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I’ve moved my Wednesday Workouts to their own page. It makes it easier for me to track what I do and allows me to write this review.

I started running again. I had stopped about a year ago due to some pretty bad knee pain. Over the last year I’ve ran on and off but because of pain or lack of interest I haven’t been able to get back into it. 

I’ve used my Garmin 305 to track my mileage, pace, and time for a while, but for some reason it stopped holding a charge. I had heard about the RunKeeper app from That Wife recently and my broken Garmin was the perfect reason to try it out.

As far as I can tell, and I’ve only used RunKeeper once, it can do many of the things my Garmin does. While I’m running it tracks mileage, time, and pace and I can even set it to do voice cues over my music (you pick a playlist for it to play through your iPod). I set it to update me every mile with my overall time and average pace. 

Normally I find myself glancing at my Garmin all the time so it was a change for me to run not constantly looking at something. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I kept pretty much exactly a 10:30 pace, which is what I’m currently aiming for, even without looking at the Garmin.

What I really like about RunKeeper (and my Garmin, but RunKeeper is free!) is looking at the data after a run.

There are three screens to analyze data, the first one, pictured above, tell you your overall time, average pace, calories burned, and gives you a map of your route with the mileage broken down.

The second screen has the same info at the top but then breaks down mileage by minute. I don’t find this particularly helpful, but it’s certainly nice. 

The third screen shows the mileage split which I really enjoy looking at. When I was running a lot I aimed for negative splits, but for now I’m happy with having approximately the same splits and not slowing down at the end. 

The RunKeeper app also automatically syncs with RunKeeper’s website. Everyone gets a profile, you can check mine out here. There seems to be a really great social networking community there which is something I need to explore more.

Overall I really, really liked the RunKeeper app and I’m excited to play around with it more. Highly recommend!


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Random iPhone Photos Part I

Ikea Dock

US vs. Argentina men’s soccer game at the NEW Meadowlands Stadium (apparently they need to constantly remind people it’s NEW or people might get confused)

The sad, sad day I broke my apple slicer. And gashed open my finger.

My new nailpolish color (before I wiped off the excess polish)

The chicken and waffle cupcake I had today at work. Weird, but not bad.

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This past Thursday the iPhone went on-sale through Verizon. I had been waiting for that day for years. I’ve used Macs forever and I’ve had iPods for a long time, but never the iPhone since I couldn’t get it with Verizon.

Well, on Thursday that changed.


I am now the proud owner of a wonderful, amazing, life-transforming phone (I had a Blackberry before).

And I couldn’t be happier. I especially have to praise the wonderful people who work at the Verizon store in Union Square. I showed up around 7:50am and, while waiting in a 5-minute or so line behind 2 people, received this hat full of these goodies:


A Verizon hat, hand warmers, and a very nice pen.

I got inside and encountered nothing but friendly, helpful people. They were especially great when I realized I left my wallet at home and had no picture ID or credit cards. But we made it work and after about half an hour or so I left with my new phone.

And I am completely addicted.

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