. Plus a blister on a my foot burst and was so painful and it was humid as hell.


But I made it through and on my way home I stopped at the library to return and get books and at the Greenmarket to buy stuff for my foodie pen pal and flowers for me. I also needed to stop at a grocery store I never go to and I found Graeter’s ice cream! I love Graeter’s and it’s one of the reasons I look forward to going to Cincinnati every year, but now it’s here. Woo-hoo!

Saturday afternoon was spent reading, watching soccer, and cleaning. My roommate and I got burgers for dinner Saturday night and then I watched The Dark Knight (I had never seen it!) and went to bed.

Sunday I woke up and watched the men’s French Open final (which will continue into tomorrow due to rain). While I watched I cleaned my room. Once it was determined the match was done for today I showered, ate lunch, and then headed up to Carroll Gardens to do some shopping.


I bought more stuff for my foodie pen pal (it’s hard in NYC, stuff is so expensive!) and a smoothie for myself. On my way home I stopped at a different Greenmarket and then a bakery.


Once I got home I ate my roll from the Greenmarket and finished cleaning my apartment.

A little while of relaxing and then I realized I forgot to buy an onion for the recipe I wanted to make. So it was back out.


Once I had my onion I made another How Sweet Eats recipe, this time Creamy Tuscan White Bean Pasta. It was very good and creamy (TWSS?).

Now I’m going to paint my nails, put on my face mask, and get ready for the Mad Men season finale!

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