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It’s that time again. New Year’s resolutions time! I am a huge, huge fan of New Year’s resolutions, I’m actually a huge fan of New Years in general. I know it’s arbitrary, but I like to use it as a way to evaluate my life and make goals from there.

Let’s revisit the goals I outlined at the beginning of 2012:

1. Lose the 10lbs I’ve gained since I was at my lowest weight. I will do this by continue going to kickboxing classes, going running, committing to working out while traveling, and by making smarter choices about what I eat.

HOW’D I DO: I didn’t lose 10lbs, but I lost a few pounds and I’ve definitely slimmed out due to kickboxing. I went to about 120 kickboxing classes this year, that’s once every 3 days. Considering I couldn’t go for 4.5 months when I hurt my wrist I think that’s pretty damn good. I pretty much stopped running, but I’m ok with that. I definitely did better about working out when traveling (although that’s fallen off towards the end of this year) and I think my food choices have been satisfactory.

2. Save money. I will reopen a separate savings account, stop using my credit card so much, and cut back on spending money on food and drinks.

HOW’D I DO: I really committed to this goal in the middle of 2012 with my austerity measures. That is still going well.

And repeat and add some smaller goals:

– Continue to regularly donate blood (did ok with this one, could have done better)
– Wear my contacts more often (I really want to do this, but they’re so painful!)
– Become a bone marrow donor (fail)
– Learn to knit a sweater (fail, but I couldn’t knit for so long due to my wrist injury so I’m giving myself an excemption)
– Clean out my purse and wallet each week (I actually forgot I made this a goal, so fail)
– Either take or plan a vacation (I didn’t, but I found a better use for my money)

Let’s move on to 2013!

1. Stop binging on food. Rather than making losing weight my goal I’m going to give myself one goal that’s tangible. I think I did pretty well on this for much of 2012, but in the fall, when I started seriously dropping weight, I started eating peanut butter M&M’s by the giant bagful. No more of that in 2013.

2. Keep up with my austerity measures. They’ve worked really well for me so far and I need to save, save, save in 2013 so why change what’s working?

3. Go to kickboxing 4-5 times per week. This is pretty much what I’ve been doing and I would just like to keep it up. It’s a great work out in addition to being a stress reliever and an outlet for all sorts of energy. When I’m away and can’t go to kickboxing I will bring workout clothes and do something, even if it’s just walking.

4. Get less annoyed at stupid strangers. I had stupid people so, so, so much. Unfortunately living in NYC I come across people I find to be stupid all the time (mostly on the subway). I have these crazy laws of etiquette in my mind and I get so annoyed when other people don’t follow them. But I don’t want to spend so much time annoyed. So I want to just take a deep breath and remember it’s better to be happy than right.

And I’m going to add in some smaller goals again:

– Donate blood regularly
– Get a new pair of glasses
– Become a bone marrow donor
– Learn to knit a sweater
– Clean out my purse and wallet each week
– Read at least 100 books


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2012 Goals: An Update

A little more than a month ago (it feels like an eternity ago!) I wrote a post about my goals for 2012. I thought I’d do a little update to see where I am now.

I had three goals, pretty simple, right?

1. Don’t drink my calories. This went really, really well in July. I definitely cut back majorly on buying juice or “healthy” soda at lunch. I actually think, besides my trip to Oregon I didn’t drink my calories once in the whole month of July. High fives for me!

2. Go to kickboxing 3 times/week and do another form of exercise two times/week. Another good job for me. I definitely stepped it up on the exercise front and I was particularly proud of myself for how frequently I exercised while on vacation.

3. Don’t use my credit card. Another victory! I think the only thing I charged was my Vendy ticket and $85 compared to hundreds in previous months doesn’t seem so bad.

I think I deserve a major pat on the back for July. My intention was to modify or add goals every month, but the way August is shaping up I know I would just be setting myself up for failure. So I’m going to keep these goals for August and see where I am come September.

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Earlier this week I posted about how I finally completed (many of) my 2010 New Years Resolutions. After writing that post I realized that I do better with smaller goals. I made some New Years Resolutions for 2012 but I didn’t really set a plan to achieve them. So I’m getting half-way through 2012 resolutions.

1. No drinking my calories (except alcohol or Gatorade or coconut water after a workout) in the month of July.

Specific: Yes, I won’t drink any soda or juice in July. I’m giving myself an exemption for alcohol, because I don’t drink that much, and refueling after working out. I’m also exempting myself if there’s a drink that I have the chance to have that I won’t have the chance to have again.

Measurable: Yes, month of July, no juice or soda.

Attainable: Absolutely, I can still drink seltzer and iced tea.

Relevant: Yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s changed in my diet versus a few years ago and the only thing I can think of is that I’m drinking my calories more than I used to. Cutting those calories out will hopefully help me in my weight loss goals.

Time-Bound: Yes, the month of July. We’ll see how I feel after a month, hopefully I’ll be able to indulge in the occasional soda or juice in the future.

2. Go to kickboxing at least 3 times per week. Do another form of exercise 2 more times/week (could be more kickboxing).

Specific: Yes, workout five days per week, including at least three kickboxing classes.

Measurable: Yes, I workout five times per week.

Attainable: Yes, it will be a challenge this summer since I’m doing quite a bit of traveling (if I’m away from NYC obviously I’ll give myself a pass from kickboxing), but yes, I think it’s attainable.

Relevant: Yes, working out is important and makes me feel great.

Time-Bound: Not necessarily, this is what I’d like to do going forward, but we’ll see how it goes this summer.

3. Don’t use my credit card.

Specific: Yes, stop using my credit card, pay for everything with cash or my debit card.

Measurable: Yes, if there are things charged to my credit card I’m not succeeding.

Attainable: Yes, I don’t need to be charging things to my credit card.

Relevant: Yes, I keep charging things and then having to transfer money from savings to pay for them. I’m probably coming out even because I automatically put money in my savings account every month, but it’s still not a good habit to be in.

Time-Bound: I’d like to do this for a few months and see how I do.

Those are the three things I’d like to work on for the rest of the year. They are smaller goals that will hopefully help me achieve two bigger ones: lose weight and save money.

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Writing About Food

I’m going to get deep here. Yesterday I talked about exercise, today, diet. I don’t want to be too long-winded, but it’s suffice to say that until I graduated college my diet kind of sucked. I didn’t eat a vegetable (literally I refused to eat them) until I was a senior in college. Undoubtably I will pay for this later in life, but for now let’s focus on the positives.

After college I wanted to lose weight (let’s just say I had packed on the L-B’s in college). Luckily for me I was unemployed and living with my parents which gave me plenty of time and free range over their (mostly) healthy kitchen. Between graduating college and starting my first job (about 5 months) I lost approximately 25lbs. How? I cut portion size, I made healthy choices, and a kept a food journal. Which brings me to my theme here, writing about food. During that summer after college I didn’t count calories or points, without realizing it I was probably practicing intuitive eating.

Fast forward to getting my first job and combine an office full of snacks with some depression the first year I lived in NYC and you get me gaining back 10 of the pounds I had lost. In the spring of 2009 there was a lot of dieting (healthy dieting, I proudly add) going on in my office and I decided to join in and I joined Weight Watchers (aka food journaling). Combine WW with my newly-found love of exercising and you get a 20 pound weight loss. Couple those things with 2 weeks of attending the US Open (lots of exercise and only 1 real meal a day) and a case of the swine flu and you get me losing another 10lbs.

For those keep track that’s about a 45lb weight loss from college to my lowest weight. I stayed at my lowest weight for about a year until I packed on an extra 10lbs or so (what I’m trying to lose as part of my new years resolutions).

When I first outlined my resolution (earlier this week) I didn’t say I was going to count calories or food journal. But then I came across someone’s recommendation for My Fitness Pal and I thought I would check it out. Well, 4 days later, I’m really liking it.

I have tried counting calories before, but I always got discouraged trying to search the database of food or by how few calories I was given. But I’m really making an effort to be different and thankfully My Fitness Pal is really helping with that by being very easy to use and not at all frustrating (and FREE!).

There have been two things that have really stood out to me. First, when I put in all of the foods I planned on eating in a day it was almost EXACTLY at my calorie goal. This made me realize that my body knows what I should be eating. And, that if I ate what I planned to eat, I would be meeting my needs. It’s the extra snaking (boredom eating) that really throws me off. Second, I realized that the other times in my life when I’ve dropped significant amounts of weight have been when I’ve kept a food journal (which I talked about above), it’s something I never realized before, but hopefully it bodes well going forward.

I am worried about traveling for 8 days. I will be eating at restaurants, hotel buffets, and conference spreads. Part of me wants to completely not count calories. I’m afraid I might find the process cumbersome and frustrating, which could possible discourage me when I come back to my “regular” life. For now I plan on making smart choices, making sure I get a lot of fruits and vegetables (something I always struggle with when I travel), and maybe doing a rough calorie count each day.

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My Hopes for 2012

I only half made resolutions for 2011. But, for the half that I made, I think I did pretty well.

Here’s a little recap of what I wanted to accomplish for 2011:

1. Lose 10lbs…FAIL. But in my ways to accomplish this goal I said I wanted to wake up early to go to the gym (which I did before I got sick for almost a month straight); take more classes at the gym (which I did, I averaged 2-3 class/week for most of the year); explore other fitness options (enter kickboxing); and improve my diet (miserable fail).

2. Pay off credit card debt and save money…KINDA: I paid off my credit card debt (and didn’t accumulate more), but I haven’t saved money. And I actually saved much more than I did prior to 2011, I just spend more from my savings later on. One of my ways to save money was to spend smarter, which I think I’ve done in general, but I continue to spend stupidly when it comes to going out for food and drink. I have to cut back there.

3. Be more social..SUCCESS. I’m a busy bee lately and although I sometimes still wish I knew more people in NYC I feel like I have a great group of friends and get to experience tons of fun and interesting things.

I then outlined several smaller goals:

– Donate blood (check, I even donated platelets once!)
– Become a bone marrow donor (fail)
– Taking class (fail, but I don’t know what this meant…)
– Take a vacation (fail)
– Get a passport (check)
– Verbalize what I want more (I feel I’ve done this, although there is still room for improvement)

So on to 2012…

I’m keeping my first two goals:

1. Lost the 10lbs I’ve gained since I was at my lowest weight. I will do this by continue going to kickboxing classes, going running, committing to working out while traveling, and by making smarter choices about what I eat.

2. Save money. I will reopen a separate savings account, stop using my credit card so much, and cut back on spending money on food and drinks.

And repeat and add some smaller goals:

– Continue to regularly donate blood
– Wear my contacts more often
– Become a bone marrow donor
– Learn to knit a sweater
– Clean out my purse and wallet each week
– Either take or plan a vacation

Here’s to 2012!

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